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# 1 Enjoyment spoiler Consoles?
11-24-2011, 10:43 AM
Hello everyone as we know there are allot of new special consoles that accompany current and future Starship variants.
Many of these consoles have very little regard of balance and do a great job of mangling the balance of PVP to obscene levels.

They main purpose of the consoles is to give ships additional abilities with the loss of a single console slot. I feel many of them are just too powerful and provide some of the most powerful and annoying debuffs imaginable.

I think they need to come up with more interesting toys rather than some of the Free abilities you gain from these consoles.
I call them Free abilities as you only lose one console slot and gain a special ability as powerful as a high level Bridge officer power.

For example

• Antimatter spread is a Free Sensor scramble and Jam sensors on a Cruiser which won’t normally utilise science abilities like this, 5KM Radius is ludicrous.
• The Photonic shock wave torpedoes are a free photonic shock wave for science captain’s yes they require you use Photon Torpedoes but you then don’t necessarily require an officer skill to stun someone when you can essentially do it for free.

Therefore I devise we discuss what powers could be added to the game with the new ship variants that we know are coming that will be fun to use and help PvP balance.

Take in to account what we already have and what is considered undesirable by a vast majority of the player base. What we currently have excess amounts of is.
• Healing everyone relies on heals it’s too easy and any additional healing consoles would be a terrible idea.
• Stuns Players do not like to be stunned it is just no fun and there are more than enough methods of stunning in the game.
• Movement Debuffs Gravity well Tractor beam New Klingon Console we already have ways of locking people down.
• Confuses being scrambled is not fun there are enough confuse powers already out there and many respectable players realise some confuse are simply too Powerful to even use.

My suggestions for what future consoles or devices that comes with future variants include.

• Photonic Holomatrix disintegrator something along the lines of destroys all photonic fleets within 5KM this would work in PvE when the NPC uses photonic fleet and I think would work well as a counter to the Photonic armada problem many face in PvP.
• Crew Sunglasses Reduces the effeteness of subnulonic beam. (Think of it SNB is a crew stun if they wear sunglasses they are harder to stun.)
• Evasive pattern we could have a console that temporary provides movement enhancements. These would not affect ships flight speed as we have abilities that do this but could increase turn rate for like 3 seconds or improve reverse speed.
• Reroute power from life support could be repairs all sub systems and counters disables but reduces your damage resistance and crew resistance.

What Consoles that won’t hurt PvP balance and don’t mimic other powers can you come up with?
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# 2
11-24-2011, 03:01 PM
Well even though the enhanced plasma manifold is basically an eps power transfer power for shields and aux I would hardly consider it a game changer. It comes off the tier 1 science vessel.

Not all of them are so bad but this new kdf graviton pulse generator seems be the most deadly right up there with the ams.
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# 3
11-24-2011, 05:14 PM
Has not the fix for AMS come in or is inbound>
And having been Graviton Pulsed, yeah its annoying but no more than the AMS is or being Harpenged.
You lose some speed, a lot of turnrate and your engines may go offline for 20seconds.
Buff your shields and hull to max if possbile
POP a speed boost or engine boost and run for 8 seconds maybe little more.
Like AMS I only found it annoying when stacked on me.
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# 4
11-24-2011, 07:07 PM
I would love an evasive pattern console if it helped turn... for my vo'quv so I can scan space anomolies in pve
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# 5
11-24-2011, 10:41 PM
I think a console that would cause plasma torpedoes to leave a trail of warp plasma like an EWP heading to it's target would be pretty cool.
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# 6
11-25-2011, 09:56 AM
I wouldn't mind if these consoles had a extra power drain requiremnet that allows for unimpeded use on the vessel of which they belong but has a minor drain that stacks slightly the more you put these consoles on a single ship.

Otherwise I do find some to be deadly and they will become popular but none seem over powered to me.
Granted this outlook may change as they are tested and whatever combo's arise that they can be used in become more prevalent.

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