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    Silence of the Targs

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    Completion Time: 15-30m.
    Content: Story / Combat / Multiple Choice / Solo Play Recommended (UK English).
    Published (Tribble): Oct 29th 2011.
    Published (Holodeck): Jan 9th 2012.
    Updated: Jan 12th 2012.

    The Commandant in charge of the Penal Colony on Rura Penthe has requested assistance from the Klingon High Command and they have recommended you for the task.

    The Commandant has asked to assign you to a mission in JFS47, Hromi Sector of the Pi Canis Sector Block.

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    This mission is recommended for players who enjoy a short story mission with combat, there's plenty to read but most is optional with dialog branching so you may not read the same dialog if you play a second or third time depending on your choices and the mission can be completed with or without a team but is recommended for solo play.

    This mission is unique, as there are two destinations with objectives but it doesn't matter which you complete first, and you are allowed to choose your own path within the confinements of the foundry tool set. However I have worked around a limitation of the foundry to allow for multiple choice actions and endings to the mission but it requires the player to be truthful and pay attention to the dialog options.

    This was only ever originally intended as a test subject mission for me that I created back on Oct 29th 2011 on Tribble, but considering Tribble is being wiped today, Jan 9th 2012 I thought I best port this gem over to Holodeck for everyone to play.

    Many thanks to my girlfriend for testing it and hope you the reader enjoy playing it, qapla'
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