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Hello and welcome to another edition of our writers' challenges!

Today we start the two-week run of the tenth Literary Challenge: Replicator Rations
After an incursion with the Breen in the Orellius Sector Block, your ship has been left severely damaged and most of your systems are offline -- this includes the Warp Drive, which is irreparable due to the destruction of your port nacelle, and Communication Array, which was also destroyed. Since you were only to be conducting routine patrols in the sector, and your ship was only to be away from Starbase for 5 days, energy supplies are running low and you must enact rationing of the replicators. Reports suggest that it will take you several weeks to limp home. How did you explain this to the crew? Did you put a chef in place à la Neelix? Did you save your rations for something in particular? Write a Captain's Log entry letting us know.

This is the writer's thread -- only entries should be made here.
The Discussion Thread can be found HERE.
We also have an Index of previous challenges HERE.

The rules may change from one challenge to another, but I'd like to remind everyone what the base rules are. These may grow as we move on, so also feel free to give feedback!
  • Each Challenge will run for two weeks. For 2 weeks we will sticky the challenge and let you make your entry.
  • There are no right or wrong entry.
  • The background story, questions I ask, and format requested are only to serve as a platform that you can start your writing from. Feel free to change up the back-story or the way you deliver, as long as the entry stays on topic of the original challenge.
  • Write as little or as much as you would like.
  • Please keep discussion about the entries in the appropriate Discussion Thread.
  • In the Discussion Thread, feel free to write what inspired you and what your thoughts on the topic are.
  • A few other important reminders:
    • Please heed the rest of the forum's rules when submitting your entry! All of them apply to these posts.
    • Each poster can have one entry per character. Feel free to edit your post to fix typos or add/ remove content as you see fit during the next two weeks.
    • After two weeks time, the thread will be locked and unstickied, as we move on to the next challenge.
    • We'll have two threads: One to post the entries in and one to discuss the entries. **Cross-linking between these two threads is acceptable for these challenges ONLY!!**
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# 2
01-10-2012, 01:04 PM
Captains Log : U.S.S. Black Swan, SB Commanding

Computer replay Situation Report
]Thinking to myself reminding me of situation war gaming solutions based on survival training ]

"Replicator Rations

After an incursion with the Breen in the Orellius Sector Block, your ship has been left severely damaged and most of your systems are offline -- this includes the Warp Drive, which is irreparable due to the destruction of your port nacelle, and Communication Array, which was also destroyed. Since you were only to be conducting routine patrols in the sector, and your ship was only to be away from Starbase for 5 days, energy supplies are running low and you must enact rationing of the replicators. Reports suggest that it will take you several weeks to limp home. "

End Replay"

We fared poorly against a whole Task Force of Breen vessels damage wise .We were able to extend our hand of friendship once again to-our Deferi host and save several of their poorly armed Patrol Frigates and transport craft.

Reviewing our after actions report and damage board in my Command room I have gone to my Cabin for a more detailed status board in my Corridor and room proper desk. We are off the gird for updates to known enemy positions and allied forces.

I will soon convince a Command Staff Briefing in the Ready Room .
Prior to doing so I will form a priority list and options and weigh them with my well informed and skilled crew.

I record this log for a worst cast scenario; that we cannot personally transmit it to Star Fleet Command.
It is my hope that we can form a sort of "Three Stones" Meal as our hydroponics research department has exhibited success using samples of native tubers and discovered cave food stuffs from our Zaria mine Rescue. Deferi Space authority at Deferi Prime is not up to Star Fleet Engineering standards but i should be able to supplement this ships medical staff for any injuries we do not wish to risk on a sub warp escape.

As we are a Variant of the Voyager Ship Adm Janeway commanded .. I will reference some data on ships computer to her crews dilemma and correlate it to what i know of this area.

Priority One is the safety of this ship and we are unable to use some of our best skills without a Deflector dish. DS-9 is the nearest capable facility of the repair level required of us. I have talented Engineers and good morale in my favour. but destroyed Nacelle would cause issues and danger if we could attempt a warp bubble. I will set a priority on the Impulse drive systems . .We have an excellent Aegis system IO am a research Scientist. and a good amateur cook I can craft up some simple broth from my own herb box
and save my allotted rations for the injured. .

Before calling the conference I will leave the Second officer with the Bridge and walk the ship again with the Executive Officer. .see appendage for Crew Citations for this action.. We are not giving up.. we want no Star Fleet facility named in our Memory. I must cancel the Holosuite use to conserve energy and tonight's poker tourney these items will ding morale.. So Im breaking out a crate of floor hockey kits and will do an impromptu lesson in Hockey to divert worries.

We have options to relay messages via shuttle..I have my captains Yacht a Delta Class and F class available that are still space worthy.. I will re check our staffing board and assign missions on a volunteer basis to reach Deferi areas and relay alerts to us..
"Code Rudolph One"
Things to do
Establish COMM with Star Fleet and request assistance Find any Deferi patrol vessels to escort us
Based on medical needs formulate a ration matrix Grams per Crew
Recommend Staff go short rations for injured.
Prioritize Repairs
if we can avoid Breen intercepts to compound danger prioritize Mask energy signature and give Lt Dufur our Ferringhi a chance at a lead role on the bridge rotation
Conserve energy and close areas and consolidate staff. Break out surface sleeping devices and sleep more in my cabin. consult water filtration recovery systems osmosis controls..re-inspect air filter environ .
Limit hours on mess hall . get security team focuses on anti boarding party and core security.
<Computer end log record statis..prepair emergency beacon to eject with life pods as needed>


Time to walk the ship.. Change to work casual wear.
Transfer command controls to my Medcial Sick bay console..im goign to duble shift in medical until the crissis is over..
<end log>
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# 3
01-10-2012, 02:17 PM
"Warning: Internal Chronometer offline. Stardate unavailable."

Captain's Log, Defera Front

I must commend those on the ship who fought valiantly in the latest skirmish with the Breen. The sacrifice of the twelve officers we have lost will not go unnoticed, will not be ignored. At this time, we must attend to the living. I wish the news were better.

The loss of our port nacelle caused a power surge the likes of which I have never seen in all my years aboard a starship. The resulting damage destroyed the galley on board as well as the circuitry controlling all replicators, even those in the crew quarters. To make things worse, the emergency supply of foods in Cargo Bay 2 was lost in a hull breach. At 08:00 hours this morning, I made a formal announcement to the crew to break out the emergency rations, which we will take count of and distribute accordingly. There can be no hoarding. It is times like these, times of peril, that we are our most human. We must act together to survive.

A meal plan has been created by the officers in charge of the galley. Normally the crew would eat at their designated off times unless following another plan for dietary concerns. However, at this time the crew has taken a consensus vote to eat at 09:30 and 19:30 hours to help ration the food. Those with aforementioned dietary requirements will have to be supplemented by vitamins provided by the Medical Bay.

At this time we have no indication that Deferi supply ships will be crossing this region of Orellius nor any Federation Starships. With the starboard impulse manifold in need of repair, Helmsman Ward expects that it will take approximately five weeks to return to Deep Space Nine. With no form of communication we have set our course and are preparing to face whatever awaits us on our journey.

We only have two functional torpedo bays, both aft, leaving a wide blind-spot on this nigh maneuverable vessel. The three forward phaser arrays left are only operating at forty percent efficiency. Tactical Officer McConnell believes if we take two offline we may be able to use the power to overload one of the beam arrays, bringing it to one-hundred twenty percent. However, others believe that targeting using three beam arrays to fire simultaneously will allow us to do greater damage if enemy vessels choose to attack. A meeting for that subject is scheduled at 14:00 hours.

I can only expect the unexpected at this point, but hope for the best.

End Log

Captain Nidran Malibur - U.S.S. Sabian - N.C.C. 102611 - Galaxy Class
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# 4 My Story
01-10-2012, 03:09 PM
Captains Log, encrypted authorisation Song Zeta 491

We have suffered tremendous damage to our ship during a Breen incursion, and with limited supplies on board, I must now enact certain measures I would not normally ask of my crew. The damage is irreparable in this part of space. I have plotted a course back to Starbase 5 at our current speed we should return within 19 days, in all my service i never been in this bad of a situation and now I must inform the crew. - Admiral Song, U.S.S. Traveller

"End Recording". Song enters the bridge. “Computer open all internal channels”

“Channels Open”

“Captain Song to all crew members. It is with much sadness that I must inform you of our current situation. I feel your worry, your fear, and your pain but please do not give up hope. We still have power, and we still have the impulse drive online. Yes, it may take us longer to get home than planed, but, we will get there, and we will be stronger for it. External communication is down but we are working on a plan. We are also regrettably having to initiate room sharing to conserve power, speak to the duty officers if……….. if you have preferences but after today we will … assign anyone who………. who has not volunteered……….. Do not….. give up hope……. we will soon be home…… Captain out.”

Sivak, Song’s first officer, approached her “River……Admiral, are you hurt?”

“No old friend, it’s the crew, their pain and fear, it just got too much. I am ok now. The Borg implants are helping me to adapt.”

“I wish you did not under go that procedure, it was illogical you did not need it to help Six.”

“It was my decision and most of my other officers stood by me, I no you do not understand my kinds need for emotion and the order I feel through the Borg implants; but at times like this it helps me more than any Vulcan training could.”

“Very well captain. I may have a plan for our communication problem. If we were to modify a communication probe and launch it on a parallel course to our own, set to transmit on all federation frequencies, we could monitor them with a small shuttle craft.”

“We do not have the power to mask the shuttle or fight off another attack should anyone attack the shuttle. I have launched a distress beacon encrypted with my own Admiral Security codes so that only Starfleet should be able to locate us. Our first priority is to get the deflector back up to full power and so we can maintain the structural integrity and then transfer the battery power to the remaining nacelle, we may be able to establish a small warp field.”

At which Six approaches, “Captain if I may. The deflector should be operational within 48 hours, however, the sensors indicate that the aft cover plate has been damaged and we are slowly leaking antimatter from the warp core. I have activated an emergency shield to prevent any more loss from the warp core. I have locked it in place with Borg algorithms so they can not be removed, however, I do not know how long we can maintain a level 10 structural shield at these power levels.”

“Very well get the deflector back online and use any able crewmen, and, Sivak ... have science teams working on the shields, the weapons systems will have to wait. We will be in federation space within 5 days providing we can reach maximum impulse by tomorrow 0900 hours. You have your orders. Dismissed.”

The bridge officers leave.

River returns to her desk in her ready room. “Computer, open a channel to all crewmen.”

“Channel open.”

"At this time, we are going to have to initiate emergency rations as soon as we start to get more systems online we will be able to sort out a more amicable solution, however, for the time I ask that you pull together and help your fellow crewmembers in their tasks. I thank you for you valiant service during the battle and again do not give up hope when we reach the federation boarder we may even find another ship waiting to tow us home.”
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# 5
01-10-2012, 04:03 PM
Captain's Log

Due to an unfortunate and unforeseen error with the Universal Translator, we're kinda screwed. What started as a routine charting mission in Defera Space has quickly dissolved what I can only accurately describe as an utter disaster. On only our second day out from the nearest Starbase, we encountered a lone Breen cruiser, the kind we've routinely crushed with nary a thought or ounce of effort dozens of times in the past. No one was worried. And besides, their ship had apparently suffered moderate damage.

We were hailed when we came out of warp. They informed us that they were part of a separatist movement from a fringe colony. Though not interested in any sort of relationship with the Federation, they desperately sought asylum.

It was at this moment I first realized something was amiss. I informed the commanding officer that we would gladly escort them back to nearest station, and even offered a small repair crew to aid them with their "borrowed" cruiser. Rather than react with the expected reserved gratitude, the leader behaved as though I had offended him. My fears were confirmed when he responded angrily about not tolerating such insults to his mother and sister, and that he would take pleasure in using "that same horse" to perform indecent acts upon myself and my crew. Needless to say, we were all very confused. Except my newest bridge officer, Ensign Gorfug, who seemed incredibly amused by all this.

The details of the following exchange are in my full report. The gist of it being, after insinuating my father smelled of elderberries, they opened fire. The damage is truly frightening. Holodecks are down, The Alpha Section's replicator network is fried, the MVAM docking systems are fused, two of our three warp cores had to be ejected, and the third warp core had to taken offline to prevent plasma from flooding the deck. Three of the nacelles are basically gone anyway, so even if we do get the tertiary warp drive functional again, we're still not going anywhere.

However, there is a bright side to all this. Despite my quarters taking a direct hit and now being half exposed to empty space, my Emergency Vulcan Love Slave Hologram (EVLSH) survived. It may be a week before we're found, but it won't be a lonely week. For me, at least.


Shortly after recording the previous entry, our extensive witch hunt- I mean, um, investigation, has found Ensign Gorfug guilty of tampering with the UT. He was tried by a jury of his peers, sentenced in the way traditional to the Federation, and summarily demoted straight out the air lock.
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# 6
01-10-2012, 08:40 PM
That was an interesting story, and only mildly disturbing. Let me say that, with all due respect, if I was to be marooned with you on an alien world, I’d seriously consider the alternative of taking a walk out an airlock first.

Now, I do have one question. Did you ever get that taste out of your mouth? No, please. On a second, and better thought, I’d rather not know after all.

It does bring to mind a recent incident of my own where the dangers of starvation loomed, at least for a little while.

I was commanding the Lewis & Clark—still am, unless I’ve been replaced without my knowing. She’s a Galaxy class, modified for our particular brand of missions. No families on board, or else they’d be asking awkward questions I’m sure.

We’d been in Deferi space on a mission of some consequence, when we were ambushed by the Breen. Now, we held our own, but only after losing one of our nacelles and having to eject the warp core. We’d been expecting to be home in a few days, but, without warp drive, that short trip back to civilization stretched into weeks.

There was talk of rationing, of spending time in shuttles to save on life support, of abandoning the ship at the nearest barely inhabitable piece of rock we ran across, even of mutiny, though to be fair, I was mostly responsible for the last.

I called an emergency meeting of the command staff to consider our situation. I can see them all there now, furrowed brows, wondering how we’d get by.

And then it occurred to me. I should have thought of it sooner, or someone should have. You’d think someone on the ship would have known a little something about physical law.

All we had to do was to get up to a decent veolocity, something close to the speed of light, and a few days for us would be a few weeks for the rest of the universe.

It took a bit of work. The impulse engines had taken a few hits, and even in the best of times, they could only get us to about 0.9c. We needed something more like 0.97, and that 0.07 didn’t come easily. It took some serious modification of the main driver coil, but nothing we couldn’t handle.

We got up to 0.968c, good enough to make the four week trip back take about 7 days. We still had to tighten our belts a little, but a little deprivation can do the soul some good.

And all thanks to Saint Albert!
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# 7
01-10-2012, 08:51 PM
Captain's Log, Stardate 89628.11
Starfleet Inteligence encryption protocol 2365 series 2

SI Mission Summary: Preemptive strike on Breen staging area prior to Starfleet/Deferi joint strike.

Fleet Admiral De'Liah, commander Lost Fleet of the Valkyrie, commanding USS Ta-Sardar-Gor

Our attack was a success, the Breen were caught unaware by our attack and are sufficiently scattered and confused to ensure the main task force will completely destroy them.

Unfortunately the cost was too high. Our raid complete, my ships dispersed, warping out to predetermined vectors. My ship warped into a trap. Three Chel Gret cruisers were waiting in ambush and attacked as soon as we came out of warp. Their attack was relentless, our shields wilted in the onslaught and I was forced to activate our ablative armor. We fought off the ambush, destroying two of the ships before our port nacelle was destroyed and our armor generators failed. We took refuge in a nearby nebula, jettisoning debris to simulate our destruction. With the debris we launched shuttles, powered down. When the Breen closed to investigate the shuttles powered up and launched every weapon they had. The Breen ship was caught by surprise and was disabled. We were Victorious!

The damage to the ship is extensive. The warp core was severely damaged and is shut down. Long range communication is also destroyed. I have secured all non essential ship's operations until a department head meeting is held to determine our next course of action.

Suplimental Entry:
Physical Discipline was necessary to maintain order in the meeting. One of my officers became hysterical and verbal orders became ineffective. Our situation is grim. My engineer reports propulsion is limited to 1/2 impulse and power generation is extremely limited. I have limited replicator use to freshwater production only. Use of fresh water is to be used for crew rationing and the arboretum/hydroponics labs. The Arboretum is to be utilized for oxygen production and the Hydroponics lab is to be used to produce food. The head of the Hydroponics lab has produced an edible algae paste capable of sustaining most of the crew. We have set course for DS9, at 1/2 impulse we will arrive in five weeks.

Suplimental Entry:
I cannot digest this revolting paste! I cannot even taste it without feeling an overwhelming need to vomit! I am far from the only member of the crew to experience this. Those of us with a carnivorous background will not survive on this diet for long.

Suplimental Entry:
With the aid of my first officer I have come to a solution. Within a few days travel there is an uninhabited class M planet, we have changed course for it now. There I will assign hunting and gathering parties to forage for supplies. We will stock up for as long as it takes to make for the next planet in our path. I am anticipating this greatly. It has been many years since I have hunted outside the Holodeck. My blood surges at the though of stalking prey, to feel that rush again, to feel Klingon again, to run free and wild!

Captain's Log, Stardate 89629.33
The foraging missions were successful. We took on a great deal of supplies, water, meat and an array of vegetation for the plant eaters. Out outlook is improved but still troubling. We have a great deal of space to cover before we return to DS9. I have heard some of my crew comparing our situation to that of the USS Voyager, a natural comparison as the Ta-Sardar-Gor is based on the Intrepid design. I will look into the historical files of the Voyager. Perhaps her Captain has some wisdom that may be of value here. I also recall her Cheif Engineer was half Klingon. So few of us has served in Starfleet, maybe I may find some kinship with her.
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# 8 Replicator Rations.....
01-10-2012, 01:29 PM
Captain's Log StarDate xxxxxxxx

During a routine patrol in the Orellius sector, we were ambushed and attacked by a group of Breen raiders. We managed to fight them off but we lost our Communications array and Port Nacelle in the battle.

Chief Engineer Zhang informs me that we will need at least 3 weeks in Space Dock before we can restore warp power and at impulse speeds we are predicting 3 weeks before we can reach the nearest starbase.

Energy reserves are low and we have had to implement replicator rations to insure that we can last until we reach starbase. The crew has performed admirably and are handling the entire situation like true StarFleet Officers. Special Mention to first officer Konom, he has kept the crew busy enough that they cannot focus on hunger.
Science Officer Nimi has a plan to deploy a makeshift solar sail to try and increase our energy reserves.
I am concerned that we may be attacked again. I have launched several probes broadcasting a general distress call but we are the only starship scheduled to be in this sector. We have a run-about in our shuttle bay, but if I send it out to try and get help, we will be defenseless if the Breen decide to show up again.
Captain’s Log Stardate yyyyyyy
The Breen came back to try and finish them off. It is a good thing I kept the run-about in reserve as we were able to drive them off and only sustain minimal additional damage. Phasers are down, but we have still have quantum torpedoes. The run-about took some damage and is no longer capable of warp travel, so the option of sending it for help is out of the question.
Sensors have detected a large power output from a moon in a nearby uncharted system. I am assembling a team to take the run-about and see if the residents are able to provide any assistance.
Captain’s Log Stardate zzzzzz
It has been three days since the away team has been gone. With no communications it is impossible to know if they have been able to find help or if they are even still alive. The most we can do is continue on and hope for the best.
There have been no additional signs of the Breen and I think we have shaken them. I hope so anyway – one more battle will deplete our energy reserves and we will not make it back to Starbase.
Excerpt from the LightBlade’s Bridge Security Logs StarDate aaaaaaaaa
Lt. Cmdr Iliana: “Captain, I am picking up several warp signatures heading our way. Sensors are not functioning well enough to determine what type of ships they are.”
Lt. Cmdr Pirayr: “The Breen may be returning.”
Vice Admiral Palermo: “Shield’s Up! Load Quantum Torpedoes. Zhang – get down to engineering and see what you can squeeze out of these impulse engines for me.”
Zhang: “On my way sir!”
Vice Admiral Palermo: “Iliana, put the signatures on the screen - let’s see what we are up against.”
Four Breen warships appear on the view screen, heading towards the LightBlade.
Vice Admiral Palermo: “Pirayr – target the lead ship and prepare to fire all available weapons.”
Iliana: “ Sir- I am reading 6 more warp signatures approaching. There is no way we can hold off 10 ships!”
Vice Admiral Palermo: “Set a course that will put us right in the middle of the 4 ships ahead. Maybe we can get close enough that they cannot target us effectively.”
Iliana: “Sir – the 6 signatures are Federation Starships! Cmdr Ojpen must have gotten help! I read the run-about is there as well! The Breen are warping away sir!”
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# 9
01-10-2012, 01:54 PM
Captains Log, supplemental:

While on routine patrol in Deferi space, the Epyon was attacked by Breen vessels. Unable to shake the vessels as a whole, I ordered the crew evacuate to the saucer section, and further ordered the activation of multi vector assault mode, with the intention of sacrificing the beta and gamma vectors if necessary.

Fortunately my bridge crew were able to fend off the breen vessels remotely long enough for all vectors to escape, and I ordered that each vector would maintain a close but distinct course until we had enough distance to safely stop for damage assessment and re-integration.

"Computer, Halt recording."

Amuro Ray,Tapping the combadge: "Amuro to Nuzuri, what is the status of vector beta?"
Nuzuri: "Captain, beta is in critical condition. The EPS conduits are in ruins, and we won't be able to make field repairs. I would advise against re-integrating with the vector in its current condition."
Amuro: "Very well, have your teams repair what they can over there and await further instructions. Try to shore her up for possible re-integration. Ray out."

I stepped out to the bridge, "Zazhid, damage report for vector Alpha."

Zazhid: " Main power offline; weapons disabled; shield disabled; replicators offline; deflector offline; hull breaches on decks 4, 5, 7. Main computer offline. Backup power is holding. lower nacelle critical, upper nacelle destroyed."
Ray: "Damn, if Gamma is less than peachy we are pretty much stuck here. Open a channel."

Eibeist: "Eibeist to Alpha; Gamma vector is in poor condition."
Amuro: "Eibeist, tell me what you know."
Eibeist: "The warp core has been shut down to prevent breach. Replicators offline; Life support minimal. Structural integrity is 60%, the starboard nacelle has been destroyed, and the port nacelle has fused coils."
Amuro: "Damn... okay, Eibeist, order your repair crews to make repairs, focus on re-integration. I want you to beam back here, we need to discuss strategy. Amuro to Nuzuri, have teams focus of making re-integration possible and beam back, I'm calling a senior staff meeting."

*Later, in the ward room*

Amuro:" So lets get this straight, across the vectors, we have all we need to haul ouselves back to spacedock, but the way its spread out, we effectively have no warp drive?"
Nuzuri: " I'm afraid so... We'll be lucky to get impulse power up and running again, provided we can successfully re-integrate the vectors."
Amuro: "Drive issues aside, we also have a potential failure of long range comms, otherwise we'd have a tow already, heh. What is the status of replicators? As we are going to be out here for weeks more than we're meant to be."
Jelun: "Replicators are offline across the ship, but there is enough in the pantry to last a week, but Six believes she can get the replicators back online, but we'd have to enact rationing to prevent an overload, as the EPS conduits are barely holding together."
Amuro: "Right, First, lets get this ship back in 'one' piece, get underway, then deal with the supplies. I'll break it to the crew when we get underway. Dismissed."

*1 hour later*

Amuro: "Open a channel throughout the ship."
Zazhid: "Channel open."
Amuro: "All hands, this is Ray. We are about to perform a risky remote re-integration of the ship, brace for hard impacts. Unfortunately, I am forced to order the enforcement of rationing protocols due to EPS damage. Jelun will be taking up full-time chef duties while the replicators are offline, so we'll be having a burns supper this evening, and taking suggestions on the future menu which has not been set as of yet. With any luck, we'll make it back to spacedock in a little under 67 days.
Ray out."
*Channel closed*

Amuro: "I'll be in my ready room, let me know if anything changes from our predictions. You have the bridge, number one."
Zazhid: "Yes, sir."

So I sit down in my chair, reflecting on the events of the day
" Computer, begin recording."

Captain's log, supplemental.

The Epyon has been thoroughly trounced, and we are now undergoing reformation to be able to return to spacedock 'intact'. This should provide a good tale for the family, and a setback for my career. I never wanna see a transfer order to a desk assignme--

"Pause recording. Report!"

Zazhid: "Captain, gamma vector failed to re-integrate. She has just exploded!"

Amuro: "Crap!! If you need me, I'll be in engineering."
Zazhid: "Sir?"
Amuro: "I may wear red, but I'm still a damn good engineer! Now, leave me be, an' git oan wi' command while I'm doon there!"
Zazhid: "Yessir"
*under breath* "why does he descend to that accent when hes frustrated? Human Scotsmen are strange..."
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# 10
01-19-2012, 01:02 PM
U.S.S. Pathrunner
Captian-Ambrose Cross Walker
Stardate: 2409119.6

His ship had been through thick and thin with the Kligons but never the Breen. Now because of his foolish decsion both his ship and his crew were to suffur, on the upswing there was no families on board. He has learned well at the acamedy from the battles with the Borg that having families on board boosted morale but was far more dangourous. He learned this from his father who had survived the Borg attack on the Enterpirse E.

Computer: " Captian Walker, morning staff meeting in 5 minutes,"
"Thank You," I said.

My ready room wasn't so bad just a few plaques knocked off the wall and a computer panel or two that needed to be fixed. I slowly got up and walked to the door of my ready room. I couldn't bear to look at my bridge because half of it was missing and all you could see was space. I was not on bridge when the Breen attack I had been having lunch with the Doctor discussing the latest disease. My Commander at the time only got the word attack out before half the bridge was destoryed. We fought the Breen off but at a heavy cost, 250 men and women dead, most of the fresh form the acamedy. I made my way across to the confrence room and sat at the head of the table, me being the late one.

"Morning everyone, Engineering report," I said.
"Extensive damage through out the ship both inside and outside, we have repaired all that can but the rest we gonna need a spacedock. The wrap core is the only thing still being worked on, and it will take atleast take two weeks on that. The aft nacelle is gone there is nothing left of it. The only other thing to report is that I manage to switch Life support to the Aux battery so the warp core won't shut down when we go to impluse." The chief engineer reported.
"Alright do what you can, Doctor?" I Said
"The dead have been place in the cargo bay 3 and its temprature brought down til we can convert some torpedo tube into statis chambers. There is 300 injured but because of the expanded sick bay we are able to house them. Other then that its going as smooth as it can." The Doc Said with a bitter tone.
"Zac how long will it take to prep all 4 shuttles plus the runabout, yahct and delta flyer?" I asked
For a monment the engineer fumble but recovers quicklly.
"Give or take 5 hours why, sir?" He questioned
"Split the remaining replicator rations among the ships and begin filling them up with personnel. each department will volenteer a skelton crew for each department and the rest will leave, understood. Doctor you will be in charge of bring them to the nearest federation outpost." I commanded.
"Sire, with all due respect only shuttle bay two is operational the other one is..." Zac said
" I will help on that, don't worried after the shuttles are gone we will get baby limped home. and if we should get into a fight we'll go down swinging. Doctor, You will have a bead on us, if you should run across a federation ship, sent it our way. Dismissed." I said with a sad tone.
Am I doing the right thing? Sending the shuttles out who only have a marginal chance more success than us at getting to an outpost. Who know but like my father I will not abandon a ship who has been good to my crew. This war is changing for better or worse I cannoit tell.

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