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Been having these issues since 2010, quit playing due to them. Came back after F2P launched only to find the problems still exist and I am not the only one.

Upon logging in the character delete dialogue pops up, complete with character name having already been entered.

No matter the settings/keybinds/command dumps etc, character ALWAYS autotargets/autofires on the nearest attackable object/character

In the options menu, a confirmation box constantly pops up "restore default settings" no matter what.

When trying to read mail a confirmation box repeatedly pops up "Delete all messages?" no matter what is selected.

When trying to re apply skill points after the freespec, clicking "accept" merely closes the window and does not save any of the selections.

Virus Scan, Malware Scan, Up to date drivers, Newest Version of the launcher, New download of the game,no keyloggers etc et al. My computer RUNS the game just fine. In fact it looks fantastic.

I have been up and down the forum trying to make sure to have tried everything before making this post. I already lost out on a month of paid time two years ago due to this not being addressed. Sad to see I am not alone and that there is no resolution so far.

Laptop keyboard. Dell Inspiron 1501. Windows 7 Ultimate
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01-12-2012, 11:11 PM
If you can manage to get through to PWE support, send in a ticket to tech support and put in the subject line "ATTN darthpanda, keyboard problems" and describe everything you have tried along with a link to your post.

If you can send me your dxdiag and hijackthis logs, that'll help.

Info for those:

It'll be helpful to us if you tell us some of your computer's information, and include any screenshots of any bugs or errors that you get.

To create a dxdiag log, go to Start, click on Run (or Search if using Windows 7 or Vista), then type in dxdiag and press Enter on your keyboard.

Click on Save All Information, then attach the text file to this ticket (If on a 64bit system, look for and click on the Save 64bit Dxdiag button beside the Save All Information button).

To create the HijackThis log, go to or then download and install the program.

Click Do a system scan and save a log file, then attach the text file to your reply.

Please do not copy and then paste the text of these logs into your reply.

We'll take look at these log files and give you feedback on your issue.
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01-13-2012, 07:15 AM
Originally Posted by Enochian_Cub
When trying to read mail a confirmation box repeatedly pops up "Delete all messages?" no matter what is selected.

there is another way than deleting every single mail on it's own !?


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