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  • Updated Space Sets:
    • Borg:
      • 2-Piece: Hull regeneration now improves with player skill in "Hull Repair" up to 1.5x base effectiveness.
      • 2-Piece: Reduced internal cooldown from 60 seconds to 45 seconds.
      • 2-Piece: Increased passive Hull Regeneration from .2 to .35.
    • MACO
      • 2-Piece: 5% Recharge Speed bonus now applies to all Space powers.
      • 3-Piece: Clarified tooltip to include 50% Shield Penetration effect.
      • 3-Piece: Personal Auxiliary Power Drain can now be mitigated by investment in Power Insulators skill.
        • Scales from -20 with no skill, to -10 with full investment.
        • Note: Due to 2-Piece bonus, highest drain players will see is -18.
    • Omega
      • 2- Piece: Fixed tooltip description of the Shield Drain effect.
      • 3- Piece: Clarified tooltip: "-8000+% Turn Rate" now displayed as "Disables target's ability to turn."
    • Klingon Honor Guard 2-Piece: Increased crew resiliency and updated its description.
  • Updated the Slipstream Capacitor set bonus so it no longer improves the recharge of all powers.
  • Updated audio to address issues with crackling and popping sounds.

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