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every time i try to log in to my game only on the Quency character, it tells me that one of my texture files cant be verified and i need to verify the game via the launcher, then in the launcher it passes verification, it never lets me play, i don't know the exact name of the episode, but its the first one where we get to start seeing that the Klingon are messing with gorn augments. i would like to either have my character reset or moved, or the problem fixed, i am really tempted to delete the affected file and see if the launcher will re download it. please understand my technical expertise is extremely high, and i have done everything short of deleting the game and re downloading the entire thing to get it to work. it works perfectly on both of my other characters, but not on quency. thanks for taking a look. on a side note when i tried to submit a ticket it keeps repeatedly telling me that i need to select a language but there is no area to select a language so im just stuck and i don't know what to do.

UPDATE: i fixed the issue, and shame on everyone for not at least trying to help. the solution was to delete the texture.hogg files, and the bin.hogg file, and copy the files over from my tribble installation back into the main folder.

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