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Gozer I'll give you a warning which make just wake you up. If you do not increase the drop rate, three things are going to happen.

#1. You are going to have mass protests on people never getting mark 12 stuff which is currently turning into a SOPA protest at this current moment.

#2. People will stop doing STF's entirely all-together.

#3. You will lose customers in the long run.

Either you fix this insulting drop rate which we all know based on simple math is less than 0.5% or STF's will become a joke.

Many people don't have time to play 24/7 just for something that never drops. I know this drop rate was designed to keep the regular consumer that subscribes to the game for standard fee to keep paying that fee so you guys can keep making money. So your not fooling me at all.

This marketing scheme and a false lure to get the best kind of stuff is something thought on a economic standpoint and not to the consumer's benefit. If you were smart, the drop rates should be about 5%.

It creates the incentive to play and keep pursuing the goal without burning people out. What you have designed again is insulting to the consumer and many people have given up. Stop doing this " Status Quo " attitude and listen to your consumer. This game is in bad shape right now and you are harming the gaming community with your mindset.

What other things will you force the consumer to do in the future when actual content DOES comes out? Right there that tells many new things. Item set in the near future will follow this model marketing strategy.

Fix it or you WILL lose customers and no one will bother to do STF's anymore.

The next move is yours. The community has had enough of this and have I.
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# 2
01-21-2012, 05:50 PM
I am seconding....
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# 3
01-21-2012, 06:12 PM
something i have come to understand from playing many MMO's.

if they increase the drop rate for the top end items, in a short amount of time everyone will have them. then what happens?

people will then start to complain there is nothing left to progress their characters. this in-turn would cause more issues than the current drop rate would.

in some MMO's that i won't mention names. the rare items have a 0.1% droprate. yet no-one complains. a 0.5% droprate is actually good in comparison.
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01-21-2012, 06:23 PM
I don't know about people not doing STF's anymore but I can see loosing customers, free or not.

Gozer, you seriously need to look into this. Make running an STF a guarantee to get a prototype piece of salvage. It's unfair and totally frustrating the current system you have implemented.
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# 5
01-21-2012, 06:54 PM
They can't afford to do this either. STFs are the end game. Three missions are the end game.

That's all there is for the max level players.

If they 'finish' them, then they'll lose them all the same.
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# 6
01-22-2012, 12:05 AM
As I have said in other psrts of the forums. People seem to believe by paying a monthly sub or lifer account and now f2p this entitles them to the best gear possible with minimal effort......THE WHOLE GAME is like this until the stf's..

The rates are fair......after 300+ drops i have received one uber item......

MY BIGGEST PRIZE was the dilithium I earned from all those prototypes.......altogther almost 300k dilithium.....this allowed me to pay for many things i would never really buy with my RL money.

so what..i dont have a full set of mk 12 maxo or honor guard......i sure has the dilithium though.
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