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I would like to know the buid for a Tactical officer in where you put your points and what is the best ships for them.I did a search on this anf there was guide but it talked about ground combat not space.

What are the best weapons and eqiupment.I harly wear my kit is that needed.

I didn't want to necro an old thread about this so a new one.

May this be moved to Gameplay.Thanks
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02-03-2012, 02:34 PM

I moved your thread to the 'Character Builds and Powers' section of the forum, where their should be some people willing to help you figure out which are the best ships/skills for your tactical character.



P.S. My main is Tactical and he commands the Venture-X-class (cruiser) but may be switching to the brand new Odyssey now.

Tactical Captains have a power called Tactical Initiative (space) which reduces the cooldown time of all Tactical Bridge Officer powers, so it's more beneficial for a Tactical Captain to have a ship that has more Tactical Bridge Officer (BOff) stations. Doing this allows you to get the most benefit from the Tactical Initiative (space) power but don't let this overrule your opinion of which ship to command, it's just advice.
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02-04-2012, 12:53 AM
Thanks.i just turned Captain and deciding on which ship to buy I got an escort now the Akira but was thinking of a a Science ship.IMy Klingon Engineer is on a Science bird of prey which seems to be fun to play with.

My Refit Cruiser seesm to take beating as muc as my Akira can both having quatum mines.

I am not a big fan of the Defiant.
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02-14-2012, 12:14 PM
I'm honestly not sure what sort of build would be considered the "best", but my main is a Joined Trill Tactical Officer and I can give you a run down on how my main character is built. My build's focus has been on increasing ship damage and durability.

Ship: U.S.S. Tiamat, a Multi-vector Advanced Escort. The reason I went with this ship is for the "swarm" factor. When you separate, your damage output gets a nice boost thanks to your other two sub-ships firepower.
Fore weapons: 2 sets of Disruptor dual cannons, quantum torpedo launcher, dual tetryon beam bank.
Aft weapons: 3 tetryon turrets.

Reason: In an escort, you really only have three viable attack strategies since you're not durable enough to broadside - Strafing your opponent, parking or luring (fighting while flying backwards). With this load out, if I'm facing you everything I have is continuously firing on you. If you force me to strafe, you get front loaded with everything I have and as I pull away the turrets are still firing. Best part about it: It melts shields in seconds.

Key bridge officer skills to help you survive: Tactical Team and Reverse Shield Polarity

As far as my character skills go, I simply maxed everything in the tactical tree accept for stealth and threat control (spent ZERO points in either of those). The rest of my points I spent where ever I thought they might be useful.

As a side note: I've tried cruisers, and even the high rank ones leave me feeling gimped. As a result, I've steered completely away from trying a science vessel and "embraced my roll" so to speak. As a tactical officer, both planet side and in space, it's your job to deal damage - not just "some damage" or "OK damage" like a cruiser can output - A TON of damage. Your best best for achieving that will be a properly outfitted escort stacked with tactical bridge officers that further amplify it's ability to do what it does best: Lots of damage.
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02-15-2012, 07:02 PM
You really shouldn't mix damage types, you're doing yourself a disservice. By focusing on 1 damage time you can maximize your tactical console slots & get the most from the +damage consoles, increasing your DPS. On that note, Antiproton is the current best due to it's flat DPS boost across the board. Tetryon is good if you're looking to take down shields quicker & is my current fave. Both look very cool.

Why the dual beam bank? It's less damage than dual heavies and by not focusing on cannons you may be wasting Boff powers if you've got any beam powers.

But Tactical Team + shield heal = awesome. I run with 2 tac team I, 2 EPtS & transfer shield for sci. I can blow stuff up reaaaaal good & will survive doing it.

Cruisers + tactical don't mix too well. Without the manuverability escorts have you can't get the firing arc you need for the heavy weapons. Beams are good, but lack the punch you get with dual heavies.

Personally I use Advanced Escort (no C points for MVAM yet, god i wants though)
Currently triple dual heavy disruptors (i just came back from 2 yrs inactive, disruptors used to be the flavor of the month lol. Switching to tets atm) & a quantum launcher. Aft is 3 disruptor turrets. Same general skills as Hellcaller.

Read through this:
LOT of good tips here -
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02-22-2012, 01:12 AM
Originally Posted by Malakite View Post
Why the dual beam bank? It's less damage than dual heavies and by not focusing on cannons you may be wasting Boff powers if you've got any beam powers.
With system cooldowns you can't stack too many cannon skills in your Boff slots. Beam skills are hardly useless. With just one beam bank, FAW won't do much, but BO on a high powered dual bank does huge alpha. You will want to either use it at the end of a strafing run, or pop EPtW or a weapon batt since it drains so much power. There's also beam target shields, lowering shield power lowers resists, so youndo more damage to the target, and if it disables a facing, then you are doing hull damage.

Besides that, don't the alpha and gamma vectors get free beam abilities? Mightnas well fitma weapon that can use them.

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