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02-05-2012, 12:38 AM
I'm new, but I already read up on and realized the obvious advantage creating an Alien character has. I OCD over whether or not I'm gimping myself and I also OCD over the fact that I want to be a Human for all my characters, not Alien. But in the end I made an alien that looks exactly like a human, as I want all my characters to be human, but since rolling Alien gives such an obvious advantage, I did that. I made a Tactical Career Alien with 4 space traits Accurate, Efficient, Elusive, and Warp Theorist. I wanted to just have characters that can do both space and ground combat great, but I figured it would probably be best to just have characters dedicated to either space or ground fully via traits. However, I still wish I could do both great on one character instead of feeling like I need to have characters devoted to either Space fully or Ground fully via traits. I hope the traits system gets a huge makeover asap.

Anyways, on to my question.

Now though, I want to make an Engineer. Is the Human space trait Leadership worth it? Or should I just make another human alien with all 4 space traits? If so, should I just go with Accurate, Efficient, Elusive, and Warp Theorist again?
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02-05-2012, 03:39 AM
Character traits are just a minor buff, only real min/max should/would really care about. If you feel more confident playing a specific race do so, regardless of which traits they may have or not. It's not like you could gimp yourself in playing a specific race or trait combination.
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02-05-2012, 11:24 AM
A lot of the Traits are very useful in some narrow aspects of the game. Leadership gives a boost to two healing aspects of the game. Hull regeneration is useful in combat if you aren't taking a continual pounding like in as in a support role. You keep your hull topped off from the bleedthrough damage or recover quicker from a big burst tattack w/o having to use a Hull Heal ability. The second regeneration ability if from having a subsystem knocked out (i.e. Engines, WEapon, Shields, etc). If you have no repair ability for a subsystem, or it's on cooldown, you ships able crew and Leadership buffs will get it back on like quicker. That's way Leadership's magnitude is bigger.

Other traits have wider affects, like Accuracy. So it's magnitude is smaller. Accuracy is +10%, is applicable to all space combat, but by itself isn't that much. A lot of targets will have easily 20+% Defense. But you can stack other sources of accuracy. It's the same with other Triats. They may seems small buffs, but they will stack with other sources of a like buff.

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