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Hey there folks - I found something interesting if you just want to look at what you can do to other ships in the customization mode.

It's some guy's YouTube channel where he has posted short (yet 1020p) videos of him messing around with the customization options for every Federation ship in the game, as well as a slew of part, material, and paint combinations. You can see the other ships in the sidebar, or just browse his channel - I'm sure you'll find the ship you're looking for

Hope this helps anyone else out there who is curious about what you can do with the ship editor! Also, thank you to whomever put those vids there in the first place! All credit goes to him.

-- Original Post:

Customising the look of your ship costs money - often a lot of it. That money could be better spent buying weapons and consoles, amongst other things. We all spend hundreds of thousands of energy credits trying to get that perfect 'look'. But what if you could preview the customization of every ship of every faction and tier for free?

My question is: is there a program out there that just lets you mess around with the ship models outside of the game? Just the ship customisation and nothing else? Perhaps a user-made program that allows one to do this?

Of course, you can view your current ship and customise it, but what if you want to mess around with a ship you don't have? What if you want to see what your ship looks like in sector space, or with different lighting?
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02-06-2012, 02:16 AM
This is very extremely unlikely to happen...

They already have their hands full with their 2 games and websites... no time for other things.
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02-06-2012, 08:17 PM
Ah, well... indeed, Cryptic has no reason to make something like that. If so, it would be just for fun.

I was asking if someone else - like a user - has made a program to view and customize ships, outside of the game. Or to give a broader example, a program that allows you to view all the game's 3D assets, like ships, weapons, props, etc

Individual files for objects like starships must be stored somewhere on the computer's cache... if that's the case, retrieving them and rendering them in a separate program must be possible (like with Spiralspy.jar). For a specific example, finding a way to view the .pigg or .hogg files located in the installation folder.

Not to tamper with or alter the files, mind you - just to look at them. I have read the terms of service

Basically, I just want to tinker with the customisations for a Prometheus-class and a Hermes-class before I lay down all my dilithium on whichever one I think looks prettier (juvenile, I know)... think of it as browsing through a holo-catalogue before I buy And again, this would be taking place outside the game - although if such a feature were enabled in-game, that would be really cool too.

And as I said before, players put down a lot of money on customising ships, then flying around for a bit before deciding, "I like how it used to look" or "My ship looks dumb with these pylons" or "This isn't what the bridge looked like in the screenshot", and then boom, there's another 20,000 energy credits down the drain.
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02-07-2012, 01:08 AM
Energy gets to the point where it is not an issue.
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02-10-2012, 08:44 AM
EC indeed get abundant as you play. i change my ships paint job almost weekly. I finally bought the costume for it in the c-store and got my Aegis set so now i need to update my Signature...../sigh....again lol

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02-10-2012, 09:01 AM
Indeed, EC are very cheap - at endgame, a single deflector, engine, or shield drop (which I get a lot of in STFs) will give back enough energy just throwing it down the replicator that I can redo my ship costume, both of my costume slots, all 13 of my boffs (granted I can't change four of their costumes, but there'd be enough left over to do them anyway), and have enough leftover to replicate some commodities.

Also, you can play with the in-game editor all you want for free - even using C-store pieces. You're only charged when you commit to changes.

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