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# 1 Over hauling PVP
02-10-2012, 02:03 PM
Over Hauling PvP

Written by Joshua A. Moore ( MadMooMoo)

I. Intro
I have been thinking about the way pvp was set up and quite honestly its just not very fun. Its not PvP it self that isnt fun its just the way the game presents pvp that isnt very fun.. the maps are not designed very well ( no offence) and its just plain boring in general. The only insensitive to PvP is the Dilthium Daily quest. So I thought up a way to hopefully change that!

II. The Basics
The concept is to give pvp a Goal, changing it to a "conquest' system by which systems in the Neutral zone are more directly fought over. Like the current pvp Que there would be modes such as Space and Land modes, though Simplified into Conquest modes. Battles as i said are fought over Systems, but how does that increase the Incentive to PvP? By adding a reward for a faction to win a system, something on the order of A dilithium bonus After a Faction wins the current system.

III. The Mechanics
Conquest will be fought in one system at a time, for example I will use Ground combat, A planetary map. Like this: Here Each block of land is a Sector, each is fought over in planetary conquest, The Map in full Conquest may look something like this Where as the blue sectors represent Federation control and red represent Klingon factions, Purple Represents the Area of the planet that is Currently in Contest. Contested Areas are chosen With NPC, Much like war planners, planning the battles- The game will calculate which sectors you are fighting over. Several games can be fought in One sector before it changes hands based on total Number of victories a Faction has won- or by Gross number of victories in that sector by an Alotted time. This kind of game play Should allow for more people to play at once Preferably at least 8vs 8. As you would be fighting in more Surface based maps and fewer interior based maps.

IV. Add ons?
There are some neat expanding you could add to the system, Such as having a Random chance of a Land based game being fought in the air ( with shuttles and fighters). Which would coincidentally not be overly hard with the current system, as its basically just adding a new Back ground to a Space map.

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# 2
02-10-2012, 02:30 PM
Not knocking your ideas, I like some of your concepts.


Welcome to Cryptic's PvP in STO. Please read this. While Cryptic does keep promising promises, there's a better chance of Ralph Nader being elected president in 2012 than Cryptic actually expanding PvP.

PS: Cryptic's response: "New PvP maps! Your call is very important to us... please stay on the line and browse the new fluff items in the C-store!"
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# 3
02-10-2012, 03:00 PM
Originally Posted by gx4th View Post
Not knocking your ideas, I like some of your concepts.
it is becoming a real problem for me - I don't even like to read such threads anymore.
1) Either it s a great idea someone in the community already had.
2) Or it could even be a new, greater idea. But just the first type, it's just not coming.

On the other hand, every bit of enthusiasm and eagerness is great.

PS: Cryptic's response: "New PvP maps! Your call is very important to us... please stay on the line and browse the new imbalanced P2W items in the C-store!"

I guess, ultimately - keep th e ideas coming. Maybe something will really stick at some point. And if not, at least we got something to talk about while we're waiting.
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# 4
02-10-2012, 03:16 PM
I shall Try,
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# 5
02-11-2012, 01:00 PM
I've been thinking the same thing. Personally i love that there aren't any real rewards to pvping atm. It's just there because people like to test themselves against others. I think it should remain like that until balance is achieved, But a conquest type match between players is exactly what this game needs. I'm loathe to bring up wow pvp mechanics but have they seriously not considered an Alterac Valley in Space style conquest map? Start off at your own deep space station (complete with automated defenses and decently powerful NPC cruisers/carriers that patrol it). With the goal of taking over different star bases in the sector, which possibly improve and support your team as you seek to take out the enemy space station. Between them there could be nebulas, ion storms, asteroid fields etc. Plenty of stuff to make traversing the sector interesting. And plenty of places to set up ambushes.

Between the deep space stations could be tactical points : starbases. research outposts and research mining faciilites. Fight over them meanwhile losing ships means you lose resources when people respawn, But also taking over the different spots to fight over gives your team buffs perhaps or enhanced abilities. (Starbases for passive hull regeneration when defending owned outposts) Research stations (Owning multiple starbases outposts and other facilities means that each regen resources at a better rate for your team, as well as reducing the number and or strength of the ships and weapons defending the enemies main base . Mining outposts (slight regen on resources lost)
^ all these ideas are just off the top of my head and can be ironed out later

My goal with this sort of pvp map is to encourage small battles all over the sector, and not so much just one big 20 ship armada cruising around destroying all opposition. Not that a really large battle wouldn't be fun.. but just for the sake of variety. To discourage that when capturing new outposts the first to capture it i.e. destroy all opposition and occupy the base will recieve a powerful patrol cruiser that will defend that base and assist and support defenders. So that way if you decide to take (lets say it's 20 v 20) your whole armada around destroying everything, you'll find that your job is very difficult and a team that divides themselves up and occupies all the outposts before you will be in a much better position to defend them.

The ultimate goal is still penetrating the enemies defenses and taking their base out. But you can win just by defeating the enemy more often than your team is defeated.

To prevent turtling there would have to be incentives for people to branch out and achieve objectives. Those haven't occurred to me atm, but with time i'm sure the ideas can be found.

You would have goals and a nice big map with battles all over, it would be interesting, as it stands now everything feels like a sandbox, I want to battle over an entire sector.
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# 6
02-11-2012, 04:50 PM
-cries a little-

why you no like pvp cryptic!

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