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I don't see many folks posting about the K'Tinga or the upgrade, the Koro'Tinga in here.

This ship is so iconic I wish they had upgraded it better for TNG. Too bad they went with the Vorcha, which NEVER appealed to me, I must add.

However, in this game it's still rather competitive with 4 forward firing weapons. I just wish we could upgrade the BOFFs/consoles/devices as we progressed to keep it competitive at higher levels.

Post your builds here!
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02-15-2012, 01:32 PM
The K'tinga/Koro''t'inga is indeed an iconic ship

There are several build stratagies to this ship. I prefer using it as a pure gun ship myself as it has the power to pull this off.

I suggest all dual cannon forward , and justregular dual cannon, not dual heavys. They draw slightly less power allowing you to keep your peak damage up.. Mount turrets aft. Do not bother with Torpedo's They will give you burst damage but the burst damage of a torpedo is more then made up for by the mounting of an additional cannon mount. If you insist on mounting a trorpedo the I strongly suggest that you mount forward one torpedo, one dual heavy cannon, and two single cannon. The reason for the single cannon is thier 180 firing arc. You will need to keep fire on targets longer to bring shields down in a reasonable amount of time to be able to put the torpedo to good use.

Now I can hear the argulemnt allready and let me state it so I can give you the counter argument and get it done with. "But If I mount 3 Dual heavy Cannons forward wont I cause sufficient burst damage to crack the shields for the Torpedo?" The answer is.. You might against an AI ship but tis unlikely against a player operated ship. AGainst another player what appears strong on paper sin't as strong as it seems. A player ship is NOT going to cooperate with you by politly keeping the same shield facing toward you at all times and refraining from using Tactical team, emergency power to shields, and science team to keep thier shields up. Torpedo's are wonderfull weapons, But I personally prefer a consistant ability to put fire on the target over the long term. Your not an escort, but the Tier 3 KDF Battle crusier has better damage then any other tier 3 ship availible due to the very simple fact of it having excellent manuverability and 4 forward weapon mounts.

Mount one, possiblt 2 RCS modules and some armor in the engineering device slots, a sield strength console in the science slots, and consoles to enhance your weapons in the Tac slots.

Your senior most BOFF is an engineer so be ceratin to give that officer Eject Warp Plasma as thier LtC power.. and you might consider giving yourself a tractor beam ability also.. Build your ship to control the fight. If your control the fight you win. Its that simple. Craft your build to fight your fight and prevent the opposition from fightinh thier fight.

Hope this helps

Khemaraa Iron hand KBF
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02-16-2012, 01:02 AM
The above does tend to work well, although that said, I did find a high yield plasma could work on occasion, but that said, in retrospect all DHC up front would be better.

If I had a Koro'tinga, I'd do the following:
4xDHC, 2xturrets
Breen Deflector
Breen Impulse Engine
Reman covariant shield
Devices: Aux battery, subspace field modulator, engine battery
Engineering Consoles: RCS Accelerator, EPS console (one or the other should be doubled up, probably the EPS to mitigate weapon drain)
Science Consoles: Magnometric Generator, Field modulator thing (the one that helps shield heals)
Tactical Consoles: Energy weapon consoles for whichever type you used (I preferd disruptor)

Lt Tactical: TT1, CRF1
Lt Cmdr Engineering: EPTS1, Aux2ID1, RSP2
Lt Engineering: EPTS1, Aux2ID1
Lt Sci: TSS1, HE2

Between EPTS1 being chained constantly, and TT1, and saving RSP for an "oh crap" button you should generally be able to keep your shields up. This frees up HE and TSS for team mates. Aux2ID being run *almost* back to back allows you to throw the ship around like an escort, reduces the effect of warp plasma and tractor beams, and also reduces kinetic damage. All in all, it will be truly deadly.

I forget in which ways the K'tinga difers, but it should be easy to use a similar build with it.
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02-16-2012, 08:52 AM
Good food for thought. I, too, am finding a torp rather ineffective even against AI at times. It may help in the initial salvo once you bombard the forward shields, but the Remen ships I'm fighting now (mogai, I think?) have a nasty habit of dumping power to shields the second they drop. it's a real pain because the torpedoes, even if timed right, impact on shields rather than hull.

I've gone the 2-rear turret route and it's okay, but late I am finding my better rear compliment is a Mk.V or Mk.VI quantum mine. Because sometimes you can't take a ship out in the head-on, and you're dealing with multiple baddies, and you just get reamed.

Those mines can really make a difference, especially if the ship hitting you is severely weakened by your initial attack.

So I'll have a plasma turret doing around 70-80 dmg and then the mines.

I have 3 VII-level (give or take) DHC plasma guns and a good torp up front. I've been wondering about the lesser cannons (singles, etc) and I think I will try out your suggestion. I think what hurts this ship most is the lack of device slots. I got the red matter and the subspace field item that reduces damage.

I do have RCS and a sheild console as well. I'm always on the look out for a deflector array that has a good booster as well.

I just wish I could install a battle cloak as well!
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02-18-2012, 08:24 AM
Well I rolled a Nausicaan engineer, and much to my suprise started at comander. I jumped straight into a K'tinga, and here's what I did. As there was a thread on this, I thought I may as well report back with some up to date experience of the K'tinga.

4 DHC, 2 turret.

Tac Lt: TT1, CRF1
Eng Lt Cmdr: EPTS1, RSP1, Aux2ID2 (the order's optional here, I just went with what involved less training.)
Eng Ens: EPTS1
Sci Lt: ST1, HE2

I'm goign to try and aquire two rare Mk VI RCS Accelerators for the build, I was also saddened to see that I can't put the Breen set on it anymore, which'd make it very effective.

With this set up, I was chased from spawn in Ker'rat by a fedball that failed to stop me (jack your engine power up, hit evasive and aux2id), most gave up, but three cruisers followed, it was tanky enough to outheal their damage long enough to kill all of them. It's also tanky enough with an engineer captain that you can save your science powers for team mates.

I also found in Arenas I was putting out more damage than the rest of the team put together, or the enemy team on a couple of occasions. The firepower on tap is obscene. However, there are drawbacks. Tractor beams and warp plasma can ruin your day if you're not careful. It can still be slow being brought to bear, two turrets are your only means of damage out of that 45 degree arc, but the punch it packs when it does is worth it. Also, straight line speed isn't an issue, if somebody's getting away, you're both likely to have evasive, but you'll have Aux2ID as well.

I'm hoping to add deterium burn and the subspace field modulator to this build, the tankyness and potential for emergency manouver will be increased.

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