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I think it is depressing to see these ships given consoles whose stat are useless.

In PVE, stealth detection does not work.

In PVP, even with max'd out AUX power and sensor stat (including the use of the tier 3 and tier 5 console at once) the stealth detection does not extend past 5km. Thats the range players tend to decloak and fire at you regardless.... so .. useless.

These are Research vessels not 'EWACS' ships. Give them a console that matches their canon role.


Tier 3 console: High Resolution Sensor

Passive: +25 Subspace decompiler skill.
Active: 20% shorter subsystem targeting timer. Duration: 30 seconds. Timer: 1 minute.

Tier 5 console: Binar Integrated Sensor Network:

Passive: +50 subspace decompiler skill.
Active: Adds +20% power drain when using subsystem targeting attacks for beams.
Duration: 30 seconds. re-use timer: 2 minutes.

These consoles give bonus to the ONE stat that is not available in science consoles (Subspace Decompiler) which gives a very nice boost to all sensor related abilities (sensor scan, jam sensors, etc) as passive...and its active abilities enhance the subsystem targeting attacks.

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