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# 1 Galor Set up help
03-01-2012, 02:01 AM
So last night I opened a gold box and out popped a lovely nice shiny Galor class ship.

Oohh thank you very much, very nice for the first box....

So my queston(and this is not a gloat, much) is how best to set up this beast.

What weapons should i go for and what skills, please bear in mind in as a tactical player and fight reasonably agressively

I do have many skill points unused to train up a newbie or two should i need it.

Oh and I have been offered lots of ec for the ship, although im kinda smitten with it, I take it I can no longer sell it as its out of the box..
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# 2
03-01-2012, 04:05 AM
All single cannons up front with cannon rapid fire. All turrets in the back
Tac stations. Tac team 1, CRF1, CRF2
Engineering Eptw1, EPTS2, DEM2, DEM3
Second engineering slot Eptw1, Engineering team 2
Sci, TSS1, Tractor beam repulsors1
Sci team.

This is about as offensive as i can get with my Galor. If you not comfortable without moar heals you can slot moar heals in lieu of TBR and EPtW
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# 3
03-01-2012, 01:11 PM
Done the turrets in the rear and moved all the spiral beams to the front as im skint due to refiting out my star cruiser just before I won the galor, so its on the to do list
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# 4
03-01-2012, 01:17 PM
Cannons and turrets are a crappy idea in a cruiser. Don't listen to the first guy who suggested them. He thinks every ship should be like an escort.

Keep all the spiral wave disruptors, put one torpedo in front and then get three of the plasma-disruptor hybrid beam arrays from one of the missions. Have two of them in back and one up front. All of those energy weapons only need disruptor induction coils to boost their damage. That way, you get the disruptor special proc, the phaser special proc, and the plasma special proc.

It's a winning combination, not like the monumentally stupid cannon+turret build. Stop listening to guys who think every ship should have turrets. Definitely stop listening to guys who joined the game a month before you did.
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# 5
03-01-2012, 01:44 PM
An alternative to sonic's cannon focused build would be this build on the Galor:

Tac Captain

Fore Weapons:
1x Disruptor-Plasma Hybrid (from Klingon FE mission "Past Imperfect")
1x Harpeng Torp Launcher (from Klingon FE mission "Doomsday")

Aft - same as fore.

Boff Abilities
Lt. Eng - EPtW1, EPtS2
Com. Eng - EPtW1, RSP1, EPtS3, ASIF3
En. Sci - HazEm1
Lt. Com Tac - TacT1, BO2, FAW3
Lt. Univ (Tac) - TacT1. APB1

You can rotate your EP abilities to virtually have full power to weapons and shields almost constantly.
The EPtW + APA3 + APB1 + FAW3 is an excellent combo for eliminating shields fast and punching into hulls. The Harpengs, while lower dmg than quantums and a higher recharge rate, have the added radiation that helps!

The DEM abilities Sonic suggest are an awesome alternative, but I find they are way more effective in PVP. In the STFs at least, the borg seldom regenerate their shields enough to warrant soaking up those higher level ability slots, IMO. Besides, the combo I mentioned earlier punches through those shields like butter thus you can save the high level eng slots for heals and such to increase your longevity in a fight.

With the Spirals coupled with the Hybrids, you have 3 potential procs in your beam hits:
to target: 2.5% Chance: Disable 1 Subsystem for 5 sec
to target: 2.5 Chance: 10% Damage Resistance Debuff for 15 sec
to target: 2.5% Chance 9.3 Plasma Damage

The Spirals come with ACC already, and the hybrids say "+7.5% Accuracy" in their descript. I know it is weird using non-purples on a boat, but you might find more proc options acceptable to your play-style over all-purple borg weapons.

Make sure to slot at least 3 disruptor induction coils in your tac console slots to support these puppies.

Note the lack of torp BO abilities- since the Harps have their added bonus of radiation AND torps are not my main source DPS, I opted to play to the strengths of the beams. You can easily go either way here and drop the Harps for 2 more Hybrids, or pick up 2 more harps and drop a pair of Spirals. Then, you could opt to drop the BO2 for something torp related.

Lastly, I recommend altering your "balanced" power setting to focus on AUX. Then, make sure your power settings are hotkey'd. This way, when you can swap to your AUX setting and pop your heals (ASIF3 and HE1) and they will have a greater impact.

Personally, I've found this build supports my role as a Light Attack Cruiser a lot more than the cannon build. That's just IMO though. I did enjoy the cannon build and have the BOs incase I choose to go back, but I found this build was more useful in Elites.

It remains to be seen what effects the Jem' ship set has on Galors when the shields become available, since they were added to the "Victory is Life" set bonus. This of course means having to shift to Polaron weapons and thus loosing the triple-proc nature of the above build. We'll see.

PS- Don't forget to add DOFFs effecting torp reload, Emergency Power buffs, and Brace for Impact shield chance.
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# 6
03-01-2012, 08:30 PM
Ah! Nigh forgot... I didnt talk about ship equip sets, but if you wanted to add a 4th dmg type to the mix- go with 2 pieces of the Omega set to get Tet gliders.
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# 7
03-02-2012, 05:41 AM
I am with Sonic Shower on running Single Cannons and Turrets on the Galor, I have found them to be more effective than beams.

Fore: 3 Single Cannon, Torpedo of Choice
Aft: 4 Turrets

This is what I am currently running with my Galor, and has proven its effectiveness in Elite STF.

LTC Tac : Tac Team 1, CRF 1, SCV 2
LT. Uni: Tac Team 1, Torp Spread 2
Cmdr Eng: EptW1, EptS 2, DEM 2, Aux to SIf 3
LT. Eng. EptW 1, EptS 2
Ens Sci: Hazard Emmiters.

For much more defensive build make the following changes, however you will trade a lot of damage for a lot of survivability doing so.

Lt Uni: Science Team 1, Transferr Shield Strength 2
LTC tAC: Torp skill of choice, Cannon skill of choice, Attack Pattern Omega
CMDR Eng: Eptw1, EptS 2, Engineering Team 3, Aux to SIf 3.

I am currently in the process of gearing up to all Acc x3 MK XII weapons, when I can afford and find them on the exchange. The galor is once of my favorite ships. She is a lot of fun to fly.
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# 8
03-02-2012, 09:24 AM
With being an engineer, i use the usual boff setup (healing, shield regen etc)
For weapons, i put the four spiral at the back, with quantum at the front with 3 dual banks.
Works very well, especially on stf's. The beam overload and torp high yield is a must!
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# 9
03-02-2012, 05:17 PM
Edit: brainfart, nm
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# 10
03-02-2012, 05:33 PM
Here's my build. Skills on an Eng are evenly spaced out between hull and shield heals (eps1, tss1, rsf, rsp1; et1, aux2sif2, he2, mt). apo1 and ph1 for tractor breaking, tt1, bfaw2, dem1, epspt, ni (and of course apo1) for attack buffs (and shield balancing w/ tt1, which is a must for any ship tbh).

1 MK XII AP DBB, 2 MK XII AP Arrays, 1 MK XI Hargh'peng launcher up front. 3 MK XII AP Arrays, 1 MK XI Hargh'peng launcher in back. 3 borg set pieces + MK XII MACO Shield. Blue Mk XI EPS, Transwarp Computer, Mk XI Electroceramic Armor, Assimilated Module in eng slots. Blue Mk XI Biofunction Monitor, Blue Mk XI Field Generator in science. 3x +26% Antiproton Dmg consoles.

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