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# 1 Crafting Revamp Idea
03-02-2012, 04:52 AM
Crafting Revamp Idea

Part 1: Incorporating a Social/Teamwork Option for social interaction
Part 2: Incorporation of Duty Officer system for players who prefer Solo Play + Added Ship functionality

Part 1:
This involves turning crafting into a social Element where each class has a specific use with each class having a set of Modifiers linked to their class. So for Example if you wanted a weapon with DMG, Acc, CrtH
You'd need a Tac Captain for Dmg, Eng Captain for CrtH, Sci Captain for Acc

Way it works:
Number of Players Open a window from a console at Memory Alpha (Max 3 Persons)
Player 1 Adds in Schematic + Materials + Selects MK Value of Item
Chooses Item Desired for Creation list populated from schematic in use. So console shows console.
Player 1, 2 and 3 Select the requested Modifier from list in Slot 1, 2,3
Item Rarity based upon Player 1ís Skill (See below Math)
Player 1 instantly receives New Item of requested Quality and Selected Modifiers
If Item is Green Only Slot 1 modifier Added, If Blue Slot 1+2, If Purple Slot 1,2,3 added.
Available at Memory Alpha Only

Modifiers would become Recipes so you can add them as rewards/level up items/learnable items so if you want a weapon with DMG you would need to learn the DMG recipe to be able to apply it to a weapon with a Tac Captain.
If you wanted to add say Damage and Accuracy you would work with a Science Captain with Acc recipe, select the modifiers you want and apply them to the item with whoever placed the schematic down receiving the new item.
Some could be items with multiple use so learn Recipe once and you can always use it, Others could be one time use such as + Power Modifiers or other unique additions.

Each branch would have modifiers only they can attach recipes such as:

Critical Damage (CritD), Damage (DMG), Damage over Time (DOT), Defence, +Weapon Power
Critical Chance(CrtH), Shield Cap(CAP), Shield Regen (Reg), Thrusters(Aux), Energy Buff(Ene), Impulse Modifiers (Full, Spd, Etc.), +Engine Power, +Shield Power
Accuracy(Acc), Deflectors (Def, DefD, DefF, etc), Sensors (Sen, SenA, SenP), Damage Resist (AP,POL,Etc), Tractor Beam, Hazard System, Astrometrics, Emitters etc. etc. +Aux Power


Damage (Dmg), Damage over Time (DOT), Knock Back (KB), Point Blank(PBDmg, PBKB), HPP(Stimulant)
Shield Regen, Recharge Time, Shield Cap, Kinetic Resist(Phys), Damage Reversal (Rev)
Hit Points(HP), HP Regen, Energy Damage Resistance, Damage Resists (Ap, Pol, Pha etc.), Accuracy(ACC)

Example Maths:
(Skill + Item Value +2x No. Anomalies + No. 20xRare Anomalies + 5xCommon Material + 20xUncommon Material)/20 =
<90 = Green
90-105 = Blue
>105 = Purple

This would work as such:
Assuming Player wanted MKXI item with Max Skill in Crafting we would take their Current Skill Level add the Item Value with Higher level Items having smaller Values(See MK Value Table) add 2 times the number of anomalies used add 20x Number of rare anomalies add 5 times Common Material used Add 20xUncommon Material. Divide total by 20 = Value

Current Skill Level: 1650 Plus
Item Value(MKXI): 50 Plus
2xNumber of Anomalies(e.g. 30): 60 Plus
20x Rare Anomalies (2): 40 Plus
5x Common Material(20): 100 Plus
20x Uncommon Material(11): 220 Equals
=2120/20 = 106
(1650+50+60+40+100+220)/20 = 106
Cost to Make is now 13k in Dilithium + Time gathering other anomalies

This is suggested Maths Only just as an example.

MK Values: The higher the value the less bonus to creation to show higher difficulty
MKII 1400 MKIII 1200 MKIV 100 MKV 800
MKVI 600 MKVII 400 MKVIII 300 MKIX 200
MKX 100 MKXI 50

Part 2:
This part will probably require excessive time adding in appropriate assignments:
How it works
Same as the above except you can use Duty Officers and start the crafting assignments from your Ship Interior (Add in some consoles in each section for Weapon/Equipment/Console assignments)
Player A goes to ship interior, selects Item, MK Value, Adds in Materials etc.
Added in to above Math is modifier -200 White -100 for Green, -50 For Blue, 0 for Rare Ė This is to given a slight bonus to those working with players but if you have Purple Doffs no potential loss.
Then Adds in Duty Officers who go on assignment requiring 12-24 Hours

Benefits: Ship functionality, Donít have to rely on others
Detriment: Takes longer to receive Item doing it on board ship/using Duty Officer, Potential Increased Cost to offset use of Lesser Doffs.

Well thereís my idea Enjoy the Rambling let me know what you think/How it could be improved.
Iíve posted this since the recent Ask Cryptic said they were looking at Crafting Revamps so itís probably a good time to suggest a system.

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# 2
03-02-2012, 07:12 AM
Feedback/Criticism welcome, Good Idea? Stupid Idea? Needs Improvement?
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# 3
03-02-2012, 07:28 AM
I would prefer if the bonuses were related to the particle traces used instead of our professions. I'd also like to see materials that werent just anomalies and traces. Replace the anomalies with actual materials, like neutronium or whatnot.

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