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Given the recent focus on Bajor and DS9, it seems an ideal time to look for interest in setting up a Bajoran RP Fleet. What follows is a proposal - I'm looking for at least four other interested players to set up the Fleet, and any input from RPers on STO.

Ideally, I'm looking to establish a small coterie of Bajoran players who want to explore and develop RP arcs with one another. The Fleet would be structured around Bajoran culture, with ranks supporting both the militia and the Bajoran Faith (see below for the proposal). There will be a definite emphasis on facilitating character development, and setting up believable and engaging plots.

Want to explore the cult of the Pah-Wraiths? Feel like dipping into the Ohalu Prophecies? Perhaps you don't believe all that Prophet-Nonsense, and just want Bajor's prosperity to increase? Tired of the Federation, or a passionate believer that it's the future?

If you're Bajoran, or have a character based in Bajor, then this might be the Fleet you've been looking for.
  • Fleet management will be democratic, and entirely separate from in-character rank. A lot of RPers don't want to necessarily play high-ranking characters. Likewise, this gives everyone the freedom to enjoy challenging plots that might involve demotion, or exile, without feeling that there is a corresponding loss of real-life influence in the community.
  • Codes of conduct are best agreed by the community as a whole, so they reflect shared values.
  • Forced events, forced forum posting, and forced voice-chat can very quickly become a chore. This is especially true of RP. Quality RP comes out of people's enjoyment and dedication to their characters and the community. You can't manufacture that with a monthly forum post.

What follows is the proposed Fleet. The name, the ranking system and the description are all open to suggestions and any further suggestions from RPers would be welcome:


"The Council of Bajor is a Roleplaying and Social Fleet primarily for Bajorans and those who want to explore the cultural and religious aspects of Bajoran life. Non-Bajorans are welcome, but should be willing to respect the focus of the Fleet.

Members have the option to hold RP ranks in the Bajoran Militia, and the Bajoran Faith, as well as looking at the challenges of being in Starfleet. These are organised in-character:

On the Bajoran Faith-
  • Novitiate/Acolyte
  • Prylar
  • Ranjen
  • Vedek - Will be subject to election in-game by fellow Bajorans

On the Militia-
  • Militiaman
  • Sergeant
  • Captain

All members democratically elect the Fleet leadership team (who may be of any RP rank), who manage daily organisation. There are regular events on DS9 and Bajor, but members are encouraged to work together to develop their characters and explore story arcs together."


Let me know what you think. either here or in-game (Orrin@orrinkaas).
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03-07-2012, 08:56 AM
Tentatively interested. As you can see from my avatar (Vedek on a Galor), My main is a Bajoran. Though I am in a fleet, but its not all that active.
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03-08-2012, 11:50 AM
If I may, I would like you to join my restart fleet the United Britannian Fleet. and have a whole sector of bajorans in that squdron. We should talk on teamspeak. I would like the both of you, for you can see my ideas
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03-08-2012, 02:09 PM
Merlin - thank you for your kind offer, but what I'm really trying to set up is something particularly devoted to Bajoran culture, rather than just a Bajoran wing in Starfleet. There are already some excellent RP Fleets where people can do this (and I'm sure when it's restarted yours will be one of them), but I'm really looking to make the Bajoran equivalent of Fleets like the Vulcan Kolinahr or the Romulan IRF.

Kommando - I'm going to see if I can find four people who are willing to set up the Fleet in-game, as it will be easier to gather support when we're on the Fleet listing in STO. If you're still interested, and you're happy to leave your present fleet, it would be great to have you onboard. But regardless, if you're interested, we should meet up for some RP.
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03-08-2012, 02:12 PM
well i have to try and good luck to you my friend
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03-08-2012, 02:58 PM
Same to you. Maybe we'll meet on DS9 someday.
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I’m new to STO, and after enthusiastically reading the posts made here a couple of years ago, I’m hoping you’re still active and can help me with some things I’m confused about.

I’ve been a fan of Star Trek since they started showing reruns of the original series in the 1960s, and I’ve been pretty dedicated about it at times, with numerous well-used Federation and Bajoran uniforms hanging in my closet. More than anything else about Star Trek, I love Deep Space Nine, especially the Bajorans – the depth of their history and hardships, combined with their spirituality, struck a deep chord in me which lingers to this day.

As a reflection of my fascination, about 13 years ago I created a Website dedicated to the history of the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor. The site ( ) was created after months of pouring through original scripts and other source material. To my knowledge it serves as a fully comprehensive guide by recording every single fact ever mentioned in canon Star Trek series or technical works regarding the Occupation years and their effect on Bajor. (The knowledge that the company which hosts the site still keeps it going for free after all these years gives me hope that at least a few people still read and enjoy the site.)

I learned about online roleplaying several years ago, and resultantly became immersed in Second Life for a while, occasionally playing with Star Trek themed groups there. I enjoyed Second Life because it was so unstructured – instead of having to perform mindless quests against NPCs with the goal of leveling up, in Second Life everything was free form, like a massive LARP, and “leveling up” only happened if the other roleplayers in your area decided you deserved them.

I don’t pay a lot of attention to the online gaming industry, so I only recently heard about Star Trek Online. I became quite intrigued by the idea of a site entirely dedicated to online RPG in the Star Trek universe, and about a week ago I created a character which I hoped to develop through interactions with NPCs and other players.

Her name is “Jabara Eris,” a science specialist who currently serves as the captain on a Miranda-class light cruiser. She grew up in Jalanda, a port city in the Hedrikspool Province, with her father, a fisherman, and her mother, who to this day runs a small but popular café famous for its wonderfully spiced hasperat. Although Eris never experienced the Occupation directly, she was often told about it from her parents and her aunt, who served for years as a nurse on Deep Space Nine. (FYI, Nurse Jabara was a recurring character, appearing in several DS9 episodes.) Eris’s family shared a deep spirituality manifesting in a devoted worship of The Prophets, and she seriously considered remaining on Bajor and becoming a Prylar in hopes of guiding troubled souls. After a long period of intense meditation in the temple her family attended, Eris felt the Prophets were calling her to help those beyond her planet by bringing the peaceful truth of the Prophets to other races, and helping them physically and mentally in the process. To fulfill this goal, Eris sought admission to Starfleet Academy with hopes of being trained in medicine and xenopsychology.

If I had had my choice, I would have become part of the Bajoran militia or at least assigned to a post in the Bajoran system, but my only option was to join Starfleet, and so that’s where I am today.

I’m still a bit confused about the game’s mechanics, and so far I haven’t done anything to increase the skills and abilities of my character, her crew, or her ship. Those things seem to be pretty well explained in the game guides, however, so I think I’ll be able to make sense of all that by simply taking some time to wade through it.

What I mostly remain confused about, however, is figuring out how much of STO is a “roleplaying game,” and how much of it consists of just running around from place to place blowing up things (or trying not to be blown up).

I was a member of a Denver-area Star Trek club about 15 years ago, and among the most memorable events was the annual Gratitude Festival. The festival was an actual “live” event, and we would all attend in full costume and makeup, and stay “in character” the entire time. People from numerous “races” would come together peacefully with greetings of “Peldor joi!” and a feast of multi-cultural foods, followed by a prayer by a Bajoran leader and the ritual burning of everybody’s prayer scrolls. It was a beautiful, meaningful occasion each time it occurred, and I miss it greatly.

When I heard there was a Star Trek MMORPG, my hopes immediately rose that possibly a similar event could be held online.

But now I’m not sure if that ever happens.

I used to play with a group running a tabletop Star Trek role-playing game, and it always felt like a joint work of interactive storytelling. We vicariously lived the lives of our characters, and experienced the results. (FYI, I was the ship’s counselor, and I served joint duty as the ship’s “chaplain” through my training as a Prylar before joining Starfleet.)

To be honest, I don’t care about being captain of a ship and fighting wars. That’s not why I decided to try out Star Trek Online.

I’d be very happy to serve under the leadership of another Bajoran on a Bajoran ship.

I care about being a Bajoran. I care about the fate of my people. I care about sharing the teachings and love of the Prophets with those around me with troubled souls.

Does Star Trek Online ever give players like me a chance to fulfill such goals? If so, how?

Another point of confusion came when I visited Bajor a couple of days ago. I encountered several NPC’s who apparently wanted my help, and seemed ready to assign me a mission. At least one of them was a leader in the Bajoran Militia, and I wanted to volunteer my services in response to his request. However, after I was told he needed my help, there was no opportunity for me to either accept or deny the mission. The same thing happened with a Starfleet officer also on Bajor, who directly said she had a new mission for me, but I wasn’t provided with a way to accept or turn it down. Did I do something wrong? Are some missions only available to people who have particular skills, or abilities that are strong enough? (I might mention I had previously also accepted a mission to escort a Vulcan ambassador to Earth, but I hadn’t completed that yet, so I’m wondering if STO doesn’t let you start one mission if you’re in the middle of another one.)

I’m also puzzled by something I saw in the tailor’s shop on the Terran starbase. Among the possible costume options was a “Deep Space Nine” package, which apparently included a runabout and other game accessories. What particularly caught my interest was that it included a Bajoran Prylar costume (or possibly a Vedek – I only saw it briefly). Does this mean that there is some way of serving as a Bajoran religious leader in Star Trek Online? Or are the costumes just eye candy, and wearing them wouldn’t actually cause any changes regarding my character?

I apologize for this letter being so long, and I hope I didn’t ramble too much. The thing is, even though it’s just an imaginary place in an imaginary universe, I care a great deal about being a Bajoran and being true to the Bajoran heritage we share. And I’m hoping, somehow, that can manifest itself when I enter the world of Star Trek Online.

I look forward to any wisdom and advice you may offer.

Thank you very much. May you walk with the Prophets.

-- Eris

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