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# 1 Release Notes: March 8, 2012
03-08-2012, 05:12 PM
  • The Exchange has been improved:
    • The single search category in the Exchange for Duty Officers has been replaced with a separate category per specialization.
    • There are now new Exchange search categories for Lock Boxes and Lock Box keys.
    • There is now a new Exchange search category for Reward Packs, which are crate or box items that must be unpacked, such as packed ship or pet rewards.
    • Note that all items currently listed in the Exchange will not show up in searches of the new categories.
      • For items to show up in the new categories they will need to be removed from the Exchange and re-posted.
  • Added a short description to the mystery package to explain that it contains a chance box.
  • Resolved some graphical issues in Facility 4028 that caused players to not display and black hallways.
  • Updated the audio for the doors in Facility 4028.
  • Updated Facility 4028 so that Bridge Officers and other NPCs should have fewer issues following the player through doorways.
  • Improved the quality of the Facility 4028 reward items icons.
  • The Undine Mind Blast should no longer shoot at the player’s feet.
  • Updated the description for the Bajor system to specify the correct number of planets.
  • Added new Accolades and Titles for new STF costume variants.
    • Players must have completed two previous accolades to unlock this new accolade which grants them a new title and a new costume options in the the tailor.
  • Updated the text at the STF stores to explain that set bonuses only work when all items are of the same Mark.
  • Updated the Memory Alpha crafting tutorial mission so that players on teams should get their own copies of the items for the crafting.
  • The windows on the Yellowstone will now be reflective instead of white.
  • Corrected many instances of the word “partical”.
  • Updated the Dilithium store to add a stack of 10 Transwarp Coils.
    • Each allows you to warp, without cooldown, to any sector block in the galaxy.
  • STF teams should no longer disband sporadically.
  • The bulk purchase popup will now default to one item, instead of the maximum possible.

Duty Officers:
  • Mk XII Blue and Purple consoles are now available through a duty officer chain with a repeatable assignment and as rare drops.
  • New species are available via a new C-Store Gamma Quadrant duty officer pack and certain rare duty officer chains in Cardassian space.
  • Updated Duty Officer species filter to include new species.
  • Added many new assignments and assignment chains, many using the new traits available to some of the new species now available.
  • Modestly increased the frequency of Colonial assignments in star clusters.
  • Updated existing unique Jem'Hadar, Vorta, Bajoran and Cardassian duty officers gained from colonial chains and other sources to possess the new traits.
  • Added missing icons to some Emergency Shortage duty officer assignment slots that were missing them.
  • Updated several incorrect active roster power values for some commendation-granted duty officers.
  • Resolved bad slotting issue with Federation duty officer assignment "Sabotage Klingon Operational HQ".
  • Reduced casualty rate for Diplomatic Correspondence duty officer assignments.
  • Removed assignments rewarding Common and Uncommon bridge officers.
    • Very rare bridge officer assignments are very rare; hopefully this will make things clearer and more evidently in line with the value of the bridge officers.
  • Added assignment to trade contraband for latinum.
  • Added assignment to confiscate contraband, including Romulan Ale and other random things, from crew.
  • Changed technical data sample assignment to Exploration.
  • Modified new data sample assignments that take many samples to reward Dilithium and CXP in preference to other things.
  • All assignments which destroy Prisoner duty officers will now do so regardless of the quality of the prisoner.
  • Made Chef and Bartender chain assignments more common, as well as reduced the numerical rewards to be in line with their new rarity.

  • Quantum Projectile Consoles of Mk IX and higher have had their levels adjusted to work as intended.
  • Dosi Rotgut will no longer be able to generate Triolic Tribbles.
  • Resolved a typo in the name of all Ground Armor sold on Standard Issue STF gear store:
    • Replaced [Ap] in name with [Pla] in order to match it up with the bonuses present on the items.
  • Repaired a data error that caused many Mk X and Mk XI ground armors to not display the correct costume overlays when worn.
  • Updated the Gamma Quadrant Tribble:
    • Fixed hotkey display to show correct name of Tribble
    • Updated description to match other Tribble buffs more accurately.
    • Increased "vs. Dominion" damage to 5% (and fixed it so that it actually applies now)
  • Tetryon Sniper Rifles available at the STF Gear store now correctly show the [Borg] suffix in their names.
  • Space Plasma weapons have been updated so their Displayed Rank requires matches their actual Rank required to equip.
  • Isometric Charge now works correctly while cloaked.
  • Updated many Science attack powers, Tachyon beam, Tractor Beam, Photonic Shockwave, etc., so they no longer work while Phased.
  • OMEGA 2pc Space Set: Tetryon Glider
    • Reduced base magnitude of shield drain to approx. 75% of current.
    • Magnitude now scales off of Flow Capacitors more obviously.
    • Magnitude can be reduced in PvP with skill in Power Insulators.
  • OMEGA 3-Piece Set Bonus (Team Ambush Field) changes:
    • Now properly applies its buff to your entire team0
    • Tooltip corrected to indicate that this buff improves your Dodge, not Damage Resistance.
    • Amount of bonus has been adjusted so you can no longer reach 100% Avoidance.
  • Klingon Honor Guard Shield:
    • Proc frequency reduced to max once per 10 seconds.
      • This is up from max once per 5 seconds.
    • Proc % chance reduced from 25% to 20%.
  • Ships firing from within the Mask Energy Field generated by the Klingon Honor Guard 3pc Set Bonus will now be briefly visible while their weapons are active.
  • Updated Quantum Torpedo Spread I so its damage is no longer slightly lower than expected.
  • Resolved issues with the following Bridge Officer training nodes:
    • Electo-Gravitic Field III, trainable at Probability Logistics 3
    • Hypospray Dylovene III, Trainable at Physiology 3
  • Fixed item description on Nanoenergy Cell Recipe to reflect correct names of individual Nanoenergy Cells.
  • Resolved an issue that would cause players to be unable to activate powers while on the ground.

  • It's now possible to choose the cursor size in the basic options.
  • The label to include a Duty Officer trait in the list now says "Include" instead of "Require", since the filter behavior is not to require all the selected traits.
  • Mousewheel zooming of the minimap should no longer be inverted.
  • The Need or Greed popup window should no longer remain up after choosing all the items.
  • Show power levels now correctly indicate when a system is offline.
  • Updated filtering Duty Officers by traits so excluding a trait will now always exclude undesired traits even if include filters have been set.

Known Issues:
  • All plasma space weapons are missing the modifiers on their display names.
    • The modifiers are still present and working as expected; it’s just a display issue.

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