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Greetings. After unsuccessfully attempting to find discussions about support-focused PvE science / science builds, I've taken it upon myself to come up with my own ideas, and hopefully get some input about how best to approach this.

For starters, here is my current build:

Deep Space Science Vessel

Link to Skill Planner Profile:

Power Settings:
Weapons - 95 / 75
Shields - 46 / 25
Engines - 55 / 35
Auxiliary - 94 / 65

Weapon Loadout -

Fore: Dual Polaron Beam Bank MK XI
Fore: Dual Polaron Beam Bank Mk XI
Fore: Quantum Torpedo Launcher Mk XI

Aft: Polaron Turret Mk X
Aft: Polaron Turret Mk X
Aft: Polaron Turret Mk X

Deflector: Positron Deflector Array Mk XI [CMS] [Sen]
Engine: Jem'Hadar Combat Impulse Engine Mk XI
Shield: Jem'Hadar Resilient Shield Mk XI

Tactical Console: Polaron Phase Modulator Mk XI
Tactical Console: Polaron Phase Modulator Mk XI

Science Console: Emmitter Array Mk XI
Science Console: Emmitter Array Mk XI
Science Console: Flow Capacitor Mk XI
Science Console: Flow Capacitor Mk XI

Engineering Console: EPS Flow Regulator Mk XI
Engineering Console: Assimilated Module
Engineering Console: RCS Accelerator Mk XI

Devices: Subspace Field Modulator, Large Engine Battery, Large Aux Battery

Bridge Officer Layout:
CMD Sci: Hazard Emitters 1, Science Team 2, Transfer Shield Strength 3, Tyken's Rift 3
LT CMD Sci: Polarize Hull 1, Tractor Replusors 1, Gravity Well 1
LT Eng: Emergency Power to Weapons 1, Auxiliary to Structural Integrity Field 1
LT Tac: Torpedo Spread 1, Beam Overload 2
ENS Eng: Emergency Power to weapons 1

Notes: I chain back-to-back EPtW1 to keep my weapon power high. I am trying to focus on healing abilities, with the drains from Polaron weapons, Tyken's Rift, and Target Subsystem attacks to help minimize the damage that enemies do, while maximizing the team's damage.

Again, there are a few good PvP and offensive based science ship threads out there, so I'd like help with ideas for a PvE healing / support focused science ship (tending towards STFs or Fleet Actions). Any resources (other threads discussing this topic, fleet websites, etc) or ideas you guys could throw my way would be greatly appreciated! Also, if possible, I'd like to keep things as relevant as possible to the Deep Space Science Vessel. If I can make it work there, it should be easy to adapt to any C-Store ships.
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03-15-2012, 05:38 PM
So, even with the shared cooldown of certain abilities, I wonder if it would be worth having different ranks of the same ability (Engineering Team 1 and 2, for example). Sometimes it feels like I don't have enough heals with my current setup; but then again, I come from the "WoW" school of thought for healing where healing is the only thing you do.
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# 3
03-15-2012, 11:26 PM
Originally Posted by Warbird_7
So, even with the shared cooldown of certain abilities, I wonder if it would be worth having different ranks of the same ability (Engineering Team 1 and 2, for example). Sometimes it feels like I don't have enough heals with my current setup; but then again, I come from the "WoW" school of thought for healing where healing is the only thing you do.
Yes, two copies of engineering team lets you string them together every 15 seconds instead of 30. Very useful, especially when you're not only healing yourself but your teammates too.
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03-16-2012, 12:23 AM
If you want to support I'd suggest a mandatory of 2x transfer shield strength and 2x hazard emitters. Those need to be a must to help keep your allies alive. Also, 2x scramble sensors can work quite well... very annoying if you are on the other team.
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03-16-2012, 05:08 AM
Well the DSSV would not be my 1st choice for a science related healing ship for PvE; in fact I would take the LRSV-R / D’Kyr or the ARVR above it. (referred to as the Intrepid / Vulcan / Nebula if I mention them again in this post).

Skill Build

It’s well…. quite good actually, Some suggestions:

Decrease from 9 > 6 in 'Starship Projectile Weapons', as you only have 1 launcher and only a Ens. Level torpedo BOff power.
Increase from 6 > 9 in 'Warp Core Efficiency', this will give you a couple of percentage points of power, in both shields and engines.


Drop the RCS and pick up a Monotanium alloy, the extra resist will pay dividends, you will be able to take the hits more and give more of your hull healing away to your group.


Pretty good, just try and get Dual Polaron Beam Bank Mk XI [Acc]x3 if you can afford them. If not, then [Acc]x2 with a [Dmg or CrtD] modifyer.

Power Settings:

Drop engines down to 25, you really wont need this, yes speed gives defence, but your damage output will be low compared to everything, so threat is not really a concern for you, dump these 10 points into any of the other three.


Not really sure why you are going for a Positron Deflector, they are mostly used for non-science ships. It would make much more sense to pick up a Tachyon Deflector as these have base stats assigned to [FlwC], [PrtG] and [???] can’t remember the 3rd.

Possibly using the suffixes [FlwC], [Gra] and [Em], though it’s really hard to make recommendations to these without knowing EXACTLY what the bonuses would do to the BOff skills you have. Good thing that MK XI Blue deflectors are only 40,000 EC so you can pick loads up and see which works best. (remember that you can sell them back to the replicator for about 75% of what you get them for on the AH.


These are fine, no point in taking any other battery as you are on or close to the cap on both weapons and auxiliary.

Duty Officers:

Now this can be determined by how rich you are, but some of the science and engineering DOffs reduce (at Purple level), the recharge time of ST or ET down by 8 seconds. (you can have a maximum of 3 of each), you could reduce ST down to the system cooldown with 2 Purple Doffs, this certainly frees up some options to allow say an ST3 to give absurd amounts of shield heeling on every CD (now 15 seconds), especially if you use science consoles and a deflector to push up the values.

You can if you like also do the same with an ET, (using another 2 of the DOffs), clearly they would now both be on the same GCD of 15seconds, but you can burst heal either one when required. This allows for a +1 space DOff of your choosing.


Now this is where it gets tricky, especially as a lot of the science BOff powers start cooldowns on others.

Ens. Engineering BOffs. I would suggest you don’t run 2xEPtW1 and instead run 2 copies of EPtS1. Yes the extra weapon power will give you a slight increase in overall DPS, but your DPS is not really the issue here. What you want to be able to do, is keep yourself alive the best you can without using targetable heals on yourself. Also to note the passive increase in shield recharge rate due to the increased power levels, especially with a Regenerative Shield Array MK XI [Reg]x3 is huge.

Lt. Engineering BOff. This basically comes down to the numbers, you can either run A2SiF1 or ET2, (if you use the 2 ET DOffs, then they both have 15sec cooldowns), I am not aware how much A2SiF1 heals for with max aux, so you will probably have to test this and find out what works best, however it is prudent to mention that if you are in a party with ANY cruiser, they are more than likely going to have a copy of A2SiF3 and their damage mitagation will probably be capped at 40% regardless. However it is still a hull heal that might or might not heal for more than ET2. Also take in to account that I am not aware of the numbers between a 125 Aux A2SiF1 vs a 55 Aux A2SiF3 If you can provide feedback on the figures it would help others making the same build as yours.

Tactical BOff, you don’t really have a great deal of options here. You can’t use TT1 as your cooldown for crew is constantly used. You already have the Target Subsystems that work from the beam system. CRF1, CSV1 and FAW1/2 are completely useless because you have a mix of turrets and DBBs, also to note the power drain from the BO with only 1 EPS console would cripple your damage output, and quite frankly probably give you a lower overall DPS than keeping your weapon power as high as you can.

It would seem that TS1, TS2, THY1 and THY2 would literally be your only options (or viable ones). You ‘could’ get something like APB, but with only a rank 1 of the skill and no points in the Attack Patterns skill this will be of little benefit, especially as one of the escorts in the group will probably already have a copy of this themselves. If it was me, it would be TS1 and THY2… I think.

Now on to the nitty gritty the science BOffs.

We know that you are going to need at least the following regardless of what else you take, these will be HE / PH and ST. HE to remove the Borg shield drain, PH to escape from the Borg tractors and ST for the direct heal for silly amounts assumingf you take the DOffs to match (I would).

Considering PH is only a self-buff; and you are basically going to be using it just for the Tractor escape, you can use this as one of your Ens. abilities, take ST3 as mentioned above and fill in the Lt. slot with a copy of HE2, that rounds out the Lt. Cmd Sci BOff.

A 2nd copy of HE would be very useful, the 45second cooldown can be a killer (literally), especially if you want to use it for the damage mitigation as well as the hull heal, so take a 2nd rank 2 version of this. For the 2nd Ens. level ability, I would probably pick up a version of Tractor Beam, this can be a very useful skill at stopping certain Borg from reaching the gate, and quite frankly, I would not ever consider picking up a higher rank of this.

TSS3 makes a strong case for a targetable heal for the other Lt. Cmd BOff seat, your preference for the Cmd. level skill, Tyken’s Is good. Another option could be ES3 with high enough [FlwC] you can easily make this skill last longer than its CD. For STFs, I would use Tyken’s for the CC effect and power drain so that everyone can TS things to death.

So, assuming you build it like above, you would have something along the lines of:

Tac. Lt. – TS1 / THY2
Eng. Ens. – EPtS1
Eng. Lt. – EPtS1 / A2SiF1 (or ET2)
Sci. Lt. Cmd. – PH1 / HE2 / ST3
Sci. Cmd. – TB / HE2 / TSS3 / TR3

This will give you 3 targetable Hull heals (A2SiF1 or ET2 and HE2, HE2) and 2 targetable Shield Heals, (ST3 and TSS2). You have tractor immunity and are able to stop runners, you have good shield strength as you can chain EPtS1 constantly and some AE damage with TS1 and TR3

Let me know what you think, it’s taken me a few hours to write this post for you.
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03-16-2012, 09:22 AM
Cygone: A Q amongst Science Captains.

Thanks for the wonderful response everyone! I've incorporated most of your suggestions.

Skill Point Allocation:
Cygone's suggestion of points in Warp Core Efficiency and Projectile Weapons has been taken. I also swapped six points from Graviton Generators to Particle Generators, the thought being that increased damage is more valuable than improving the hold of my TB1. Looking for feedback on that, though.

Power Settings:
Weapons - 95 / 75
Shields - 56 / 35
Engines - 48 / 25
Auxiliary - 94 / 65
Only change here is removing the ten points in engine power and putting them into shields.

Weapon Loadout:
No change here.

Major Systems:
I went with a Positron Array because the description was "Positron Deflector Array is designed for healing, repairs, and support." And I took that at face value. I'm evaluating Cygone's suggestions at the moment.

Only change is removing the RCS and replacing it with Monotanium Alloy.

Bridge Officer Abilities:
Cygone's suggestions have been taken in their entirety.
Tac. Lt. – TS1 / THY2
Eng. Ens. – EPtS1
Eng. Lt. – EPtS1 / ET2
Sci. Lt. Cmd. – PH1 / HE2 / ST3
Sci. Cmd. – TB / HE2 / TSS3 / TR3

After a bit of experimentation I came up with the following numbers regarding ET, and A2SIF:
125 power A2SIF1 = +4788HP, 33 Damage Reduction
55 power A2SIF3 = +4853HP, 34 Damage Reduction
ET2 = +8,210HP
Originally, I went with A2SIF because it didn't share a CD with ST, but that might not be such a big deal now that I have a common Doff reducing the CD on ET and three common DOffs reducing the CD on ST.

Follow up questions:
1) Is it worth reducing weapon power to run at a constant 125 auxiliary? I originally tried to balance the two, because decent DPS is a form of support in STFs, but there may be an increased return at max aux that would outweigh the lost damage that I'm not seeing.
2) Thoughts on switching from Graviton Generators to Particle Generators in my skill point spread. Seemed like the increased damage would be better, as super charging my already unimpressive TB1 didn't seem worth the points, but there could be something that I'm missing.

Thanks again to everyone for looking over this!
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03-16-2012, 10:29 AM
Don't know what you are flying but the recce turns on a dime and gives you a knickle back. Dump the rcs for a eps console. Not sure if the assimilated console is doing much for support either.
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03-16-2012, 12:47 PM
This is Cygone, just posting on my brothers account as I am around his house at the moment.

In regards to your 1st question about Aux and Weapons power levels,

My gut tells me that you should be better off with a high weapon power over a max aux power. Yes certain skills that you use will be improved with the higer aux value, HE2 and TR3 would seem the important ones of those but the amount of damage you will lose will be quite considerable.

In regards to switching from SGG to SPG, I think this is a case of six and two threes, however that being said, SPG is FAR more usefull in terms of it benefitting more than basically only TB, and the other skills that it buffs (CPB / FP / PS) are all usefull in their own right. This means that if you decide to change a BOff skill or two down the line, you won't find yourself in the situation where you would realistically need to respec.

Also even a short duration TB1 and lets face it, Escorts and Cruiser will only ever have TB1 if they even have it (I dont) is enough to make a BIG difference in certain cirsumstances. Not to forget this is a TB1 at 100Aux! so its not totally useless by any means.

P.S Uncommon DOffs are available at SFA for 1000 dillitium each and it might very well be worth spending 5000 dillithium and picking up 3 science and 2 engineering ones for 12 and 8 second cooldown on their respective heals.

In regards to the actual deflector you want, and the suffixes on that deflector, I will have to advise when I am back home, as this is not as easy to do research on as my own pc, (and frankly that is alot of research), I will be home in about 4hours and will be more than happy to have a look then.

I feel quite humbled that you basically took all my advice, I just hope that it works out for you.

Look me up in game if you like 'Cygone@Helsinki'


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