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# 1 Seeking Casual RP fleet
03-19-2012, 01:41 PM
Hello Again Everyone.

I posted here before but then I got kind of swept up in playing the game and getting my character to VA status so I am afraid I neglected the thread a bit, for that I am sorry. But I am going to try again.

I am looking for a Role-play fleet to join. I play mostly during the day time with some weekend hours here and there. I am perfectly fine with starting out on the bottom rung of a Fleet, so long as the rp is fun.

Mechanically I am a F2P player, but I am posting here so you at least know I have some investment in the game. I play an engineering officer on a fleet escort ship. I donít have a lot of experience in STFs or other endgame content and while I would like to get some I am far more the casual gamer than the uber leet.

RP wise my character is detailed in my previous post so I wonít put it here again to save against repetition.

Is there a casual role-play fleet out there where I might fit in? If not are there at least Places where role-play happens even if not in the context of a fleet? Is there a specific Space station where my character can go up and role-play ordering a bottle of cardassian wine without being ostracized for emoting?
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# 2
03-19-2012, 11:18 PM
Good day Sir/Mdm,

I'd like to meet you in-game if I can.

Although I'm known for strict adherence to post-modern military protocol in my ship to ship communications (in elite level teamplay), I do have a softer facade reserved for diplomatic 'clients'.

The Federation cannot afford to take a total war stance and forget the brave men and women making it all happen.

Send me PM someday. I'll let you judge for yourself if my writing and game mastering style is suited for you. No obligations.


Ps. Roleplaying can happen anywhere and is not considered emoting. It's called being human, and I admire you for wishing to portray such. Unlike... some other guilds, I do appreciate such attention to detail. It makes your character that much more lifelike rather than some dead Terminator type running around making pew pew noises 24/7.
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# 3
03-20-2012, 12:42 AM
I attest that Carmanara provides a VERY good Star Trek RP experience. If you do contact her, you will be very glad to have found someone with this quality of RP.
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03-20-2012, 01:44 AM
Originally Posted by Nador_Ekoor View Post
I attest that Carmanara provides a VERY good Star Trek RP experience. If you do contact her, you will be very glad to have found someone with this quality of RP.
I leave it to my 'clients' to decide what level of RP they desire.

Asking for roleplay is not equal to actually contributing to the plot and actions of one. That I speak from experience.

If the scene cannot even progress past the in-character introductions I know to call it off and attend to those who can make my plots and stories work by virtue of active collaboration.

A good, memorable Star Trek RP in the past few month's I've been here can resemble the infamous "No Win" scenario.

1. You can be nice to everyone and treat each other as friends, but the RP doesn't even go anywhere (there is zero in-character play, and eventually people start asking for other RP guilds without realizing where the problem actually lies). Eventually, you wonder why it's even called an RP guild, when even the Desperate Housewives cast can do better collaborating to conquer domestic objectives and spreading 'human intelligence info' i.e. gossip at an alarmingly effective rate.

2. You can be 100% effective at pursuing campaign objectives as part of a seasoned Task Force, developing your very own Star Trek episode each time you and your group fly the ships... but in this case those who are not familiar with military protocol or do not have the right listening skills (Stop asking 'why' when the Admiral gives orders, DO it or die. It's ELITE mode for cryin' out loud.), will be welcome to leave and again, my attention diverted to the people who do contribute and fly on my wing.

I'm inclined to pick Option Two most of the time because Task Force Cardassia is actually a very effective teamplay training exercise, whist being completely authentic featuring canon style Captains' RP.

But for one on one or even, when introducing ladies to the world of STO, I'm inclined to be a bit more... merciful.

The Headmistress doesn't wield the whip all the time
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03-21-2012, 09:43 AM
I definitely look forward to meeting you in game, I will keep his weather eye open.
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03-21-2012, 07:38 PM
Catch me if you can :3

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