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# 1 Sci Odyssey Help
03-22-2012, 11:50 PM
I'm pretty happy with my Science Odyssey in PvE, but it seems totally useless in PvP. I don't expcet it to take on Tac Ships, but I did want to see if there was any help I could get

Fore Weapons: Dual Tetryon Beam Bank XI [Acc] [CrtH] [Borg], Dual Tetryon Beam Bank XI [Dmg] [CrtD]x2, Polarized Tetryon Beam Array XI, Quantum Torpedo Launcher mk XII [CrtH] [CrtD] [Borg]

Defelctor: Aegis Deflector Array

Engines: Aegis Hyper-Impulse Engines

Shields: Aegis Covariant Shield Array

Rear Weapons: Tetryon Beam Array mk XI [CrtD]x3, Tetryon Beam Array mk Xi [Acc] [Dmg]x2, Polarized Tetryon Beam Array mk XI, Photon Torpedo Launcher mk XI [CrtD] [CrtH] [Borg]

Devices: LArge Shields Battery, Red Matter Capacitor, Subspace Field Modulator, various Turrets

Engineering: Monotanium Alloy mk XI rare, Neutronium Alloy mk XI rare, RCS Accelerator mk X rare, Field Emitter mk XI rare

Science: Universal Assimilated Module, Shield Emitter Amplifier mk XI rare, Emitter Array mk XI rare

Tactical: Tetryon Pulse Generator mk XI, Variable Geometry Detonators mk X very rare


LtC Universal
Eng: Engineer Team I, Emergency Power to Weapons II, Eject Warp Plasma I

Lt Tactical
Torpedo Spead I, Torpedo Spread II

Cmd Eng
Emeprgency Power to Shields i, Reverse Shield Polarity I, Extend Shields II, Aceton Beam III

Lt Sci
Polarize Hull I, Tachyon Beam II

En Sci
Science Team I

Other sets:
Borg full, Breen Full, Jem'hadar Full, MACO Shield mk XI, Paratinitic Shield mk X!, Covariant Shield Array mk XI [Cap]x3
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# 2
03-23-2012, 01:07 AM
A few pieces of advice, from soneone who isnt the best... but I'd lose the dual beam banks and get all polarized tetryon beam arrays, if you want to go tetryons. Spend some time and get the Omega Force set as its 2 piece bonus adds more shield drain to attacks. Id also acquire another Quantum torpedo launcher, and a zero point quantum chamber, and that will increase your damage more. I'd also advise losing th RCS accelerator and gettting an ablative armor console to increase some more of your resistances.
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# 3
03-23-2012, 01:15 AM
Ditch the Torpedo Console in favour of another Tetryon Console.

3P Borg with MACO shields gives you a couple of passive heals.

You list 3 Sci Consoles. None of them a Flow Capacitor which will increase the proc of your Tetryon Weapons.

I'd run 2 EPtS and keep one always on.

Extend Shields is good for saving somebody else not so much for saving your own arse.

Lack of a Tac team means you lose a DPS boost and it's far more useful shield redistribution. If you hit RSP and Tac Team, the incoming fire will recharge all your shields.

You only have 1 hull heal. Considering ditching a Sci power for Hazzard Emitters.

That's my quick analysis, hopefully somebody else will be more help. Searching for Cruiser PVP builds could yield some good information.

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