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Some random thoughts:

Prolific Producer & Deft Designer: Craft this and this and bring it to me. Oh joy

Systems Stockpile: 25 of each Borg Resource?!? While I pulled a 'gather 50 of each during one invasion timeframe and don't forget your empty bottle next to you before it starts' that neither was exactly fun nor do I expect the average player to gather during one invasion. My 'not grind for it too much' try took a little more than 3 hours. Which might end up as a problem on holodeck.

Plumbing Power: That was actually kind of fun, gathering the various supplies throughout the zone and then assemble them.

Memento Vitae: The red headed stepchild of the above mission... Gather throughout the map and apply to drone. There are a few things that irk me there. First of all there is no indicator on the map where you can find the 'memories'. And when you finally use them on the drone you get no real reaction, just some standard babble. It would be more immersive if you could get a reaction linked to the various different memories.

Overall rewards: Oh boy. This is where it goes down. Neither was I able to see more accolades, nor were the mission rewards themselves something that would coerce me to participate in a few more invasions again. Just a few more Borg resources just don't cut it.

tl&dr: I'm note exactly thrilled about the additions yet. You have to do better than that.
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# 2
03-28-2012, 02:28 AM
another mission (yay!)

Field Functionality Figures: Interesting idea, especially with the amount of random procs on the borg. It just suffers from the cooldown on the device. 10 seconds to tag a single borg is bad enough, having to wait another 5 until the global device cooldown is gone makes me facehoof.
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03-28-2012, 06:45 AM
Forward Observations:

Find the hidden scouts on the map. Sounds easy enough. 15 each part of the map. Oh well.

So I searched, and searched, and searched.....

There is no refresh timer on a previous found scout. Even after one hour I cannot get an additional report from a 'used' one. So you HAVE to find the 15 placed scouts on each part of the map. A few of them only reachable by applying a generous amount of 'hit jump repeatedly and hope you don't slide down the slope again'.

I discarded the mission before completing the second map part. Because there is no way I search the frakking temple area again.... <redacted> you whoever thought up this mission!
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03-28-2012, 03:35 PM
We've updated the mission using your (and QA's) feedback and that's going out to Tribble now.
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03-28-2012, 10:16 PM
Still needs to be able to cross faction team like stf's do... Sit around looking for people in zone that might happen to be KDF does not make this fun at all.
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03-29-2012, 01:40 AM
Originally Posted by ZeroniusRex
We've updated the mission using your (and QA's) feedback and that's going out to Tribble now.
Appreciate that.

Blow Back: Finally the mission to use all the explosives points I've been wondering about. And opposed to earlier missions rather easy to execute because there were pointers on your map again. Wohoo!
There was one 'I'm no frakking mountain goat!' moment though.

Take the city porter - turn towards the probe area - move a bit towards it. To the right there is a 'Spawn Elite Gorn' thing. To the left is one of the Plant Borg Explosives Points. Now try to get in interaction range for the explosive charge.


I'm still not overwhelmed with the mission rewards. Personally I won't participate in more holodeck invasions just for more Borg Craft Things. Maybe if I decide to get an Alt another Fractal Remodulator. But why should I bother with my Main?
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# 7 Memento Vitae
12-16-2012, 04:18 AM
Had to split the stack of mementos before I managed to get her to respond, but now can't turn in 'cause it says inventory full (it isn't).

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