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Greetings from the Alliance Central Command (boq botlhra'ghom)!

You can find our fleet website at:

In story, we are a joint task force comprised of both Federation and Imperial forces that have set aside the current Federation-Klingon War to take the fight to our real enemies ... the Borg, Undine, True Way, Breen, Iconians, Tholians and more.

We stand together and fight with honor!

But who are we outside of the story?

We are a fleet with players from both factions who have come together because we love the game and we love the story.

Our fleet shares a common storyline that enhances the environment in which we play.

For us ... the story only begins at 2409 with us paving the "Path Beyond 2409" as reflected in the fleet timeline we've started.

Who do we want as members of our fleet? ... Those who enjoy a good story / background!

We want anyone with whom any one of the following applies ...
  • An enjoyment of fan-fiction stories ... reading and/or writing.
  • An enjoyment of captain's / battle logs ... reading and/or writing.
  • A love of rich character and story backgrounds.
  • An enjoyment of sitting around and spinning tales or talking plotlines in conversation.
  • Enjoyment of creating and/or playing Foundry missions.
  • A desire to play the game within a "share-universe" / timeline with other players.
  • Persons with a Play-by-Email / fan-fiction / Foundry authoring background.
  • A simple love of playing the game with others.

Please note that you DO NOT have to write stories. You DO NOT have to write log entries or create Foundry missions.

BUT ... You DO have to have fun!!!

Our fleet is about the story.

To this end, we offer our players the following resources that they can CHOOSE to use IF they wish:
  • Community Forums as the foundation for our website to help with socialization and communication outside of the game.
  • Player blogs where they can post anything from fan-fiction stories to log entries to simple experiences in game ... optional.
  • The "Path Beyond 2409" timeline.
  • A story wiki (currently being setup but online) built into our community website that will serve as a place to list background information related to our shared-universe.
  • An in-game shared chat channel that allows our players to converse, regardless of which faction being played at the time.
  • Access to a Teamspeak server for voice communications.

What our fleet was designed to be when founded a few years ago AND what we are seeking to return to ... is a foundation built in creativity.

It's about experiencing the game and for us ... existing / playing in the same corner of the universe.

You don't have to write, but you DO have to enjoy a good story and have a desire to play inside that story.

*** The Alliance Central Command is an active part of the small fleet coalition known as the United Fleet Coalition.


We definitely have players who enjoy running these mission and are always looking for more to join a squad of fellow players who wish to have fun running these together.

Likewise, we also enjoy teaming with other fleets to complete missions runs, such as fellow members of the small fleet coalition, United Fleet Coalition.

Participation in these missions are optional ... but VERY fun, especially with a team!


Visit our website at where you can register and then give us a shout to let us know!

Until then May you fight well out among the stars Qapla' !!!!


-- Gen. Hauk

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Alliance Central Command / boq botlhra'ghom
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# 2
04-10-2012, 07:45 AM
Good morning.
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04-10-2012, 10:36 AM
Originally Posted by Phoenix_Lord
Good morning.
Morning! ... Welcome to our new home.

Sorry that we still only have emergency lights working so mind you step around all the moving containers.

Our warriors are currently working to bring our outposts online, but become distracted at times as they tend to begin trading Tribble cooking recipes.
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# 4
04-10-2012, 11:30 AM
Very cool.

Question: Will your old home (thread) be allowed to return to depth of space (retired)?
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# 5
04-10-2012, 06:26 PM
Originally Posted by Phoenix_Lord
Very cool.

Question: Will your old home (thread) be allowed to return to depth of space (retired)?
Yeap .... May she rest in piece as she slowly sinks deeper and deeper into the far reaches of thread obscurity.
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# 6
04-11-2012, 10:04 AM
:::; tap tap tap ..... .... tap tap tap ...

Another day, another STF to be run.
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09-17-2012, 09:18 AM
Back to Page 1 we go.

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