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Anyone got any good doff guides which specifically deal with the best doff missions and chains. Like the missions to get the xii consoles and weapons and stuff and whats needed and how to get em.

I wana try making credits from em to save up for a galor and dkora ship possibly and getting the cool rewards and flogging them for a ton of credits seems like the only way i can atm as i suck at thinking of ways to get credits as atm i only make credits by selling the blue items from stfs i do which doesnt give a whole lot and its very slow to get any EC as best i can do is few hundread k if i have some nice blues from stfs now and then.

So i need to start lookin at guides and stuff for doff stuff to get the nice rewards to start getting millions at a much quicker pace.

Also would love a "must have" doff guide as i have a bunch of diff doffs and i have no idea whats good and whats bad and i only have 100 slots for em as i cant afford to increase the doff capacity and the exchange isnt helping getting cp from dilith atm.

Them resolve doffs for the artifacts i need to build in engineering on the ship i need 5 i think and only got 2 or somit from that bajoran FE mission crate of special doffs. How is best to earn more without buying em as there pretty expensive.

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