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# 1 Chat UI (Season 6 suggestion)
04-24-2012, 02:42 PM

Can we please have a small tweak be made to the chat system as it stands. My suggestion (not new by any means) would be to allow the user to arrange the list of channels that they are subscribed to according to a list of numbers. So as a player I can decide if I want "Player-Made-Channel-B" to be in slot -> 1 <- instead of "Player-Made-Channel-A".

The goal of this is to allow the player to better use the chat ui quickly (without having to switch to or create a tab, or use the toggle option). If a player wanted to type something to channel B while the chat tab was for channel A, and toggled for A, they could simply type /1 text, as they have preset channel B in the number 1 slot.


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