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# 1 Fleet Warfare
05-10-2012, 01:06 PM
I saw in the ask devs post that soon Fleets will be able to make their own starbase. It is also no secret that STO is lacking a little on the PVP side. So what if the Fleet starbases were used to fix that? I mean, the Fed and the KDF can't possibly afford to build a starbase for every single fleet. We have thousands of fleets and starbases can't be cheap.

What if instead of the fleet just saying they want a starbase and then building one for the ground a limited number of starbases are added to the game. Fleets then fight for the starbases, with each fleet only being able to have 1 starbase at once. And since both sides will want to make sure that in this time of war that their best fleets have starbases we can not only have Fed vs KDF but Fed vs Fed and KDF vs KDF wargames, just to make sure they have the best of the best on the forntline in the starbases.

As far as the building goes, maybe allow the fleet to build defenses for the starbase. When fighting for a starbase it should have space and possibly ground combat, I say possibly ground combat because if the defenders can take out all attackers in space there would be no need for ground combat. Maybe have the attackers have to beam down to the starbase and take it from the inside, but they first have to take out systems on the starbase blocking their transporters. In the space combat the atackers will be trying to take out these systems and the defenders, once those systems are taken out the attackers beam down, fallowed by the defenders who know have to stop them from taking control of the starbase.

It will take some work to figure out exactly how to put this kind of combat into the game but it is what the game needs. Fleets need to be able to fight other fleets. The Feds and KDF need to be able to fight each other with something at stake, and last but not least we need a way to determine which side is currently winning the war. Maybe have a side acheive victory when they have all starbases, or maybe set it up by some kind of point system. Then maybe have a special bound, unmailable prize for the characters of the winning side, and maybe another prize for the top fleets of the winning side.
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05-11-2012, 10:57 AM
Since EC is so easy to come buy I hope they make it so expensive that the combined effort of two to three active full fleets is required
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05-11-2012, 12:28 PM
Until we know how fleet bases will work, it's all speculation... but I suspect it'll be more like CoH, where there's a portal or portals in the game, that take you to your fleet's instanced base. I suspect that fleets that want to will be able to open their bases up for PvP, but I imagine it won't be part of a grand territory control game.

However, they have said there will be "public" fleet bases, so everyone can experience that part of the game. I would love to see starbases added all over the map, as part of this "public" starbase thing. The ones in the neutral zone would be fought over between K and F factions... That's my idea, we'll see what happens.

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