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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

  • The Fleet System
    • The fleet system allows players in a fleet to create and progress a starbase system as a group.
      • When fleet members enter the system for the first time they will see versions of all of the facilities and starbase that are all partially built. As the fleet progresses the facilities and starbase can be upgraded by the fleet in order to earn a cosmetic upgrade and several functional upgrades per tier. The facilities are as follows:
        • Shipyard
        • Communications Array
        • Transwarp Gate
        • Industrial Fabricator
        • Starbase
      • Starbase interiors are available from the start
    • Fleet UI
      • The fleet ui has been modified from its original version to have a holdings page.
        • This page allows players to see the current tier level of their starbase and facilities, as well as the projects that are currently running.
        • Clicking on a specific tier indicator will show an image of what that upgrade will look like, along with a list of rewards the fleet will earn for earning the upgrade.
        • There is a leaderboard per active project that shows the contribution of everyone that has contributed to a specific project.
    • Fleet Projects
      • A fleet will work together on Fleet Projects in order to progress in this system. Fleet Projects can be thought of as group duty officer assignments that require a fleet of people to provide all of the components in order to be started. These projects are selected and slotted by fleet leadership and can then be contributed to by anyone that is in the fleet. All projects have a set "construction" time that must be completed before the rewards are given and the next project can begin.
      • Projects exist in several categories:
        • Standard
          • Standard Projects come in Military, Science and Engineering flavors. These projects award Fleet XP specific to their category and can also provide a small number of buff provisions. Fleets may have any 3 standard or provisioning project running simultaneously.
          • Provisioning Projects provide some amount of Fleet XP specific to their category, and also provide a standard number of provisions to a specified Fleet store. (more on provisioning later) Fleets may have any 3 standard or provisioning project running simultaneously.
        • Upgrade Projects
          • These projects allow players to upgrade facilities and personnel in their starbase. Fleets can upgrade their facility tier, starbase tier, and add upgrades to their interior such as special doff contacts or NPC's with special functionality. These tend to be the most expensive type of project. Fleets may have one upgrade project running at a time.
        • Special Projects
          • Special projects allow fleets to unlock unique cosmetic upgrades for their starbase interior or allow them to run a project that grants fleet xp to every non starbase category. Players can have one special project running at a time.
    • Contribution
      • Players can contribute to projects with a variety of items:
        • Commodities
        • Dilithium
        • Duty Officers
        • Bridge Officer Skill Points
        • Consumables
        • Crafting Materials
        • Crafted items
        • Fleet Marks (Info Further Down)
        • And more!
      • Each of the aforementioned items has a value attached to them in Fleet Credits. As you make donations to a project you will earn fleet credits commensurate with your contribution. Fleet credits can be used to buy brand new ultra-rare items, fleet ships, buffs, and operational assets from the fleet store.
        • As you contribute, you as an individual earn fleet credits to spend in your fleet store.
        • Fleet Credits belong to the player that earns them and they are retained regardless of fleet status or fleet affiliation.
    • Provisioning
      • There a variety of stores on your starbase that will be unlocked as you progress through the system. Fleet Credits will be the currency used to purchase these items.
        • Some of these stores contain Advanced Fleet Items and Elite Fleet Items, both of which are the new Ultra Rare variety. These items cover every space and ground item type in the game and are unattainable anywhere else.
        • A ship store can be unlocked that contains fleet ships. The store will be unlocked as you progress, and more ship types will be unlocked as you upgrade your shipyard.
        • Once the store is unlocked it must be provisioned. Fleets can run specific provisioning projects that will place a fixed amount of inventory in the store and then the project must be run again to reprovision it.
          • For example: A provisioning project is completed that grants 15 space weapons to the space weapon store. That means that 15 total weapons can be purchased, regardless of energy type, or weapon type. Once they're gone the space weapon store must be reprovisioned.
    • Fleet Marks
      • Fleet Marks are earned by playing any of the new Season 6 content, and are a requirement in most fleet projects. The content that grants these Fleet Marks includes but is not limited to:
        • Starbase Fleet Defense: 20-Man
        • Starbase Blockade: 5-Man
        • Fleet Alerts: 5-Man
        • No Win Scenario: 5-Man
        • Colony Rescue: 5-Man
      • All of these maps are available 24 hours a day with no cooldown
        • On Holodeck there will be a 30 minute cooldown for repeating the same mission.
      • There is a calendar event that grants additional fleet marks to any of the missions above.
    • Fleet Content:
      • All fleet content except fleet alerts are available in the public queue to any player regardless of fleet membership.
      • Private queue creation for fleet content is restricted to players that are in fleets
        • Players that are not in fleets may be invited, but cannot create the queue
      • Opponents in a fleet map are always randomly selected
      • Starbase Fleet Defense
        • This is a multiphase 20 person encounter that requires some serious teamwork to complete.
          • Phase 1
            • Escort Frigates to their warp out point and defend them
          • Phase 2
            • Regroup at the starbase and defend it!
          • Phase 3
            • Defend all 4 of your facilities!
          • Phase 4
            • Defend your starbase from invaders and starbase busting dreadnoughts
        • Players earn more Fleet Marks the better they perform on each stage
        • Pro tip! You'll want to break into four groups of five for phases 1 and 3
      • Starbase Blockade
        • Freighters will be warping into your starbase map while under fire! Defend them from their attackers so they can drop off their wounded and supplies at the starbase! The more ships you save the more Fleet Merit you will earn.
      • Fleet Alerts
        • Fleet alerts will randomly appear around your minimap reticle. When they do fleet members can queue up to defend their starbase from invaders.
          • This is a timed mission where players have to clear an invading force in a set time, then clear a dreadnought encounter in a new set time.

  • Quark's bar has gotten a new client.
    • He's a regular, and we can't get him to stop talking.
  • Added an Account Bank to each bridge and Ready Room.
  • Turning in missions now consistently displays and grants rewards the first time.
  • When selling items, the chat message for the transaction no longer references buying Energy Credits.
  • It's possible to sit in chairs again by right-clicking on them.
  • Players creating fleet events no longer receive a creation error if the default start time is used.
  • The second floor of faux DS9 in Terradome has had its missing walls replaced.
  • Repaired the hole into space on two of the large Klingon ship interiors.

Duty Officers:
  • Resolved typo in success outcome of "Assign Security to Delegation to Dominion" Duty Officer assignment.
  • Updated tooltip in purple quality Explosives Expert duty officer active roster power.
  • Duty Officer Assignment offerings will no longer differ between instances of the same map.
  • When viewing assignments, the required items will now stop incorrectly counting items in the overflow bag when determining if there are enough available.
  • Added more quotes to Espionage and Exploration category Duty Officers.
  • Holodeck duty officer Polonius can no longer be slotted on your Space active roster list.
  • He does not actually have a power and should not have been allowed to be slotted.

  • Added the Utopia Planitia interior backdrop, this time for reals.
  • The Costume Picker camera now correctly frames NPCs.
  • Removed the non-functional option to drag Kill objectives to Cryptic maps.
  • The non-functional Unlock Door option has been removed from the Mission menu.
  • Removed the Dialog with Object objective type.
    • This had the same functionality as having an Interact with Object objective followed by a popup dialog, and the older function works better.
  • Adding a map to a project no longer counts as adding an objective.
  • The Default zoom in the costume editor should now work better with large ships.
  • Custom costumes should now display correctly in all previews.
  • Map transfer button text is now appropriately applied to the mission.
  • The correct contact name is now displayed for Grant Mission and Popup dialogs.
  • Not specifying a door for the first map transition once again causes an Unfinished Task.
  • The Randomize Upper Body button is no longer linked to the lower body as well.
  • Unfinished Tasks in the Story tab now say Story instead of Mission.
  • Added the following items to the Detail objects:
    • Starfleet Coffin Torpedo 01
    • Military Turret 01
    • Horta Egg Pile 01
    • Single Horta Egg
    • Mining Cart 01-03
    • Coliseum Weapon Rack 01-03
    • Coliseum Lights 01-04
    • Glass War Map
    • Space Station Hatch 01
    • Glass - Panel - Defiant Class Schematic - Ventral
    • Glass - Panel - Defiant Class Schematic - Dorsal
    • Glass - Panel - Defiant Class Schematic - Fore/Aft
    • Glass - Panel - Defiant Class Schematic - Starboard
    • Glass - Panel - Odyssey Class Schematic - Ventral
    • Glass - Panel - Odyssey Class Schematic - Dorsal
    • Glass - Panel - Odyssey Class Schematic - Fore/Aft
    • Glass - Panel - Odyssey Class Schematic - Starboard
    • Glass - Panel - Starfleet Corps of Engineers
    • Glass - Panel - Fleet Modernization Program
    • Glass - Panel - Starfleet Applied Sciences
    • Glass - Panel - Starfleet Starship Design
    • Glass - Panel - Utopia Planitia 01
    • Shelf - Glass - Black 01-02
    • Banner - Utopia Planitia 01-02
    • Banner - Odyssey Class Ship
    • Banner - Starfleet Starship Design
    • Banner - Romulan Civilian
    • Banner - Starfleet Tactical Command
    • Banner - Starfleet Applied Sciences
    • Banner - Starfleet Corps of Engineers
    • Banner - Dervish Class Starship
    • Banner - Prometheus Starship
    • Banner - Galaxy Class Starship
    • Banner - Excalibur Class Starship
    • Banner - Luna Class Starship
    • Banner - Intrepid Starship
    • Statue - Romulan 01

  • Cage of Fire: Cardassian kills now count towards the Vorta Vexer and Founders Foil Accolades.
  • No Win Updates:
    • Updated the Bio Neural Turrets to be a little scarier in Waves 6-10.
    • Relocated re-spawn point so that players would not be within range of turrets after they have died.
  • Of Bajor: Player is no longer attacked every time they try to plant a bug during Eavesdropping on Electronics mission.
  • Cold Comfort: Choosing an incorrect option in the Tran dialogue no longer prevents the completion of the mission forever.
  • Welcome to Earth Spacedock: Completing this mission remotely after skipping the tutorial no longer causes the guide to remain.
  • The Gates of Grethor: The Defeat the Spectres stages no longer comple upon character defeat.
  • Tweaked position of Kar'ukan in "Boldly They Rode" Ops area and made him more aggressive about pursuing players after they respawn.
  • The damaged Borg probes in the Tutorial are no longer in such a hurry to get around.
  • Updated rewards for the Colony Invasion to use fleet marks, and grant bonus fleet marks during Fleet activity.
  • Updated the Vault to be always available but give bonus rewards when the Vault event is running.
  • Updated the Vault event mission text to say "Claim your reward" instead of "Claim your datalog".
  • City on the Edge of Never: B'Vat no longer calls for help the same time Miral Paris does.
  • Contacts in Battle Group Omega now recognize D'Vak's true rank of Admiral.
  • Facility 4028:
    • The holographic security guards are no longer present after Isis is offline.
    • There is no longer a rogue security guard walking through walls.

  • Resolved an issue that was causing players' Combat Armor stat to not be automatically applied upon entering a ground map.
  • Breen Cruisers no longer all come equipped with Subnucleonic Beam.
    • Some may still use it, but not all.
  • Hyperonic Radiation II durations were updated to be more consistent across all ranks.

  • Resolved an issue that would cause the target conning level to always display as 0.
  • Skill highlighting will no longer highlight ground skills when a Bridge Officer is selected.
  • Removed the Abort Mission from the Map window.
  • The Bellerophon ship class is no longer missing from the Variant drop down selection.
  • The button for the PVE queue has returned to its location below the minimap next to the Duty Officer button.
  • A button for the new Fleet Interface has been added to the row of buttons below the Minimap, replacing the PVP Button.
    • The PVP Queue can now be accessed from the Minimap dropdown menu.
  • Improved behavior of autocomplete in chat.
  • It is now possible to set a focused target that will persist for as long as possible.
    • To toggle the focused target, either click the new button on the target frame or via "Set Focus" in the context menu.
  • The Free Starship Modification granted by Welcome to Earth Spacedock has a proper icon now.
  • The Notification Settings window was added it to the minimap dropdown menu.
  • Updated the Dilithium Exchange:
    • The Submit Offer to Buy and Submit Offer to Sell buttons will now be disabled if any of the inputs are invalid.
    • Double clicking a row will set the Dilithium text entry to that price.
  • Cleaned up the Duty Officer roster display by removing the redundant info buttons.
  • PvE Queues: The Details and Join Queue buttons are no longer enabled when there are no queues available.
  • Removed Discard and Equip from item right-click menu if the item is in a guild bank.
  • All instances of Cryptic Points have been replaced by ZEN.
  • Captains will no longer incorrectly appear in the Ship Repair window.
  • Ensign rank Bridge Officers will no longer display as Unknown allegiance.

Known Issues:
  • Fleet System
    • Fleet Stores
      • Fleet stores will not be usable for this push. Players will earn Fleet Credits they will be unable to use until a later push.
      • Provisioning assignments do not grant the provisions the reward claims they do. They still grant Fleet XP.
      • Operational Assets are not available in this release. Content will feel more difficult without them.
    • Starbase Facilities will disappear when you fly too far away from them. There is still a navigation beacon to assist you in discovering their location.
    • There is a list of rewards on the starbase holding UI page when you click on different tiers of unlocks. The reward schedule and actually rewarded items is going to change, don't get too attached.

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# 2
06-22-2012, 04:24 PM
And Season 6 begins!
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06-22-2012, 04:27 PM
yesssssssssssss we can sit in chairs instead of emoting on them?!
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06-22-2012, 04:33 PM
Woot! Just in time to chat about it in our fleet meeting. :biggrin:

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# 5
06-22-2012, 05:16 PM
the pvp que button being moved to the drop down is lame. time for another row of those buttons under the mini map i think.
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# 6
06-22-2012, 05:18 PM
I'm going to test as much as I can anyway, but are there any testing rewards?
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06-22-2012, 06:05 PM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
the pvp que button being moved to the drop down is lame. time for another row of those buttons under the mini map i think.
Originally Posted by marctraiderz View Post
doesnt putting away the PVP button under the dropdown list discourage people from pvping? lol
PvP in this game is not popular. It's about time it was hidden away and replaced by the activity the community ACTUALLY cares about - PvE queues.
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06-22-2012, 09:14 PM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
the pvp que button being moved to the drop down is lame. time for another row of those buttons under the mini map i think.
I still say that they should remove ALL the non-minimap related buttons to a separate UI element/bar thing so that they can either all be displayed or customized to only show whichever options the player wants to see somewhere separate.

This would have the bonus effect of making the minimap usable in more places than just the upper right corner of the screen.

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# 9
06-22-2012, 05:26 PM
Please don't take out Object with Dialog. There are important things that can't be done with out it. Object with Dialog can have a failure option where an Interact + a Popup Dialog does not. It allows you to have a puzzle which the player can repeatedly attempt to solve until they find the correct solution. This was a big improvement in functionality to the foundry. It's not redundant.

Object with Dialog =/= Interact + Popup Dialog

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# 10
06-22-2012, 07:24 PM
Originally Posted by thegreendragoon1 View Post
Please don't take out Object with Dialog. There are important things that can't be done with out it. Object with Dialog can have a failure option where an Interact + a Popup Dialog does not. It allows you to have a puzzle which the player can repeatedly attempt to solve until they find the correct solution. This was a big improvement in functionality to the foundry. It's not redundant.

Object with Dialog =/= Interact + Popup Dialog
My thoughts exactly.

I was just thinking that my Foundry mission might become possible with the change to object dialogs. Changing things back guaranties my mission will not work (due to trigger restrictions). I suppose in all fairness, I wouldn't be spending enough time here to finish it anyways. :frown:
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