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wall of text to follow. if you only want to see proposed specs and not read the story scroll to the bottom.

The Royal soverign class dreadnought:

First designed in 2377 as an entry into a then theoretical Dreadnought project "Fisher", The Royal soverign class was a proposed upgrade for the existing soverign class battleships. However it was deemed too costly to completely refit the class ahead of schedual, andwas decided that a standard upgrade would be done instead.However the Galaxy class battleship was due for a major overhaul and life extending upgrade soon. So the projectboard chose to select a limited number of those vessels as testbeds for the new Dreadnought project.

Due to the aparent failure of the Galaxy project, The Soverign project, as it had come to be called internaly, Faced significant challanges to its devolopment. Many in the admiralty and on the council questioned wether a ship of this sizeand offensive power were necessary or even a good idea. Some questioned the amount of resourced it would take just toconstruct the necessary technologies. Most however believed that such a vessel did not belong in federation serviceand that ite mere presence was an affront to everything the federation and its allies stood for. So, it seemed that the project was doomed. Or so it seemed.....

A small group of officers, council members, and civilian engineers believed that the federation faced enimies farmore powerful that the council admitted. Indeed many of these officers still believed the Borg would return eventualy.
So these individuals kept pressing, the design evolved, new ideas on how to approach its construction were laid out, lessions learned from the operation Galaxy X class "as it had come to be called" were poured over, scruitinized, and subjected to endless simulations to find out exactly how to improve upon the concept. The years passed and the galaxy was slowly becoming less and less peaceful. with the romulan civil war the klingon conflict with the gorn, and then finaly the destruction of romulus after the hobus super nova, the small team who had kept the royal alive went before the again and argued the case for the project to be reinstated. While many on the council still believed such a thing should not be built, there was a growing number of council members who were increasingly concernedabout the state of the galaxy. So a small budget for design research and devolopment was issued. The intended goalwas to study wether or not a vessel could currently be built that would not replicate the shortfalls of the past.

A research team was assembled and immediately went to work interviewing bolth former and current captains and crewsof the Galaxy x dreadnought, gathering opinions and data on where the vessel accelled and where it fell short. They came up with a design goal based on these interviews and on the data collected. The new desigh goals for project
Fisher were:

1: The vessel would have to be able to complete scientific research missions as well as bacic exploration assignmentsas the need arose.
2: To fulfill its role as a Strike weapon, the vessel must be capable of both sub light as well as high warp manuverability.
3: The vessel must be able to handle full command and controll of a task group or fleet as wel as area dominitation of a sector.
4: The offensive and defensive systems equiped must meet or exceed current dreadnought standards.

In order to meet these goals the team first took a look at the most prominent complaint they had for the Galaxy x, The lack of full mission support. In order to house the main weapon as well as the other various systems improvments, The Galaxy X had to sacrifice space for labs, research areas, and guest accomodations, as well as cargo and shuttle bays. To address this the team decided that the best way to allow this kind of flexability and maintain necessary systems was to equip the new ship with interchangeable missions pods. Since this would require a redesign of the engine system it also meant that they had to abandon the 3 nacelle design. So instead of 3 (2 mounted on the horizontal axis and one on the vertical or "spine") they decided on 4. They came to the conculsion that, to maintain warp speed manueverability, the nacelles would be mounted 2 per pylon in a single housing, they aslo decided to use slightly smaller nacells with a higher efficiency to achieve the desired amount of output. the resuly was a 33% increase in mass but a 65% increase in warp field capabilitys. The next challange was the missions pods. In order to maintain the ability to enter a combat situation quickly and still maintain mission flexability, the team designed a bacic platform for the pods. They decided to use seperation systems to enable the vessel to simply un dock or seperate from ane pods and dock with another. The podswere also designed to be capeable of space flight on their own, each was equipped with everything necessary to function as a vessel seperately from the mothership. A special tug was designed that could dock with the pods and allow limited
warp flight so that when the need arose a pod could be changed in the field with a minimal delay.

Having already improved upon warp manueverability the tem the took to the problem of sub light performance. The reaction controll system was totaly redesigned, it added larger, more powerful thrusters, a more efficient inertial dampening system, and an increase in the amound of power the system could hamdle. Then the impulse engined were replaced with larger units. each unit was then given its own fusion backup reactor wich could power the engine at 60%capacity on its own under emergency condidions, or, supply increased power under combay conditions.

An advanced sensors and communications suite was added, and the bridge expanded to include full combat operations and information suites.

The main gun was redesigned to fire a more focused high energy beam. This resulted in a decrease in weight and an increase in shield and armor peneteration, but also an overall decrease in power output. So 2 more emitters were added and a dedicated Matter/anti-matter reactor was installed. The 3 emitters could only fire at 75% capacity even with the generator but the net increase in overall power meant that the weapon provided the same energy on target as the Galaxy x version with an increase in penetration and with a slightly larger targeting radius. An added bonus of the second reactor was that when not being fired the weapons energy could be diverted to ships systems. the hull was reinforced with a neutronium alloy and then covered with ablative armor plates.

A series of missions pods were then devoloped, each one to fulfill a specific role of mission type. These included:
A research labrotory and sensors suite, fully equipped to perform most scientific studys or experaments.
A cargo hauler and living space pod, designed to be reconfigured for specific need.
A launch bay facility, to add shuttle or fighter capacity.
An auxilliary engine pod, to add speed and manueverability as necessary.
and a long range mission support modual, which is a large auxiliary craft capeable of high impulse speeds and fully equiped.

Altho final approval for construction is still pending the team is hopeful.


For the game.

Royal soverign class dreadnought. Vice admiral.

Weapons fore :4
weapons af: 4
Console slots 4/2/2
Additional slots 1 docking port
Bridge officers 1 commander engineering/ 1 Lt. commander engineering/ 1 Lt. tactical/ 1 Lt. science/ 1 Ensign universal.

Crew 700
turn rate 6.5 standard 7.5 with engine pod
impulse modifier .15 standard .165 with engine pod
Shields 1.0 standad 1.1 with science pod
hull 40,500
Warp: 10.0

+7 to all sub systems
Missions pods- see below
+2.5% all damage resistance
Phaser lance mk II 2 minute cool down +5% shield and armor penetration 50 degree firing arc. -2 power to all subsystems for 110 seconds after firing.

Tactical pod: + 10 all weapon damage +15% shield regeneration +3 to weapons power 10% chance to activate "advanced combat systems" +0.5 weapons recharge speed for 10 seconds +50 shield penetrating energy per shot fot 10 seconds +5 to weapons power for 15 seconds +15% turn rate for 15 seconds. does not stack.

Engineering pod: + 1 to turn rate +0.015 to impulse +3 to engine power when recieving all damage 10% chance to apply "damage controll team" +15% damage resistance for 10 seconds +1500 hull +25% shield regeneration for 15 seconds +250 each shield facing +100 regeneration every second for 5 seconds. Does not stack.

Science +3 to shield power +0.1 to shields +10% shield capacity 10% chance to apply "enhanced sensors" -10% damage resistance for 10 seconds 5% chance to disable a sub system +5 to shield power for 15 seconds +5% damage reduction for 10 seconds +20% defence for 15 seconds. Does not stack.
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06-28-2012, 03:06 AM
Y U No read mah posts?
As a time traveller, Am I supposed to pack underwear or underwhen?

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06-28-2012, 04:46 AM
seems an interesting ship. But what is the point of this thread?
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06-28-2012, 04:52 AM
Originally Posted by disposeableh3r0 View Post
Y U No read mah posts?
Because we have seen too many "iwin" style of ships?

Just being honest there neighbor. the current Gx could stand for some improvements on the tactical side, I do not think such a beast as you have outlined should ever be allowed in game. By game mechanics it would be so overpowered it would crazy.
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06-28-2012, 05:26 AM
Agreed this would be a vastly overpowered version of a dreadnought that's already in the game. The galaxy x just needs one more fine tuning tactical patch and she'll be enough that people wouldn't post things like this to try and replace her.

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Originally Posted by disposeableh3r0 View Post
Y U No read mah posts?
Because tl;dr
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I could see it without the inate hull resists and without the 'mission pods'.

Now the pods are a nice idea, but either the nebula should do that or something new based on the nebula.

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not sure how many hull points a 5% resistance equates to also if you notice it looses a console and only one pod can be equiped at a time. It also looses out on cannons. most of the numbers given were just a hot across the bow for demonstration purposes.
As a time traveller, Am I supposed to pack underwear or underwhen?

Not everything you see on the internet is true - Abraham Lincoln
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I do like the idea of a Sovereign set up in a similar manner to the Ody. The pods that give a significant boost, but only one can be equipped are pretty interesting, but I have to agree that they give too much. I would see it more like this:

Tactical pod: +3 turn rate, 10% chance on firing for +10 weapon power and +10 firing rate for 5 seconds

Engineering pod: +5% shield facings, 10% chance on receiving hull damage for hull repair and hazard system cleanse

Science pod: increases power of disabling subsystems, 20% chance on applying science debuff for 10% enemy damage reduction and -25 engine power.

these pods would be able to be used together. Basically it's just a slightly different take on the oddy
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OK updated some stats and started the pod thread.
As a time traveller, Am I supposed to pack underwear or underwhen?

Not everything you see on the internet is true - Abraham Lincoln

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