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Hi Cryptic,

I would like to ask is there no way of getting the Lifetime Subscription in monthly "instalments"? I know, you probably thinking cheat skate, but in my country $14.99 equates to nearly R125,00 p/m.

I've been playing since Beta, and although I can afford the monthly subscription, the $199 is just a bit too steep to fork out in one go. I'm a bit of a horder.

Could you not possibly have the Lifetime Subscription automatically be awarded after a certain period of a subscription, say 2 years?

Please, I love this game.

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07-01-2012, 04:44 AM
They could, but they won't (at least not like pay 20 installments of 15 bucks, then you're free to go).

You pay them big in advance, and get back a steady (but slow) income of ZEN and rewards.
That's the way it works.

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