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Whenever fighting Jem'hadar, if they use their shroud ability, my framerate takes a nosedive sometimes. It's fine if they are stealthed and moving around, it's fine if they are visible and moving around and fighting me.

But if I am trying to shoot a guy that is activating his shroud or coming out of it back to being visible, boom video lag to a near standstill.

edit: Like, just now on DS9 for Boldy They Rode, I just stood there as a few Jem'hadar got into combat with me. Shrouded or not it was fine.

But then when I targeted one of them, I bucked down to 1-5 fps when he de-shrouded to swing his polearm at me and when I tried to shoot him in return.

Did this again with another group of three, and as long as I didn't have the one that goes into the shroud targeted nothing bad happens. But if he's my target and he pops the shroud, it happens. Granted I don't know the code behind the engine that handles this, but I'm hesitant to conclude that my rig is having difficulty with rendering the effect, as clearly it's doing it without issue when I am not targeting the NPC.

edit 2:
So the boss, Kar'ukan, also shrouds. But this did not happen while fighting him. In fact I don't think I've ever had trouble with him, just regular Jem'Hadar enemies.

Also other stealth effects that look similar do not have this effect ever.

Does this happen to anyone else?
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Yes this is happening again to me as well. It cleared up for a while but its back. I think its a driver issue and the way STO accesses that driver. I get it with the dampening field ability from a science officer as well...

Really strange...

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