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07-06-2012, 01:45 PM
So I just wanted to throw this out there. I have been going through the Episodes for the first time. I leveled from 1 to 50 exclusively on non episode content. I am currently in the Romulan series.

First off I want to say what a wonderful job Cryptic has done with these episodes. I get a real sense of Star Trek episodes while doing these missions. I tend to not do a lot of reading of quest text throughout the MMO's I have played over the years. But I find that I am reading every word of what is said in these missions. Each one has something unique to it. The combat itself (especially ground combat) is repetitive but there is nothing that really can be done about that. Every so often there is a really cool space mission that really brings out the tingles on the back of my neck.

I noticed one thing was missing however, and that was forcing us into the interior of our ship or into shuttlecraft. Many Star Trek episodes feature lots of things happening inside the ships themselves or into ships other than our personal starship. Then low and behold two missions in the Romulan episodes gave me what I wanted. The Vault mission allowed me to get into a shuttle and run a mission which I loved. I even had to take part if a fight that included larger ships and I was tasked with taking out the fighters. (I made a mistake got too close to the warbird and paid the price by being 2 shotted...made me laugh and thought I should have had better spacial awareness...I do the same thing when I am in my Oddy...BFAW and clear out the fighters...good on your AI Cryptic). Then two missions later I am told to go to my ready room to hack into some encrypted information I obtained from a Romulan Listening Post. For the first time I was on my bridge using the interior for something.

I really hope that there are more missions like this in the rest of the episodes I am doing. Make me go to engineering and solve a puzzle as to why the warp core not running at peak efficiency...make me align the matter anti-matter flow cause the chief engineer was injured during combat things like that. You can even make the ship shake from being shot and have the computer warn me about a warp core breach being eminent. I also hope there are more missions where I take my runabout and use it more often. Make me crash on a planet and survive the local population/indigenous life.

Cryptic you really have pleasantly surprised me with these missions. If this stuff isn't in any of the missions I am doing, I hope to see some of it in future episodes. Great work!
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07-06-2012, 02:04 PM
You got a good point there. Like how the first mission takes part in the transporter room too, or how you have to decrypt the Reman codes on the computer in your ready room.

Those kind of things help make the story more trek-like.
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