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There's nothing quite like being in the heat of battle and clicking on Reverse Shield Polarity, Hazard Emitters, or Tactical Team and realizing a few seconds...and a few thousand hull points...later that the "button didn't go." I don't know if this was always an issue, but I feel like it's something I've really just noticed over the past few months. This can happen even if I'm not otherwise experiencing significant lag. During my last PvP game, I calmly and precisely hit the same Hazard Emitters button in my space tray about five times before it activated--the other times it simply did not react.

Anybody else experience this? My brother, who runs a powerful desktop set up for gaming and hardly experiences any lag (other than when the Internet randomly acts up like the Internet always manages to do) still has this problem happen to him as well. This isn't a Flash game and it would be nice if you could trust buttons to work when you clicked on them. As it is, it feels like trying to get an application to close in Windows...most of the time it works, but you just never know when it'll decide to ignore you.


P.S. = Might as well share my frustration with the tab button while I'm at it. Seems like my ship's targeting computers will target things out of range way too often instead of the opponent right in front of me who is shooting at me. Was in PvP earlier today and had targeted some device another ship dropped, and spun around to face a bird of prey and hit "tab." Nothing happened. Still targeting the NPC which is now behind me and off-screen.

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yes this is a problem even when you use hotkeys, you can carefully and deliberately step through the hotkey sequences for the powers you want to activate only to find half of them did not activate.
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I have the feeling (might be imagination, though) that graphic settings play a role in this. Try to lower them and see if the buttons are more responsive.

For example: My game runs much smoother with Direct 11 enabled (likely also cause some of the graphic effects don't work there). In this mode buttons are much more responsive than in Direct 9 mode.

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