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# 1 game play issues Nukara
07-10-2012, 05:38 PM
Here are my thoughts about experiencing the game on Nukara external.

First, there are to many Tholians popping up. You almost need a small army to try the Redshirts rescuing. If you wanna do the Crystall mining; the same. In the beginning it's new and thus fun, but after a couple of runs it start to get annoying and frustrating you die so much because Tholians are all over the place and respawn pretty quick and in large numbers.

Second, it's hard to keep on focus on your target, because the Tholians are quick movers. Even if you turn and keep view on target, the gun is often still aiming on the first spot. Grenades like plasma grenades are almost useless, because it seems there's a delay between touching the ground and detonation. As soon the grenade hit the ground, Tholians are running away (fast). In my opinion grenades should blow instantly as soon they hit the ground or target.

I suggest to add more active crystalls and redskirts on the map on places where Tholians less respawn. From my part add a longer respawntimer on those skirts/crystalls. How about to increase the award for single play missions? Those missions have significant more targets to accomplish, but you have to do it all by your self.

Also I think when you change a EV-suit (i.e. you get from a Equipement requisition pack) you're char should change instantly. If you change now outside, you have to react very quick and reactivate the new suit, otherwise you burn to dead.

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