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anyone have any recomendations for an enginering captain with a tactical escort?
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# 2
07-11-2012, 08:41 PM
ill try to get my current build up later
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# 3 Actual Load out
07-13-2012, 10:00 AM
Fore Wepons: MkVIII tet array, hargh'peng torp, Mk VI tet dual beam bank, MkV Chroiton torp
aft wepons: Mk VI tet array, Mk V plasma torp
Deflector: Mk VIII Positron
Impulse: Mk VI Combat impulse
Sheild: Mk VI Resilliant
Enginering Counsoles: Mk VI RCS Accelerator, Mk VI Plasma distrabution manifold
Sci Counsoles: Mk VI Flow Capacoter, Mk V Biofunction monitor
Tact Counsoles: Mk VI Zero Point Quantunum Chamber, Mk IV Ambiplasma Envolope, Mk VII Transphasic Compresser
Comm Tact: Torp High Yeild 1, Beam Fire at Will 2, Attack Pattern Beta 2, Attack Pattern Omega 2
Lt Tact: Tact Team 1, Target Engine Subsystem 2
Lt Eng: Emergency Power to Sheilds 1, Reverse Sheild Polarity 1
Lt Sci: Jam Targeting Sensors 1, Tractor Beam 2

Any changes or am i good?
Lt. Commander
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07-13-2012, 10:03 AM
get an armitage
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07-13-2012, 11:05 AM
you're doing it all wrong.

escorts are dps oriented.

ditch the dual beam bank at the front, replace it with dual heavy cannons. replace the chroniton torpedos with dual heavy cannons as well. same deal with the tet array.

replace the hargh'peng with quantum torpedos. the hargh'peng is pretty pointless unless all you do is re-run the planetkiller mission.

pay closer attention to your consoles.

you'd put in a zero point quantum chamber console... when you had no quantum torpedos installed. that was a complete waste of a console slot.

anyways, consoles.

ditch them all, make sure when you buy your dual heavy cannon sets that they're all the same type ( all disruptor, or all phaser, or all polaron or w/e), and get three of the relevant tac consoles for that type of weaponry.

make sure that your rear beam array matches with the dual heavy cannons so that it also enjoys the bonus dps.

replace the rear plasma torpedo launcher with a second quantum torpedo launcher

retrain your boff to replace torpedo high yield with torpedo spread, unless you're going to be pvp focused. in singleplayer pve or group pve from queques or stfs, torpedo spread is more useful, as it'll affect more ships, meaning that while focusing on your own target, you can also help others with theirs.

science consoles - personal choice i guess, but i'd have gone for sensor probes on both.

engineering consoles.

ditch the plasma manifold and either replace it with another rcs accelerator, or neutronium or monotanium armour.

shields - personal choice, but i'd have picked covariant. also try to save some EC so you can get a [cap] version of whichever shield type you opt for.

also, ditch beam fire at will in favour of cannon: rapid fire.

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