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My new 670GTX Video card works fine with the game, except for Anti aliasing.

No AA works great.
2x AA works great
4x AA works great.
8x AA ... no effect, still at 4x.
16x AA ... no effect, still at 4x.

(And no, im not delusional, I have a 32" inch screen and im pretty close to it, so i can definately see no more AA improvement beyond 4x because it just doesnt change a thing.)

Also even with Nvidia inspector it doesnt seem like i can force ANY form of other Anti aliasing in this game. Supersampling, forget it.

Already tried switching DX9/11Beta, no effect.

I hope this will be fixed soon.

nvm: Using Enhance option works with DX9, but supersampling is still weird, has some issues.

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