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As many of you may know, in order to charge ZEN to your account, you need to have an activation code sent to your registered email address. Well, I've clicked that "Send Activation Code" button a few times, and have checked the Inbox, Spam, and Junk folders of the registered email address, and have yet to see this "Activation Code." Now I wouldn't even need to do this if my Klingon Lieutenant General had received his free DOFF packs like the rest of my toons.. but either way, I'd like to know if anyone else is having this problem, and if so, how could I resolve the issue?
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07-18-2012, 10:35 PM
I had the exact same issue. I sent an email to them, the info is on the same activation code page, I think it's an 'if you don't receive a code' report button. Anyway, I did just that and told them I wasn't getting an activation code and the next day at lunch I received a response telling me the issue was resolved and to log back in and check. If there was still a problem, to reply directly to the email.

I checked and it has been working perfectly since.

I was pleasantly surprised... After two years I finally got heard on something. Now if the monthly q and a worked half as well for me...


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