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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

  • Increased the interact range for KDF Negotiate a Deal vendor S'kaa on Klingon Academy.
  • Players can now get a cadet in the Klingon Academy event.
  • The Fleet Event informational text now includes text about the Tholian missions.
  • Updated the Starbase unlock Fleet Supplies Officers.
    • Added Polaron and Tetryon ground weapons to the ground store.
    • Removed the duplicate listing for the Elite Fleet Disruptor Assault Minigun from the ground store.
    • Corrected the Fleet Plasma Dual Cannons listing in the space store.
    • Added Phaser Cannons and Tetryon Turrets to the space store.
  • Updated the 20-player Fleet Starbase Defense:
    • Resolved an issue that could cause the mission UI not to clean up at the end of the mission.
    • Made sure that the mission doesn't reward negative fleet tokens.
    • Resolved an issue that could cause more than 100% damage to facilities.
    • Ships that defend siege vessels will maneuver now, but will still stay somewhat close to their assigned siege vessels.
  • Increased the number of Account Shared Bank slots to 20 for gold players.
  • Updated the lighting in the Starfleet and Klingon Academy Holodecks.

  • Updated Federation Space NPC group:
    • Improved most Federation NPC ships at later levels.
    • Added new NPCs such as the Odyssey, Armitage, Intrepid, Rhode Island, Prometheus and a few others.
  • Added an Orion Dreadnought to the Orion NPC group, replacing the Vo'Quv.
  • Added a Gorn Dreadnought to the Gorn NPC group.
  • Updated Phaser Procs:
    • Multiple system offline procs to a single subsystem no longer stack.
      • For example, if your Weapons are offline and you get hit with another Weapons offline proc, it is disregarded.
    • After a phaser proc's duration has ended, targets will receive a 10-second immunity to additional phaser procs.
      • During this time, no additional systems can be taken offline by Phasers.
      • Other effects that cause subsystem offline, such as Boarding Parties, can still take effect during this immunity.
  • Added new rarities:
    • Unique: Gold color
    • Ultra-Rare: Ultra-Violet color
    • Existing Unique and Ultra-Rare quality Duty Officers will be updated later to get their new rarity color.
  • Updated small craft and pets:
    • NPC small crafts and Carrier Pets, not Frigate Pets, will now proc less often with their energy weapons.
    • Removed Duplicate Phaser Array from Fed Runabout Carrier Pet.
    • Changed the Quality Color of all Carrier pets.
      • All were increased by one
        • Uncommon/Green became Rare/Blue, Rare/Blue became Very-Rare/Purple, and Very-Rare/Purple became new Fleet-Ultra-Rare/Ultra-Violet.
      • This is just a change in display color, not in actual effectiveness.
      • Energy Credit costs will now return to their previous costs for those carrier pets available for EC.
  • Changed the Quality Color of Devidian Cane, Sword/Shard or Khaless, Shard of Possibilities, some unique tribbles and a couple more items to the new Gold "Unique" color.
    • This is just a change in display color, not in actual effectiveness.
  • Har'peng Torpedoes now show as Very-Rare/Purple quality.
    • This is just a change in display color, not in actual effectiveness.
  • Updated Ground and Space Energy Weapon Procs.
    • Most were improved in effectiveness.
    • Ground and Space Plasma DoT procs and Tetryon Shield Damage procs were significantly increased.
    • Plasma DoT procs can now be improved with skill.
    • Space Polaron now Debuffs subsystem power for 5 seconds.
    • Ground Polaron proc duration was doubled.

  • Formatting tags will no longer appear in the drop down menu when reporting "Mission" bugs.
  • The map selector in the PvP challenge window should no longer autoclose.
  • Resolved several crashes that occurred when updating the Fleet Holdings window.
  • Disabled discarding from the account bank.
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# 2
07-18-2012, 01:19 PM
What skill boosts Plasma DoTs?
Cryptic Studios Team
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# 3
07-18-2012, 01:31 PM
Originally Posted by atatassault View Post
What skill boosts Plasma DoTs?
Starship Weapons Training and Starship Energy Weapons Training.

Basically, the Plasma DOT now scales the same as the primary damage of a Plasma Weapon.
Jeremy Randall
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# 4
07-18-2012, 01:35 PM
"Ground and Space Plasma DoT procs and Tetryon Shield Damage procs were significantly increased."

How significant? Can you give an example?
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# 5
07-18-2012, 01:46 PM
Any news on the UI color changing, bug or unwanted feature?

With the phaser proc change I wonder if you can still have multiple systems offline at once, before the immunity kicks in.
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# 6
07-23-2012, 09:41 AM
Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
Oh well so now phasers should be useless while others weapons will be THE new weapon type to have. It's just a matter of time before we find the new ultimate proc. Why do you bother changing those since it will never be balanced and since everyone can get any weapon type, anyway?

BTW, thanks for nerfing carrier pets (phasers and procs frequency), that's what I expected when I bought my Atrox, of course. That's always good to see that cryptic keeps its promises to players. I love buying something with real money to see it becoming crap a few weeks after.

That was my whole point in this thread.

I asked if they were changing other procs for all weapon types to match the changes to phasers.. especially when you consider that a PvP team of 5 with all of the same weapon types can also stack disruptor procs, tetryon procs, etc..
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# 7
07-18-2012, 01:37 PM
No offense guys, I know you work hard - but that seems like a pretty mild list of fixes compared to a lot of the bugs people are reporting in the past week. Or the past 2 months. (looking at you "Second Wave will not complete!" bug)
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# 8
07-18-2012, 01:38 PM
Can you change maps on private pvp queues again?
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# 9
07-18-2012, 01:39 PM
Loving the new phaser proc changes.
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# 10
07-18-2012, 01:40 PM
I'm really hoping the ground weapons and abilities with AoE components to them were fixed. I'll hop onto Tribble to see if this is the case.

Edit: actually, I dunno if the maintenance happened yet. My Tetryon ground weapon shield damage is still the same as it was before, so probably not.
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Fanfiction! ZOMG! Read it now!

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