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I think it would be extremely beneficial to the game (especially PVP) for these so-called "danube runabout hangars" ("carrier pets") to have SNB, AMS and Plasmonic Leech abilities with skills scramble sensors 3, torpedo spread 3, fire at will 3 and attack pattern beta 3 (and buff the chroniton/phaser procs please).To make use of these abilities change the phaser beams to phased tetryon beams + more chroniton torpedo launchers, and add some cloaking tricobalt/chroniton combo mines on each runabout. They should spawn an aceton assimilator every 2 or 3 seconds and be able to spawn tholian webs while flying around at 200% defence bonus. They should also be equipped with metaphasic shield arrays and a passive feedback pulse 3 with tactical team, version 3 of course. This is all in addition to the TB 2 (which should be upgraded to TB3 or atleast a borg tractor beam) they already have. I think adding 50k hull and a passive Point defense system would also help catch them up to their severely OP counterparts like the Type 8/10 shuttles.

Whats your opinion on this?

Update: after careful consideration i've decided to update some specs on ALL hangar items (note these are in ADDITION to all the ones above): 750k HP 120% shield resistance, Hazard emmiters 3, Grav Well 3, TSS 3, Phased Tetryon beams, 8 Plasmonic leeches, so it stacks 8x8 - Thank you @BrokenMirror for this recommendation.
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Can't tell if trolling or serious.......

Does the word overpowered mean anything to you?
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Originally Posted by sierrafortune View Post
Can't tell if trolling or serious.......

Does the word overpowered mean anything to you?
Troll successful.
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07-23-2012, 01:20 PM
yeah id say so
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07-23-2012, 01:31 PM
strong in this one the sarcasm is...

and don't give cyptic ideas for the next pay-to-win ship or hanger pet :p
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I think however, the kids should take on the same shields (just lowered in stats for use on fighters) I just got the Borg shields. My fighters should have some variant of the shields of the parent ship. maybe a single console slot. or the ability to take on the attributes of an existing console on your ship.

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