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Your assignment is to pretend that Star Trek Generations didn't happen. You are, however, required to write a story that accomplishes the following:
  • Destroy the Enterprise-D
  • Kill Kirk
  • Kill the Duras Sisters
  • Maintain continuity with other films (no destroying Romulus, etc)

Tell us your story.
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07-28-2012, 03:41 PM
How? Do we summarize the plot? Or write a ******ned novel?

So inhumane superweapons, mass murder, and canon nonsense is okay, but speedos are too much for some people.
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07-28-2012, 07:38 PM
Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
How? Do we summarize the plot? Or write a ******ned novel?
Either. But walls of text are hard to read so give us the tl;dr version. A synopsis will be sufficient.

For my part, keep the movie the same up until Kirk's "death" on the Enterprise-B. After that, have the Enterprise-D show up in time to combat the Romulans. Instead of Soran and the Duras Sisters stealing the trilithium, have the Romulans freely give it to them and they were at the observatory to "collect their payment." The Enterprise arriving puts the Romulans and the Duras sisters in a bind as they would have proof of their collusion, so the Duras Sisters cloak and the Romulans start blasting the observatory to throw Picard off the right track and to kill any witnesses. Picard knows nothing of the Nexus and so he orders Data to look for it.

Picard then sends the Enterprise to approach the Nexus to get more data when unexpectedly, Kirk appears on the bridge. Mass confusion takes place until Kirk explains he was on the Enterprise-B and then found himself here. Picard and Kirk discuss what has happened in the last 80 years and then the Enterprise hunts down the Duras sisters at Veridiian. Once there, Picard beams down to the surface in exchange for Geordi, but Kirk remains on the bridge with Riker to help with strategy.

On the planet, Picard explains that the Nexus isn't what Soran thinks it is. It's not a portal to an endless orgasm, it's a basic time distortion. His "family" that he saw in the Nexus were just echos of the past and not real. Picard's speechifying manages to reach Soran who admits this idea is no better than what the Borg are doing and he agrees to disarm the weapon. But admits there is a problem, a Romulan ship is monitoring the launch because they are interested in the technology. If he deactivates the missile, the Romulans are sure to act.

Sure enough, as soon as he deactivates the missile, the Romulans beam down and try to take the missile. Soran and Picard try to fight off the Romulans and during the confrontation, Soran is mortally wounded. As Picard starts to go help Soran, the Romulans approach the missile and beam it up. Picard then tries his best to keep Soran alive.

The Duras Sisters attack and a Romulan warbird also decloaks and starts wailing on the Enterprise. Riker and Kirk come up with a plan to separate the ship with Kirk taking the stardrive after the Romulans. After the saucer separates, Kirk manages to get a lucky torpedo shot out that destroys the Duras Sisters' ship. He then turns his focus on the Romulans. The Romulans, meanwhile prepare to take out the saucer when Kirk flies the star drive in the crossfire, critically damaging the Stardrive and severely injuring Kirk. In a parallel to the Wrath of Kahn, Kirk pulls himself into the Captain's chair and sets a collision course with the Romulan ship. The Romulans are about to come full bore onto the saucer when there is a mysterious explosion in their cargo bay. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, Kirk adjusts his course to the now shield-free section of the Romulan ship. The ships collide, explode, and the saucer is forced to crash land on the surface.

On the planet, Picard notices the large explosion in orbit. Soran, with his dying breath, chuckles. Picard asks him what is so funny, but Soran doesn't answer. He's dead.

Picard then addresses the mass of survivors on the hull of the Enterprise. He praises Kirk, Soran, and the Enterprise. He explains how all three come from different backgrounds (one named after a ship of legend, one actual legend, and one man on the wrong path), but in the end all gave their life for the greater good. That's when Crusher's remark from First Contact is used properly. Picard, as he is looking over his ship, is approached by Data who asks, "do you think they'll build another Enterprise." Picard smiles and replies, "Plenty of letters left in the alphabet." The camera then pulls out to find Data and Picard standing inside the "D" of NCC-1701-D and as the camera pulls out into space we get a quick glimpse of the rescue ships as we fade to the credits.

Have Kirk appear on the Enterprise-D.
Have Romulan-Duras connection play out to its final conclusion.
Have Picard change Soran's mind.
Have Kirk die on the battle bridge of the Enterprise-D.
Ignore the Nexus other than to have Kirk arrive.
Remove the cosmic CTRL-Z that take up the latter half of the film.
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07-29-2012, 08:22 AM
I like tlamstrike's plot BUT...

I missed the scene, where saucer section lands on the planet (maybe the best scene of this movie). BUT...

It can be added with no damage to tlamstrike's plot.
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07-29-2012, 08:36 AM
Q farted.
Everyone died, everything "built" fell to pieces.
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07-29-2012, 01:41 PM
Huh... tlamstrike's plot works very well. Not only that, it doesn't change much either, and it is still a much better movie. I would pay money to see that.

Originally Posted by ltcmdjamescore View Post
I missed the scene, where saucer section lands on the planet (maybe the best scene of this movie). BUT...

It can be added with no damage to tlamstrike's plot.
I think that's what's so brilliant about it.

So inhumane superweapons, mass murder, and canon nonsense is okay, but speedos are too much for some people.
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07-30-2012, 01:27 AM
Enterprise under kirk encounters ribbon in space
a small ship is heading into it

kirk hails ship and sees soran

orders him beamed off ship along with others

soran in rage grabs phaser and vapourises kirk on the spot
he is sent to a rehabilitation colony

years later he escapes by hijacking a duras family ship (and kills the crew )

every last member of the duras family dies screaming in the attack he then launches on their home base

soran then deeply mad takes command of the duras fleet
and heads for the ribbon

The enterprise (under picard) is tasked to stop it (by fleet admiral Chekov supreme commander starfleet , god emperor of dune and master of the all the russias)

A confrontation in space between the enterprise and the duras fleet (of say 50 ships) ends with a battered and near crippled enterprise drifiting INTO the ribbon

There Soran reveals that entering the ribbon will allow him to
1 rejoin his family
2 prevent the birth of JJ and the destruction of the universe

picard lets him go

2009 film never happens
universe is saved
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07-28-2012, 03:43 PM
Give Kirk as little screen time as possible since he's the least important character in the entire franchise. Like have Soran break his neck when his back is turned. That would lead to Soran being imprisoned, then 80 years later escaping. Rest of the movie can carry on pretty much as it is (it's the 2nd best Trek film after First Contact) only bring in the Romulans more, have Sela learn of them stealing the trilithium and team up with the Enterprise-D (Duras sisters would need to be in something more powerful than a Bird of Prey for that to work) Ent-D is crippled beyond repair during the battle. Romulans beam Ent-D crew aboard and take them to Earth.

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07-28-2012, 05:07 PM
I like that idea! Hmm... have Soran talk one of the Klingon houses into helping him, thus giving the sisters a small fleet to work with.

I can haz joystick!
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07-28-2012, 06:01 PM
Change the plot? I don't think it needs to be changed but it does need some major editing. I would keep most of the movie but change the end and some of the plot points to make it more TNG-like.

The Enterprise-B rescues a group of Al-Auran refugees on its maiden voyage. James T. Kirk is killed.

78 years later The Enterprise-D answers a distress call from the Amargosa Observatory. Romulans attacked the station and only one survived, Dr. Soran. Little does the Enterprise crew know that Dr. Soran has been helping the Duras sisters in their bid to reclaim the Klingon Empire and restore their house's honor.

Dr. Soren destroys the Amargosa star and captures Enterprise Engineer Lt. Cmdr. La Forge. Aboard the Duras Sister's Bird of Prey Dr. Soren use's Lt. La Forge's neural implants from his Visor to reconfigure the Romulan brainwashing that was used on him in 'The Mind's Eye' (one of the reasons he had the Duras sisters attack a Romulan Outpost, the other was to steal outpost's store of Trilithum resin). Soren reprograms La Forge to sabotage the Enterprise upon his return.

Aboard the Enterprise the crew learns that Soren is trying to return to an energy ribbon called the Nexus, an anomaly that almost destroyed the Enterprise-B 78 years before. They deduce that he is going to destroy the primary star of the Veridian system; a system home to a Federation colony of several hundred million.

Upon arriving at Veridian III the Enterprise confronts the Duras sisters who agree to swap Mr. La Forge for Captain Picard on the condition they allow the captain to talk to Soren on the planet.

Aboard the Enterprise La Forge's brainwashing goes unnoticed my Dr. Crusher. In Engineering he disabled the Enterprise's weapons and shields. On the planet Picard vainly attempts to talk Soren out of his actions, while above the planet the Enterprise is destroyed by the Duras sisters.

The Veridian star is destroyed and Picard and Soren enter the nexus. The Captain catches on quickly that he is in an illusion. He then finds Guinan in the Nexus, a figment of her that remains in the Nexus from the incident with the Enterprise-B. Picard asks Guinan for help but she is just an echo of the person who has just died aboard the Enterprise-D, she tells Picard how he can travel the Nexus and find help from others trapped in it.

Picard finds Captain James Kirk and convinces him to help. The two Captain's search out Soren who is in the Nexus living with his Nexus recreated wife and children. The Captains appeal to Soren who refused to go back and reverse what he has done. But all the other consciousnesses trapped in the Nexus learn what Soren has done to get there (most where trapped by accident like Kirk) they collectively turn their desires in to Soren's hell; Collective being the operative word: they turn his life in to that of the Borg drone that assimilated his family back in the Delta Quadrant. Soren breaks down and realizes the horror of what he has done and agrees to help.

The Captains formulate a plan, Picard and Soren II will go back to Veridian III, Soren II will convince himself to stop with the vision of what he has seen in the Nexus while Kirk must help stop the Duras sisters from destroying the Enterprise-D since the Enterprise is the only ship that could stop Soren's probe from reaching the Veridian star if Picard and Soren II fail.

Kirk appears aboard the Klingon Bird of Prey during the battle disables the ship's weapons before being killed by one of the Duras sisters, going down in a blaze of glory. The loss of time allows the Enterprise crew of discover what has happened and restore their defenses. The Duras sisters in an attempt to restore their honor ram the Enterprise, striking the secondary hull. The Enterprise crew abandon ship, the Enterprise herself succumbs to a core breach.

On the planet Soren II tried to convince Soren to stop, but its futile. Picard distracts Soren allowing Soren II to try to stop the probe from being fired. In the end Soren and Soren II face down around the probe launcher, Soren II sabotaged it and causes it to explode killing both of himselves. Picard ponders in the end on how Soren who had been willing to kill millions for selfish reasons could in turn sacrifice himself to save millions if shown the error of his ways.

Side note: La Forge's visor is replaced by optical implants partially out of this incident. Starfleet considers the technology too susceptible to missuse.
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