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Hey, I am a new Tactical Officer (Lieutenant Commander) and I chose the Escort Ship.Can anyone give me tips like what kit should I get (I want to be Special Ops as career so I want a kit with stealth), what weapons should I put in front and aft of my ship, etc.
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08-15-2012, 12:18 PM
You then should look for the "Agent" Kits and stuff like them - they include a real cloaking ability. I am not sure if it is available on Lt Com, but you'll level fast anyway.

Regarding your ship, pick one energy weapon type, take dual heavy cannons fore and turrets aft, and get tactical consoles for your chosen type of energy weapon.
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08-15-2012, 12:18 PM
The main feature of Escorts is the fact they can equip Dual Cannons and Dual Heavy Cannons, which do the most DPS in the game, and have enough manouverability to actually use them successfully.

I would recommend you either put three Dual Heavy Cannons on the front and a Turret on the back. Or two Dual Heavy Cannons and a torpedo launcher on the front with a Turret on the back. Make sure all the Cannons and the turret are the same energy type (ie. phaser or disruptor), and then get Tactical Consoles of the same energy type (Phaser Relay, Disruptor Induction Coil) to boost your damage output.

In terms of kit selection, the Operative Kit comes with a Stealth Module that makes you invisibile unless you're about 5m or so from an enemy. And it has a couple of DPS boosting capabilities (Ambush, Battle Strategies). But off the top of my head I can't remember if it's available at Lt. Commander or not and stowiki isnt' working very well for me so I can't check. It's definitely available by Commander rank, though.

Just remember if you are using the Stealth Mod, your Bridge Officers will still follow you and will be spotted and attacked by enemy NPCs. So really the only thing you can try with it to set a waypoint for you BOffs, have them start attacking from distance and use the Stealth Mod to get into a flanking position for bonus damage. You can't really leave your BOffs behind and stealth a whole map because some objectives require you to kill enemies and I think the Stealth Mod disengages if you interact with an object. I personally prefer a general DPS boosting kit like Fire Team, but play around and see what works for you.
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08-15-2012, 12:24 PM
First off, kit choice and ship have nothing to do with each other. Your kit is your ground equipment, and your ship is for space.

Second, the kit choice is ultimately up to you. However, if you want stealth I recommend the Operative kit. However, ideally you should collect all of the kits (at least once you can use Mk X purple kits, anyway), since you can swap them at-will. You can determine if a kit you want has the power you want by hovering your mouse over the kit. The power you're looking for is, if I recall correctly, Stealth Module. I THINK (but am not sure) only the Operative kit offers the Stealth Module. However, I could be wrong about this, especially since the kits change a few times as they go up in level (for instance, the photon grenade kit becomes 'grenade satchel' later, or something like that).

In terms of what loadout you want, with an escort you are probably going to want to mount dual cannons or dual heavy cannons in front, and turrets in the back, probably with a single torpedo launcher fore (photon or quantum). As you're a Federation player it will probably be easiest for you to get your hands on phaser-based weapons and support equipment, so go for that. As an escort, your weapon fire arc is very concentrated for maximum DPS and you will need to rely on mobility to make this work, so be sure you face your enemy head-on as much as possible, and be sure you're ready to get away ASAP, because an escort's armor is pretty pathetic compared to a cruiser, and unlike science ships it doesn't have much in the way of shields to make up for it. For a deflector I would strongly recommend a Positron Deflector, as they tend to have the best improvements for your shields (which helps, because most of the other deflectors concentrate on boosting other science stats). You MIGHT want Covariant or Resiliant shields (Covariant - high HP, low regen; Resiliant - lower HP, but absorb more damage per hit). However, I play my tac mostly on cruisers and only really went into escorts once he hit level 50, so I'm not sure how much level 50 and level 10-19 play differ in regards to cruiser strategy, particularly because of the lack of BOff slots for cannon-based abilities and lack of weapon slots.

For consoles, you will probably want energy-type specific damage boosters in the tactical slots (phaser relays, if you're using phasers). I would recommend for the science slots anything that boosts shield abilities, and failing that anything that helps out with sensors. Your engineering slot would probably do well with an armor console or an RCS console - the former will boost damage resistance and the latter will make your ship a little peppier in terms of turn rate.

For BOff powers, I would recommend that you consider Tactical Team, Torpedo High Yield, Torpedo Spread, and Cannon Rapid Fire. At your level I doubt Cannon Scatter Volley will do much good, and CRF is something that most high-level escorts are addicted to. Tactical Team both boosts damage output and automatically reallocates shields during its activation, and does so more quickly than you can with manual rebalancing or hitting the 'balance shields' option. Your engineering slot should probably go to either Engineering Team, Emergency Power to Shields, or Emergency Power to Weapons, depending on what you want most (hull repairs, shield repairs, or bursts of higher firepower). Most would likely advocate EPtW, but as I tend to be a cruiser player I tend to lean towards tanking abilities at times. For your science ability, Hazard Emitters is probably your best bet (hull repair and remover of certain debuffs, which at your level can be VERY dangerous, though I don't recall if you run into those all that much that early on).

However, one thing to note for BOff powers - although the "team" powers (tactical team, engineering team, science team) are highly effective and powerful, they are limited in that THEY SHARE COOLDOWNS. This can be a massive deal-breaker, so a lot of the time people just pick one or two and roll with them. I tend to pick up two copies of tactical team and rotate them, and when I have room I pick up a single copy of engineering team and use it in emergencies between cooldowns by breaking my rotation.

However, remember that you're early in the game, and ultimately what you're interested in is what you're going to be getting at about level 40+, so don't be too afraid to experiment and don't worry TOO much about messing up ship equipment. Most of the lower level ships you won't be using for too long, anyway.

Anyway this is all IMO; your milage may vary, and you would probably do well to ask for someone else's advice as well. Also, consult stowiki.org to verify the info I put up if you'd care to.

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I've only been playing for 3 or 4 days now and am already lvl 25.

Dont spend lots of credits on the gear, you'll out level it faster then you can blink.

Go to the exchange and do a search for Dual Cannons "Your rank" "rare" Sometimes people place there stuff on the exchange for insanely low prices by mistake or what not, but they do. I bought a rare dual cannon for 8k credits yesterday. If not, switch it from rare to uncommon. If nothing, go to common. I personally like Disruptors but the phaser cannons get the job done as good as any of the other cannons.

3 dual cannons up front and 2 turrets in the back. (Turrets will probably be the most expensive weapon you buy)

Or you should be able to go even cheaper. The NPC that sells ship weapons at the shipyard might have the Dual Beams for the front of your ship, which IMO work just as good as the cannons. (If you have the beam skills instead of the cannons)

Still not sure why all the weapon's should be same type though =)
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08-21-2012, 07:56 PM
Dual Heavy Cannons are your bread and butter. Add some turrets in the aft. If you feel saucy mix in torpedo launchers if you like that sort of thing (I do).

Have fun!
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08-21-2012, 08:04 PM
At low levels, use dual cannons, at higher levels, use dual heavy cannons.
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Originally Posted by plyfdoggy View Post
Still not sure why all the weapon's should be same type though =)
Because the damage boosting tactical consoles boost only one variety of damage (i.e phaser, disruptor, Polaron, etc.) at a time. Also, their effects stack (though they are subject to diminishing returns)

All weapons of the same mark and rarity do the same unmodified dps. The only differences being the "chance on hit" effects (otherwise known as "procs"). Some of those effects do have a chance to give you more dps (plasma damage over time, antiproton critical damage boost, etc), but let's ignore those for now.

If you equip 2 phaser weapons, 2 disruptor weapons, and 2 tetryon weapons (figuring for a basic setup of 3 fore and 3 aft), and then put on a full rack of phaser type weapon boosters, only the phasers see any improvement.

If hyou have a full rack of phasers, and a full rack of phaser boosters, there's more damage output.
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I keep reading people to recommend you the use of turrets. Dont do that. Turrets are useless. If you have an escort, its probably that you will have fun moving around your target and using your speed so, there is no need to put 360 arc weapons in your ship. In fact, you should be dealing more damage and your ship will be more dangerous using just 2 torpedo launchers in the aft. As an escort, with your dual heavy cannons on the front, and tactical skills like canon rapid fire, you can really hurt without the need of the turret support. As you can move around quick and do a turn very fast you can switch to the torp launchers that can be really more useful than 2 turrets.. lol.

Usually, turrets on an escort are carried to boost the tactical skills like cannon rapid fire, and to benefit from the tactical damage consoles boost (turrets are treated like cannons), but they are really weak and if you feel confident with your ship, you dont need em. Use projectile doffs as active ones (2 blue ones will be enough) to have a great torp defense in the back, just in case,but thats all.

Now as i said, if you change turrets for torps the problem here is that you will need 2 different sets of damage buff consoles. If you have 4 tactical console slots or more, nice, you can do it with no problem at all (3 consoles for the cannons and 1/2 consoles for torps). But if you have less than 4 tactical console slots on your ships, then thats another story and i dont recommend to use of torps since the final damage output will not be as effective.

Your goal as a tactical toon, and a tactical ship pilot, will be to adquire a ship with 5 tactical console slots and 1 commander tactical station + 1 lit commander tactical station at least. Some lobi ships and some event ships are fited with universal stations, thats great too. Klingon bird of preys, for example are fited with all universal stations, so they are just great for tactical toons.
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Weapons that aren't on target do 0 DPS. A little DPS from the turret is better than 0 DPS from a torpedo that isn't firing. You don't need rear defenses on a ship that turns on a dime. If an enemy ship is behind you, turn around and shoot it. If it's a destructable torpedo or pet on your tail, 2-3 turrets is plenty to take it out. But beyond DPS, what turrets do is give you more chances of whatever proc your energy type deals. More disables from phasers, more power drain from polaron, more resistance debuffs from disruptors. The only one where the proc from the turret doesn't make as much sense is antiproton, since a crit severity boost on a weak weapon is still a weak hit. If you're running an AP build though, we have the 360 degree AP beam array from Dyson. There's also the Kinetic Cutting Beam which is a good replacement for a turret.

If you really don't want to run turrets, at least run mines instead of torpedoes. They don't exactly fire forward, but you can drop them off close enough to the target to zoom in and hit, and you don't ever have to take your DHCs off target. Doing attack runs and spinning around is rarely even necessary. Most of the time in an escort you move like this:

PvE: Do the yo-yo. Move forward, then back up, then move forward, etc. Tac Team and EPtS keeps your forward shields strong, and if you start taking more damage than you can tank, you can go full throttle and break off a bit to heal and let the aggro pass on. At no point does popping a couple torpedoes out of your aft arc do much.

PvP: You're either trying to do epic burst damage to kill somebody in a single pass, or you're dogfighting at full throttle. In either case, the torpedo isn't doing much. It can't fire forward at your target while trying to spike, and it's not going to do much to dissuade a heavily shielded player on your tail.

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