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# 1 Watcher War: Contest
08-18-2012, 06:19 PM
I have procured the Mirror Star and Assault Cruiser and thought of either selling them on the Auction house or presenting them as a prize for a small contest. Some of you have probably played the "Watcher War" series, but as an added incentive to encourage you to play, I thought I'd present these prizes for a small contest. I want you to write a Watcher War Foundry mission. If you want to know the back ground to the watcher war the first 4 episodes are out now with episode 5 out at the end of the month.

1: Shattered Peace in the Mirror
2: Who Watches the Watchers
3: Dal'rok
4: The Diplomatic Fist
5: The Crucible (Coming soon)

The rules are simple

1: The mission must revolve around the Watcher War series. The enemy need not be a direct Peace Keeper Alliance encounter, but elements of the Watcher War must remain in the story
2: You can utilize any of the characters in the Watcher War series
3: The TOS and EULA rules of the Foundry apply
5: The game can be any length but bare in mind until the contest is over, the judges may not be able to play the entry game at once whilst they judge the entry missions if it is too long.
6: Remember the Mirror Universe and other universes may play a role in the Watcher War, by all means use your imagination and story telling talents to tell a wider story, but don't forget, the Federation and the Peace Keeper Alliance play the major roles in the main storyline.
7: The Missions can be Federation or Klingon
8: Closingdate for this Contest is Sept. 14th 2012

The winner will recieve both the Mirror Star Cruiser and Assault Cruiser to do with as they please
A second prize utilizing the Mirror Star Cruiser only is also on the cards.

I hope this inspires you. And if so, good luck

PM @Ashka_Neris or my forum account here if you have any questions. Good luck

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