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I've not posted here for a long time but this is what I'd like to see next. . . .

The Starbases are working well and as a STO player I'm looking forward to new content and fleet credit missions being added relating to them.

However alongside this new content I'd like to see the addition of planets and galaxies being added to the game which can be managed by the fleets via science ships. For example Fed fleets can come across empty class 'M' planets which can be turned into colonies. Perhaps they can be issued through fleet missions and players can searching for them. Once found this will allow fleet players to build colonies and this will appeal to the builder fan within the game. If you need any kind of example where this is popular - just look at the games which ends with 'ville' in their title!

The idea would also work for the Klingon factions, but in a different way. Much like many of the empires here on Earth did, they took lands and their people by force. The Klingon colony missions could be modelled on those. Occasionally the inhabitants may even fight back and perhaps even the Fed fleet players could intervene if they receive a request from that colony via a fleet mission. Perhaps even the Klingon fleets could attack a Fed colony instead of the fleet starbase itself. This idea would add another string to the bow of STO and I hope you consider it in the future as an idea.

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