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S.R.S. and SRS. (KDF) are family friendly fleets with members from 1 day to almost 900 days.


We are an international fleet based in the UK. Very laid back and relaxed, no silly rules or visions of grandeur, just a largish bunch of guys and gals getting the most from the game they love.

Our aim is to provide a completely participatory environment with lots of activities for everyone, competitions, STFs, PvP, Fleet missions, build advice, Q&A sessions etc.

*** NEW ***


SFSG - Special Forces Support Group Commanding officer Vice Marshall Matthew Castillo (Elite and normal STF operations)

SRW - Special Reconnaissance Wing - Commanding Officer................ - Matt Johnson, Matt Irwin (Federation)

AEG Advanced Engineering Group - Commanding Officer Marshall Matt Johnson (Ship and ground builds expertise, advice, training and help in creating the best builds for PvP and PvE)

SAS Special Attack Squadron - Commanding Officer................Antz ( A group of at least 5 elite PvPers that can dominate the Arena and environments like Kerrat, TeamSpeak is almost essential to be the best as coordinating attacks cannot be done easily whilst typing targeting in the chat box. This is the group that will make SRS feared within STO and rival fleets such as ISC, TSI and Sad Pandas)

STLG Star Trek Lore Group - Commanding Officer Waris(All things StarTrek, Role Playing, Quiz nights, competitions and events)

Red Squadron - Commanding Officer ..............Irwin (A wide ranging group of fleet members that will concentrate on exploring the existing and new sectors of the STO universe, reporting back to the forums on interesting places to visit and unusual missions including worthwhile foundry missions).

We look forward to welcoming you aboard. If you would like to join our fleet send an email to or an in-game mail to Matt@TFR_MACO_SPECIALIST

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# 2 Tier 2 Starbase party
08-25-2012, 05:43 AM
Tier 2 Starbase Party

On 24th August 2012 we celebrated our Tier 2 Starbase completion with a party at the base.

The evening started with fun and games, party poppers galore and lots of spiders and sehlat cubs running around. The first event was a tribble judging contest won by Matt and his somewhat aggressive Cannibal Tribble! We then moved on to the Tribble football which had to be abandoned once we realised that not everyone can see the same tribble LOL.

The Starbase race was won by Tristan in his surprisingly fast Mirror star Cruiser (driver coils maxed Tris?) who won a Fleet module for first place..

So in the spare time we put together a 20 man Starbase Fleet Defence mission which was a lot of fun except the OP isometrics which wiped out my JHAS in one shot from 100%! Still 44 Fleet marks in 30 min was well worth the fun.

Back at base we then had a parade of starships and a similar line up inside by those that were left before going on to the Star Trek Movie Trivia Quiz won by Thornis who picked up a spanking new Federation Combat EV suit worth 700 Zen!

To finish the evening off we formed a team and gave the Klinks some grief in Kerrat which was a lot of fun.

Thanks to you all guys, roll on Tier 3!.
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# 3
09-07-2012, 06:54 PM
Another weekend of fun and STO is upon us. If you are looking for a friendly fleet look us up guys and gals.
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# 4
09-10-2012, 03:02 AM
What surprises me is how few of our 300 members actually reads the forums, I estimate it at only about 20 from the "oh where did you hear that?" or "oh I don't go there, too many whiners".

Suffice it to say I feel if you don't participate in the forums or at least read them you are missing out on a potentially huge knowledge base AND the opportunity to change the DEVs minds sometimes!
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# 5
09-13-2012, 07:20 AM
The improved LCARS fleet website should be up and running in about a week.

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# 6
09-16-2012, 06:35 AM
SRS is pleased to present their new LCARS website. Most areas are open to access by non members. Enjoy


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