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08-30-2012, 10:36 PM
All hailing frequencies open.

Hello, I am Timothy. You may call me Tim, Timmy, Timmo, Mr.T or Timothy. I am also known on other parts of the internet as TimmyTheNerd <Insert Shameless Youtube Channel Plug Here>. I am new to Star Trek Online. I just started and am currently on the Hide and Seek mission.

I'm not exactly a Trekkie, as I haven't seen all the episodes and don't know the name of a majority of the characters beyond the main crews of Kirk and Picard's ships. I've only watched episodes from the original series and next generation. So I'm not exactly the most knowledgeable when it comes from the Star Trek universe. My favorite Star Trek episode is 'The Offspring', episode 16 of Season 3 in TNG.

I postponed playing STO for a long time, as I mainly play Forsaken World and Champions Online. The reason I didn't feel like playing when STO went free to play is because the Klingon Empire was a mid to late game unlockable and I felt by the time I could play them I would have put a lot of work in on my federation character and it would seem like a waste just so I could play a Klingon. A friend informed me recently that the game had a race called 'Alien', which allowed you to make your own race. That's what got me to play as I do have a SciFi alien race I write stories about called the Ushatar. So, I made an Ushatar and am currently working on a website to provide information about their species.

I am still upset about the Klingon Empire being limited to mostly PvP content as I did plan on making a Klingon alt. This disappoints me as I've played other Perfect World and Cryptic games and never have I been this saddened by a race or faction having such a lack of PvE content. As I suck at PvP, the only option for me in regards of Klingons would be buying the Fed Klingon race, which I don't like the idea of since the reason I want a Klingon is for the Bird of Prey, I love those ships. If they didn't plan on making the Klingons a full faction then why are they even in the game? To give the Federation something to fight? You already have the Borg, the Dominion and other 'villain' factions to wage war against, not including the Mirror Universes. If they're not going to make the KE an actual faction then why not just have them kiss and make up with the Federation? I mean, considering that every baddy in the galaxy is on a warpath, it would make sense.

So, besides the issue with the Klingons, I haven't come across anything else to complain about as everything seems fine enough to me. I like that the game has Space and Ground combat and that it blends shooter with RPG. Well...there is ONE other complaint. What happened to the Q Continuum? I would love to see any of the Q randomly drop in on players and cause some sort of random mission to happen. Just throwing that one out there.
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Hi, welcome to sto.

If you need any help with some of the lingo you can look here.

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Actualy Q tends to show up around big event times there is also an end game mission that features him. Well his son anyway.
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hello from me as well, ive been here a few hours and the STO vets have been most welcoming, you will not find a better bunch!
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Welcome! Whether or not you're a walking Trek encyclopedia or just trying out this game called Star Trek Online... doesn't matter. Enjoy yourself. Once you get into more than just assigned missions, you may find there's quite a bit to do.
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Indeed like others have said, welcome to STO.

If you need any help at all feel free to give me a shout @xXLocutusXx, also on another note, I have 3 kdf toons all lg1's and there is always something to do "pve" wise for the kdf, so dont think there lacking because to me there not, I defenetly wish there was alot more missions through out the leveling process but theres stuff there and its always nice to get some help from friends ect in game. There are also player created missions which are great.. the ones ive played so far.

Anyways I do hope you enjoy the game, and continue to play, good luck to you.

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Welcome to STO! I'm ThePsycoticVulcan. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
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