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Some people are prey, some are predators. Some need the comfort and safety of a herd... but all the hunter needs is a target. These are the men and women who fly fighter craft- the ones who fly engines screaming into a furball of cannon and torpedo fire and come out the other side, laughing in the excitement of the fight. Are you a hunter?

Official Recruitment Poster

If this is you, the 42nd Combat Air Wing has positions open! Come join a squadron of fighter and recon pilots who live and eat space combat every day. Whether in defense of our starbase SB381 Praetorian, in deep space recon, or in freighter escort missions, the hunting never ends. Are you ready to strap yourself down to an exploding warp core and deliver quantum torpedos at warp six? Come join us! We are the legends... We are the people of whom the stories are told.


Welcome to the 42nd CAW! We're a Medium-to-Heavy roleplay group of fighter pilots attached to the 26th Fleet. As members of the fleet we have a Level 5, Tier 2 Starbase that's growing day by day and a strong player base: The Starbase support personnel, the ship captains of Task Force Avalon, and the elite drivers of the 42nd Raven, Oracle and Nomad crafts. We feature:

* Inmersive in-game roleplay at Starbase 381 Praetorian
* Extensive out-of-game roleplay through reports and story telling
* Our own prototype fighter based on an escort platform for ic missions
* Starbase Fleet Channel (IC) and Fighter Squadron Channel (IC) full of military chatter

Are you an avid roleplayer looking for a close knit community and the excitement of an elite fighter pilot environment? Come see us at our Official Website
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09-05-2012, 05:49 AM
We just finished a Starbase Upgrade and have new perks across the board! Come join our expanding fleet.

Are you a roleplayer?

If you went to the Vulcan mission at the start of the game and instead of walking up to finish the mission, went walking around to see the planet- you might be a roleplayer!

If selecting a good looking bridge is as important to you as the colors on the outside, you might be a roleplayer!

If you typed anything into your biography, anything at all... you might be a roleplayer!

Come read some of our developing stories at our website, and apply today!
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09-05-2012, 06:23 AM
i wonder, what is different in RPG ? or lets say, "what does your fleet different, than any other?"
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09-05-2012, 04:19 PM
Originally Posted by tebsu View Post
i wonder, what is different in RPG ? or lets say, "what does your fleet different, than any other?"
That's a very fair question, tebsu. Let's begin by defining our fleet as a roleplay fleet, and compare it to other roleplay fleets.

There is really nothing that a roleplay fleet can do that cannot be done by another- mainly because roleplayers are (generally) naturally gregarious- they make friends easily - and they love involvement. Anything done in a roleplay fleet can be duplicated in another. And success should always be duplicated.

So, I'm saying that if we do something different, any fleet you want to be in should be able to do it as well. We do fighter craft content, and I have not seen another fleet do it- perhaps someone does. But any fleet could, if they want, and the demand is there.

If someone was looking at our fleet with interest, perhaps the question should be "what does your fleet do WELL."
We do mission content rp VERY well. We don't just go out and earn fleet marks. We become involved in a roleplay event where our starbase is under attack, and we all respond.

We do off-game content well. We don't just fly that mission- we file reports about the mission, we file personal logs about how we felt about it, we send each other letters and reports about the rp. That way, even if a player wasn't there for the event they can read and catch up with what happened.

Why is this important? Because we do continuity EXTREMELY well. Each one of us is caught up in a story that lasts more than one night. We all change as we grow.

There are other things we do well. I encourage you to pop over to our website and see what we do!
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09-07-2012, 06:36 AM
If I can add my 2 strips in...

In my opinion, we're balancing immersion (through story-driven RP) with having fun with game content. We have STF-lovers, folks who love Fleet missions, etc. but that key is the RP tie-in we try to have for nearly everything we do together.

In the context of the 42nd Fighter Wing, we have been RPing a special, new fighter-craft development project for the past several weeks, and it has been something that has crept its way into RP interactions throughout our whole fleet. When we get enough of these fighters produced IC, we're really going to have a leg up in defending Federation assets.

Does this all help answer the question?
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09-09-2012, 09:33 AM
Right! and now the Fleet is level 6, we have more wonderful rp'rs that have joined us... so if you're interested in roleplay, come check us out! The stories alone on the website are worth reading.

You might be a roleplayer if...

... you finally decided to pony up for that Defiant, but you realize it /has/ to have that Belfast bridge...

... which only comes in the DS9 bundle, with the super neat admiral uniforms, but also the Bajoran clothing and weapons, so you decide you must make a Bajoran...

... but you don't have enough character room, and you're too attached to your other characters so you buy two more character slots...

... which you can't use right now anyways because you need to read all that you found on Memorty Alpha on Bajorans to make a good character background....

... and when you do, you're still hooked, so now you're watching the DS9 episodes again!

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