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For my engineer I want a fun ship to tank with, I've done some research and most people advice the Star 'shovel' cruiser or a Odyssey. The shovel is just so ugly that I don't want to be seen in it and while the Odyssey is not bad in looks, I'm not sold on it, also the fact that you see it a lot, doesn't really help me to fall in love with it.

There are some other options named, but from what I've read they are more like, well if you play well enough then almost any ship can function for a certain role.

I've looked myself at both the Galor and Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit, from what I can see they are a lot more offensive then 'normal' tanks, the question is, are these 2 and others actually viable, or is that just kidding yourself?

So which ships can properly function as tanks (even if they are not the best around) and what consoles etc will I need to balance out any disadvantages?

PS. I can of course get a Star Cruiser for those extreme cases where every little bit is needed, they are cheap enough, for now I'm just looking for a nice ship that I can use most of the time.
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Try a Mirror Universe Star Cruiser, 200 less crew but otherwise identical in stats to the shovel, but looks like an assault cruiser and fairly cheap on the Exchange.

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The Mirror Star Cruiser looks like a Sovereign if you don't want to rock the shovel look, and are pretty cheap on the exchange (though, they'll go up in price soon with the lockbox that they spawn from coming to an end -- probably a non-issue if you're considering the Galor).

For pure tanking, the Odyssey is pretty much where it's at with it's large hull and 1.1 shield mod. Go with the Science version for the extra Sci console for another shield console if going pure tank.

Since you're considering the Galor and Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit, I'm taking that you want a bit more punch than a pure tank build. If the Galor is on the table as an option, I'd recommend the D'Kora instead as it can mount DHCs and still tank decently. I'd go with a Assualt Cruiser Refit (Regent) over the Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit (Excelsior) personally, since it has 5 more weapon power and has a ensign Tac instead of ensign Eng for a little bit more Tactical abilities. That and the Excel looks out-of-place with other end-game ships (23rd century versus 24th or 25th).
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09-07-2012, 11:14 AM
Both the ships you have picked out can handle themselves quite well, it is also nearly impossible to find a victor between them in PvP if built right however I'll give you a little information based on my experience with them.

The Galor is a nicely balanced ship and is better than the excelsior for damage capability, I also think it has more science capability aswell however as a result the Excelsior holds better tanking capability over the Galor (I fly the excelsior and i can go for hours in PvP with his Galor) although the excelsiors slightly lower turn rate gives it an edge for broadsides on cruisers but is outmatched by the Galor when it comes to escorts, although when it comes down to it you have to choose from damage and a little less tank or tank and a little less damage
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You can tank in the Assault Cruiser AKA enterprise E, the mirror universe one is better suited for this...

Just use these Bridge Officer Abilities:




Use 3 purple BFI doffs and two purple tac conn doffs for TT recharge

3 piece borg and MACO shield

You can use APD, AUX-SIF, TT, ST, HE, TSS and ES on team mates or yourself. Keep shields at 125 and your aux power up. leave weapons and engine power low. This build will not help you at all in dealing DPS. If you want to deal damage, just use six beams and a torp on each end and swtich from defense mode with high shields to offense mod with high weapon power.

The above build is decent at tanking and healing your team mates!
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09-11-2012, 02:59 PM
What do you guys think of my build?

Torpedo: High Yield I | Beam Array: Fire at Will II

Emergency Power to Shields I | Reverse Shield Polarity I | Engineering Team III | Auxiliary Power to the Structural Integrity Field
Emergency Power to Shields I | Engineering Team II | Auxiliary Power to the Inertial Dampers II

Science Team I | Hazard Emitters II
Transfer Shield Strengh I

My Deflector, Impulse, and Shields are Aegis

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Nice thread i was going to ask a similar question basically Regent or Excel Retrofit. I dont like the Oddy i had the free one and i hated it. I have the Mirror Sov and love it and looking to upgrade. Im a tanker engineer too.
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09-11-2012, 07:13 PM
Odyssey Star Cruiser with Retro Borg console, engines, and deflector. Paratrinic Shield Mk XI (Play Past Imperfect at VA). This build. Blue Mk XI Field Generator console RECOMMENDED, as well as a Point Defense system (off the Thunderchild).

Doing all of this right, you'll have 58,000 Hull, 12,977 Shields each facing, and the ability to regenerate almost indefinitely. It also has a good bit of damage.
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