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For the record, by no means am I a Dev, nor have any connections to them. As a matter of fact, like most of us, I tend to feel quite ignored. But, kudos to the Dev team for putting up with us all. However, I'm not here to pat backs or bash faces. I'm here to get my ideas and thoughts out to the community and get feedback from players like myself.

For ease of response, I'll number each perspective and idea. So, let's get this ship moving.

1 - I applaud all those players who are pushing for more KDF content. As little as I play the KDF, I wholeheartedly support you all. The Klingon Empire, from the start, has been the classic enemy of the Federation. And, it is my personal belief that at game's start, you should be able to pick your faction: Starfleet or KDF. There is potential for the KDF to be a faction to span 50 levels, not 30. Not to mention expanding the storyline for Federation even further, and bringing the KDF with it.

2 - Fix the PvP. I think the PvP system has a lot of potential here. I somewhat agree with Klingon gameplay being based on, not centered around, PvP as they are a warrior faction. I feel that the KDF line should be heavily story based from Levels 1-20/30 and from there, they finish off the story with a strong hint towards PvP. Also, I think it'd be a great idea to add the concept of capturable systems in secotrs like Pi Canis or Eta Eridani. Perhaps a system similar to that of Prtalus Games' 'Pirates of the Burning Sea', in which certain actions cause 'Unrest' in the system and once a certain level of unrest is reached, there is a system battle between the current holder and the faction with the most unrest. Whoever wins, gets the system. And, for added effect, why not add random NPC invasions? For example, the KDF has just forced the Federation out of the Bepi System, but now, a large Borg force has invaded and now the KDF has to defend their newly gained system.

3 - With all that said, I would like to see a Romulan faction, yes. And if not that, AT LEAST Playable Romulan species and ships. But, as a playable faction, the Romulans are a broken empire. The storyline of the Romulan Empire could vary between being a Tal Shiar operative to trying to forge a new beginning for the Empire, like tracking down Sela. However, as the Romulan Star Empire is broken, I believe it should be unlockable, like the KDF is now. So, start off at Ensign/Warrior 1 and at Commander 1(Level 20), you unlock the Romulan faction.

4 - How about those Featured Starbase Projects? They look nice, don't they? I think so. But, are they worth 200k Dilithium? NO. I understand that Cryptic and PWE want/need money to do their thing, but let's get serious. As a fleet leader, each time one of these things pop up, I think they look nice. Because they do. But, it's the cost that kills me inside. Honestly, for the Featured Projects so far, I would have been 100% for them if they had been in the 50k-100k Dil range. I think the prices should vary. The bigger the project, the more it costs. I'd gladly pay 50k Dil for the Tribbles. But, for 200k, I'd be expecting something like an Admiral's Office or maybe some customizable trophy shelves like in our ships. And, I'm all for Cryptic and PWE holding polls for the next project. That would keep the community more involved and more motivated. And honestly, that's what this game needs more than anything.

5 - Starbase Customization. For one, I know that myself, among others, would LOVE to be able to stamp our fleet emblem on our starbase. And on the banners that I assume are soon to come (for the Feds, at least). Maybe dual-emblem banners? UFP with the Fleet Emblem under it for Feds and the Klingon Empire's symbol with the fleet emblem under it for the KDF. Cosmetic customization isn't really a big deal, but it will definitely add that touch of individuality. And, also on starbase customization, why not add a nice option to select from a list of planetary systems for starbases to be in instead of a sun and stars?

6 - With the last statement and in relation to idea #2 as well, why not move the Federation Starbases into perhaps the Regulus or Sirius sectors, with Klingon bases in Omega Leonis or Pi Canis. Or give a list of systems for each faction to choose from in certain sectors and let the fleet decide where they want to be. I know that the heavy Caitian membership of my fleet would LOVE to be based near Cait.

7 - Uniforms for the random personnel on ships and starbases? Another wanted cosmetic touch. No more to say here.

8 - So, we have MACO, Honor Guard, and Omega Force ground set outfit unlockables. And they are nice. But, I'm more of a space guy. Why not add some accolades and titles for those of us who have earned complete Mk X, XI, and XII space sets? And, while we're there, maybe add an additional option in the Ship Customization menu? One that, based on the level and type of space set, would add things like trophies on the Crew Deck and banners ship-wide for Omega, MACO, and Honor Guard. Or maybe completely alternate or customizable ship interior schemes.

9 - Bridge Officer Stations. Now, here's something I'm really wanting to see. All ship-side BOff Stations become Universal. Frankly, the console slots and the innate ship abilities of each type of ship really define how the ship will perform. But, what if I want my Deep Space Science Vessel to have a big tactical punch? Or maybe my Heavy Escort need more science-based defensive abilities. I strongly feel that 100% Universal Stations (Or at least have only ONE required Bridge Officer slot based on ship type.) will let each player truly adapt their ship to a purpose, regardless of career.

10 - No more BOff Ground Skills. Let's use kits instead. I've seen several BOff abilities that say "When using a kit" or "From kits", so let's give them kits.

11 - Fleet ranks. I know a few fleets are running into the small problem of giving out the right fleet permissions to the right people. But, the restriction to just 7 fleet ranks makes it difficult. And I'm sure this gets worse for the much larger fleets. A simple change to add more fleet ranks would be nice to have, I think.

12 - No more earning Admiral from just doing missions. I understand that everyone want their Admiral pips, but frankly (and think about this), Admirals/Generals aren't promoted to such rank because they just do thier job. They are appointed to such rank by their superiors because they have the potential to lead. I strongly feel that there is a way to increase the level capacity to 80 and not have touched the Admiral/General ranks. And, to add on to that, I think that Admiral/General pips should be parallel to Fleet Ranks in some manner. Admiral and General are 'organizational' ranks, not individual. A Captain commands his/her own ship. A Rear Admiral/Commodore/Brigadier General has his/her own ship, but commands a group of other ships.

13 - Here's a small issue with me. The Ops area doesn't feel like a true Operations Area. It's more of a general area with an attached 'Ops'. I feel Ops should be it's own level and maybe add the Admiral's Office I was talking about earlier to this level. Like the Ops level at the Embassy. Embassy Ops is more like a Starbase's and the current Starbase Ops is more like an Embassy's.

14 - And lastly, for now at least, Starbase defenses. I'm sure that as starbases level up, they get weapons to defend themselves during Fleet Alerts, etc. But, why not let these weapons be interchangeable, much like our ships? Maybe have special weapons just for starbases that are made using the fleet provisions or maybe in small special projects.

Again, for those of you who were dedicated enough to read through this, please leave me some feedback. I love hearing other players' responses, additions, and versions of my own ideas. And, I don't mind a little constructive discussion. Oh, and kudos for putting up with me. All of you.

And, to the Devs who may read this. If you don't already, pay attention to your players' ideas. I'm sure most, if not all, of you play the game like the rest of us. We all want to see this game push on and prosper for years to come.

Prove yourself, so that you may forge your legend.

Riley Wolf

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A well thought out post, much of which I agree with. However there is only one way that your # 1 & 2 will ever happen, and this is it:
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09-11-2012, 09:37 PM
Just to add something to your list (which is REALLY nice btw ) being able to customize carrier pets would be cool too....yeah the standard stuff is cool and all...but its underpowered, event for fighters/shuttles...even the advanced versions.

and more internal ship customization would be nice in addition to starbases...seeing at how much work we put into them.

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
I find this line of replies sadly hilarious. We put a lot of work into the massive list of fixes/changes above, and ya'll are hung up on the ability to skip our content. =p
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09-11-2012, 09:57 PM
The thing that gets me with interior customization is that it's been said that the Foundry will be used. With this, I hope that it was meant that player creations in the foundry will be used as base templates and the Devs will expand on them. Instead of each player having to individually create his or her own interiors, although this would be nice if one had the foundry skill and time that I lack.
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09-11-2012, 10:07 PM
yeah that would be least give us the ability to change interior colors...the bland black and silver/blue is starting to get boring lol

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
I find this line of replies sadly hilarious. We put a lot of work into the massive list of fixes/changes above, and ya'll are hung up on the ability to skip our content. =p
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09-14-2012, 10:37 AM
I think it's all in the works. But again, I hope the Devs choose to fix the current problems and the KDF before adding new stuff. You can add all the content and shinies you want, but if the base game sucks, the game will fail.

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