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# 1 Lord-Ice's Suggestion BONANZA!
09-12-2012, 12:20 PM
Ladies and gentlemen, and invited transgendered species, it is my PLEASURE to present?
Some of these are oldies-but-goodies (like my Crafting system), but some of these are brand-spanking new (like the in-detail concept for custom ship interiors). All in all, these are things that I?d LOVE to see in-game. Should any dev be reading this, you have my permission to take as many of these as you like.

Let?s start off with probably my favorite system of all time: My Crafting system. I posted the original one on these forums over a year ago. I even did a mock-up UI for it (even though the slideshow ended up backwards). It allowed a player to craft virtually any non-mission (and, of course, non-Fleet) item in the game, as well as giving players something to do with scrap loot (I went with the old Champs system for ideas ? how you used to be able to tear items apart for components. I always thought that fit better in STO than Champs). All of the details are in the old thread. Give it a read; most of the feedback was pretty good.

Next up is an idea that I only fleshed out today, that ends up giving people quite a few things they?ve asked for ? Custom Ship Interiors. Effectively, what I?m proposing is to allow ANY player to use the Foundry map editor to create their own crew and engineering decks (complete with custom crew uniforms for all you out there who have been begging for it). There would, of course, be Required Rooms ? areas that have to be placed (and can be customized) in your interior before you can ?publish? the interior and use it. These would be:
Bridge (obviously)
Mess Hall/Ten Forward
Main Engineering
Science and Engineering Labs
Captain?s Quarters
Transporter Room (at least 1, can be more)
As well as three TOTALLY new rooms:
Shuttle Bay (with the ability to place shuttles inside if you own the shuttle itself)
Cargo Hold (effectively, on-ship bank)
Astrometrics Lab (Mail/Exchange, and possibly the ability to go to warp from your interior if they ever implement the One Sector to Rule Them All)
With the addition of Required Rooms, this would also give both Foundry authors and Cryptic devs the ability to hook up missions on the interior (or, at least, parts of them). Part of this is already in place ? The KDF mission ?Bringing Down The House? has an optional objective on your interior, and the Romulan FE ?Mine Enemy? has the decryption puzzle in your Ready Room. This would be done via tying the objective to a required Art Asset (i.e., the main console in Astrometrics) to complete an interact. The most fun part of this would be that you could place your BOffs inside the ship by placing special ?Actors? in a room and then selecting which BOff you want it to be via a dropdown menu.
Revamping the interiors would also allow Cryptic to fix a nuisance: When leaving your ship interior, why do you beam out? Where to? Now, you would just fade to black (or, even better, if you?re on your bridge, you do the ?Engage? emote).
Lastly, you would also be able to assign interacts to certain areas to do things like lock a door to prevent NPCs from opening it. I decided to put this here for a good community member named AlchemistiD. As you can see, He does NOT like his gremlins opening his doors on the Defiant. So, now, you get to open and close them via interact if you so choose. Here?s to you, Alch.

Next up is a fan favorite that the devs said they were working on, but has apparently been back-burnered indefinitely. That?s right? One Sector Block to Rule them All (almost). I thought about this? and the code should already be in place to do this. If not, it?s a quick run over to the Champs area to ask for help. If anyone here has played Champs, you know that Millennium City is HUGE. But, it?s also divided up into many sub-areas. Effectively, that would be the system Sector Space would use. Of course, there are a few things that need to be fixed first. Right off the bat, there?s the fact that some Star Clusters are tied into areas that would become occupied. The fix for this is simple, and something that might help Foundry authors a bit: The entrance to each nebula would become a system (like how the non-functional Mutara Nebula in Gamma Orionis is now). This would also allow Foundry authors to tie a map transition to these, for story purposes (one of my delayed projects is supposed to take place in the Arucanis Arm, but you?d have to enter from the Celes system because you can?t hook into a sector border), as WELL as fixing the current issue where some Exploration Clusters (Delta Volanis, Rolor, Arucanis Arm, and Hromi Cluster) occupy the same area on the galaxy map. Gamma Orionis would also have to remain walled off, because of how it?s designed.
The next problem is the big gaps in the map. For instance, the Klingons would be broken and have to go around Regulus to reach the Romulan areas. This would be fixed with more Klingon Imperial sectors (on the Romulan border), with things like Narendra III (where the Enterprise-C was lost) and the Khitomer system (maybe with a memorial for the massacre). This would both flesh out the Klingon Empire, and give some nice background (oh, and the opportunity for much-needed Klingon Content). The next big gap is between Sirius and the Cardassian sectors. Betazed is supposed to be there, so I propose about 5 new sectors there, reaching up from the south of the Neutral Zone to the butt of Alpha Centauri, to allow people to fly straight through. This would, of course, include Betazed and some other systems. Yet another chunk would go north of Beta Ursae, where the Rolor Nebula is now. This would connect Orellius to Sirius by way of this sector and the Betazed Strip. This area (probably Cardassian space) would include the Chin?Toka system (with a nice Dominion War memorial for all the lore fans).

Finally, an addition for the Forums. If you use Twitter, you?ll know that Devs make a lot of posts (well, you WOULD know, if you follow @Sto_DevTracker ? you DO follow that, right?) And, what they don?t post in, they probably read. Well, this system (I like to call it the Dev Poke) would allow a Dev that finds a decent suggestion to send a message to the user (similar to getting reported, but with good side-effects instead of bad). They would be able to ?poke? you to ask if they could use the concept (there?s some legal issue or something with Intellectual Properties and suggestions and whatnot). You say Yes, they can put it into the game. This would also mean the inclusion of a Suggestions forum to post them in. This could even lead to Season 9 being the addition of player suggestions. This game already has the most powerful UGC engine in the MMO market, why not let players suggest new functions? This could even end up expanding and strengthening the community itself ? a worthwhile task, to say the least.

So, with a good chunk of concepts on the table, what do you all think? All feedback welcome. I follow my own topics, so you'll hear from me if you have any questions.
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