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I am running a Engineer in a Fleet K'tinga Battlecruiser, and I want to make it more suitable for PVP. I have it specced for team healing while making sure I do at least some damage to contribute to the fight.

My Doffs are three Officers to help reduce cool down time for Emergancy Power to X abilities, all Rare and two officer to improve Brace for Impact.

Weapons are:

Fore: Quad Cannons, Dual Heavy Disruptor Cannons, Dual Beam Bank, need ACC x2 versions

Aft: Three Beam Arrays, Mk XI. I need to get at least ACC x2 versions

I have two slots free. One had a Bio Neural Warhead, the other a Tricobalt, but I am willing to replace those with anything else you suggest.

Bridge Officers

Ensign Tac: Tac Team 1
Lt Tac: Tac Team 1, BO2
Commander Eng: ET1, AuxtID, ES2, AuxtSIF3
Lt Com Eng: EPTA1, EPTS2, RSP1
Lt Science: TB1, HE2

I am open to any and all criticism. I know I still need improvement. And yes, I have read Ghosty (aka Mavairo's) cruiser thread and I thank him for the thread.

The Doffs allow me to have only 1 copy of EPTS and EPTA up about 90% of the time.

When I use this in PVP, (both private matches with up to 9 other people and a PUG) so far, the ship can take a good beating and it able to dish out as good of damage as I am gonna get from an Engineer. But I know I still need improvement.

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10-08-2012, 09:26 AM
Oh I forgot my consoles and other equipment:

Engineering: 2 Neutronium armor MK XI rare, Point Defense Console, Plasmonic Leech (I am willing to replace the Point Defense, but not the Plasmonic Leech)

Science: 1 Field Generator MK XI rare, Assimilated console

Tactical: 3 Disruptor Induction Coils MK XI rare

Set: KHG Shield MK XII, Borg Engine, Borg Deflector
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10-08-2012, 09:44 AM
Id actually get rid of the B/As in the back in favor of turrets, put a second DHC up front, maybe swap out the quad for a third.
The BO2 is a nice kick when needed, id keep the dual beam bank off auto fire for this reason
Look at swapping the point def for either an RCS console or a sif generator. Turn better or heal better

Also, consider dropping the Aux to Damp for a DEM1 to get more damage out of your weps. You aren't running a CRF so you will get full effect out of the DEM.

Hope this helps!
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10-08-2012, 09:49 AM
I heard that DEM doesn't do enough to justify using it. Is this true?
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10-08-2012, 12:28 PM
First, yes, it seems dem is borked, at least dontdrunk tested it and I believe him entirely. It seems the damage applied to hull is not working with crf/csv/faw.

Second, if you use the leech, put 2 flow cap consoles in sci, you should get easily about +20 to all power levels when firing weapons (if you also have flows maxed out on skill tree). You definitely get too many benefits from leech to ignore this, lol. Use Borg, leech, and 2 neutronium for engi, and since you use 2 tac teams and hg shield, you don't need field generator at all, hg is big enough to go well without it. I'd also ditch disruptors, they kinda suck now, better use lolarons or tetryons that also benefit from flow capacitors. You need though at minimum eps2, I'd go using an eps3 especially while puging. Hg shield is too big and with low regen, so you will have hard time keeping it full. Also, keep the deflector and engine from omega handy, with 2 flow cap consoles and max in flows on skill tree you should have a decent drain from Tetryon glider.
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DEM currently does nothing wile damage over time tactical abilities like FAW and CRF are running, so thats 1 problem. their damage is spread out over such a long period that any heal from a friendly can make it disappear faster then it can be caused.

the ktinga is a personal favorite of mine, and i could tell you how to make it a tactical monster, but your an eng. but thats ok, this ship is basically an assault cruiser with an 11 turn rate and has awesome support potential.

sadly, all an eng can really do is support, their ability to damage is quite limited. theres 2 routs you can take, 8 beam arrays or 4 DHCs/4 turrets. you can keep the quad cannons if you like. the ktinga is in a unique position of being extreamly maneuverable, having access to the highest damage weapons, and having access to a large number of holds and snares that wont negatively effect your build is you use several of them. its a great ship for laying down heavy damage plasma clouds, its so maneuverable that you can use use it offensively, instead of hoping your opponent accidentally flys into it

see this build, and this thread for my offense ktinga build

you can use this on your eng, it just wont deal quite as much damage

for support i would use this


EPtS1, RSP1, EWP1, ES3
EPtW1, AtS1, ET3


fully aux buffed HE2 is EXTREMELY powerful, and with ES3 the extra TSS doesn't need to be as strong imo

like in the build in the link, use damage control doffs to make it so you only need 1 of each EPtS and EPtW to get full up time. also use 8 beam arrays with FAW to take out spam for the team. with your turn rate you can be were you are needed pretty easily, easier then any fed cruiser, keep with someone your extending shields to. you can also befuddle someone pretty well with EWP so he is more vulnerable to attack. you could use the cannons too, you would just have much lower damage up time, but you could spike harder when your team focuses on someone and yu shoot at them too. dont forget to throw TT on people often if they look like they are about to get blindsided, or are nt smart enough to balance thier shields.

i would use these consoles and equipment for this setup

borg engine and deflector, KHG or fleet resistant shield

borg, SIFx2, neutronium

field gen, emitter arayx2

3 energy type
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10-08-2012, 01:04 PM
Interesting suggestions. I plan to run cannons on it, and it seems I will have to get rid of one Tac Team in order to downgrade BO2 for BO1. Will I need to invest in Doffs to lower the Tac Team cooldown?

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