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# 1 Lost In Space BaR ( RP )
10-10-2012, 02:50 AM


RP scenerio : Lost in space BaR is a nuetral area for all faction's , the baR ship wanders the galaxys and can be anywere at anytime , space weary captains and crews board the lost in space for fast gratification and release from their tireless missions , some in search of help , trade , anything can be found on the lost in space baR .
No bar fights allowed , you have to be able to hold your liquer or we'll call security , and have you thrown in the briG .

Do not harras our waitress's , if we ever get any , or we'll call security and have you thrown in the briG .

This is a BaR , you have too order something even if you dont drink , does not have to be alchahol , we have everything , or well call security and have you thrown out !!

Enjoy the Dabo tables !! Do not try too cheat our machines , or we'll haul you in the back and have you severely beaton & or sold .

BaR Location ; lost in space baR is an old cargo ship refitted as a bar , could be anywere at anytime , you can beem onboard or take a shuttle that is offered by the staff . please take the shuttle as the transporter beem sometimes disrupts the holo suites and is not very pleasent if enjoying a kiss from a beautiful woman and suddenly becomes a giant klingon , So use the shuttle , Remember safety first .

Charactors NPC'S in this RP ( will add more as RP progress;'s )

Gonzalos Gerry Dauer ; human , civilian , bartender , emotional . average build , , beard , age 50 ish
Rey Wilbert Bavier ; human , civilian , trader , peacefull , cunning , average build , eye visor , age 30 ish


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# 2
10-10-2012, 05:33 AM
* pours muG of coffee .. takes sip * ,

(not every day you get to destroy a doomsday machine , that was a nice mission , wonder what starfleet has in store for me next .)

* set's muG on counter and looks at replicater menu for something to eat *.

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# 3
10-10-2012, 07:31 AM
*Finishs drink , waves too the bartender*

"Im off .. thanks for the drink , gotta fill out a few duty rosters before i turn in "
* bartender wave's back , smiles , then resumes his conversation with a drunkin bajorin about spirtiality *

*I leave the bar and walk too the docking bay to catch the next shuttle back to the ship *

(I am wondering bout my next mission , something about klingons trying to change time ?! I had better head back to the ship , I'll get briefed on it within 10 hours and i still need my rest )
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# 4
10-10-2012, 09:16 PM
* Walks in the BaR waves to the bartender Gonzalo & orders up a double shot of anything , looks around and see's a few of my crewmen enjoying themselves at the dabo table *

( Dern Time Guardians & citys on the edge's of nevers .. whats next ?!?! my crew and I barely made it back .. )

*leans back on the stool thankfull to be here , Gonzalos brings over a muG of something steeming , i accept it with a quezical look , he just winks at me and says " trust me , this will brighton your evening " .*
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# 5
10-10-2012, 11:37 PM
( transport Damar kahn , i guess adm. Quinn thinks were a taxi now , surely there is a more important mission for the CASPER )

*looks over at the klingons that just walked in , even though this is nuetral ground neither faction would cross the line here , its still an odd feeling , one minute killing each other ..the next sharing a drink *

* Time to go , i better hurry if im going to catch that next shuttle , waves by to Gonzalos and see trails left by my hands , what was in that drink , i better have Yelan my chief med. officer run a scan , although im sure its safe , this bar would have been shut down along time ago if it wasnt .*
*I tap the comm.bead "T'trar soon as everyone is back on board set course for StarBase 114 , and beem me directly too sickbay i think im having an alergic reaction to a tonic i drank .. have yelan meet me there " ,
T'trar replied " yes sir " and i felt the transporter take hold *

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*The moment i got off the shuttle after arriving too the Bar Gonzalos was giving me grief about beaming out the last visit , apparently I blew out a few conduits wich resulted in some ugly situation's in the holo suites , I finally consoled him by having my Eng.chief Charley Beard send over a repair crew *

( Alpha Centauri sector is a place i would rather stay away from , starfleet intel. ,section 31 , im not a spy .. I will contact Adm. Quinn soon and take him up on the out reach program )

*Gonzalos sat a small bottle down on the table , " No more house spec. for you , heres some whiskey " *

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