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I was headed off to dinner but decided to catch "one last STF" as I had 15 minutes to spare. Perfect for a fast and furious round of infected, and with a new assault carrier build I could do like 600k damage (very conservative minimum) to unshielded targets every minute or so.

Immediately upon map entry someone on team chat started to act like a defeatist the very moment he looked the team's ships over.

They were a myrad bunch of things you don't normally see like a Klingon cruiser, Tholian carrier, an Intrepid, a new Chimera and lastly "The Defeatist"'s Caitian Atrox class.

Every step of the way, that guy in the Cat Carrier would call us NOOBs, how we should do this and do that, split up and target things instead of concentrating fire, etc etc.

No one responded to that person who, with his time spent typing stuff, would have done minimal damage to anything. Random undirected, sporadic fighter attacks don't really damage stuff, not on Elite difficulty.

What us 4 were doing in our rag tag fleet was swooping in on one generator, taking it down to 10% instantly, rinse and repeat for all 4 generators. With a shortage of individual DPS this was a time saving and visually bloody impressive maneuver. By the time my Recluse had turned around I was already on an attack vector for the transformer. The coordination between different types of starships was so perfect, even the Blue Angels would give a nod of approval. And mind you, these are from random PUGs, one with a new and still 'experimental' ship.

With all 4 generators down we blew the transformer to smithereens in record time. The spheres too, disappeared after encountering a gigantic volley of Tricobalt mines. Nothing stopped the ragtag fleet.

But still, The Defeatist was not pleased. He still called us NOOBs and said do this do that at random. I assure you, if anyone followed The Defeatist's instructions, the team would have lost.

What we PUGs did was ignore that guy. After all, instead of wasting time arguing with an idiot and a moron (who will always be that regardless) we focused on generating MAXIMUM EFFORT just as good veteran combat pilots do.

Instead of plinking at max range at the gate I charged right up to point blank range, tanked it and blew it to bits with Dispersal Pattern 3 tricobalts and every known damage buff known to mankind. I swung around, ripped a hole in the cube shields, rammed my Tholian carrier into the face of the cube and started feeding it more tricobalt things, all the while the PUGs (save for The Defeatist hanging off in a distance) making devastating strafing runs with DHCs, torpedoes and sci debuffs from the Intrepid.

All the while I notice the Intrepid and the Chimera were actually throwing us team heals on a regular basis. Who said PUGs were hopeless?

When all was said and done and we won the mission with 5 minutes to spare, I enquired on team chat "What was wrong, we were on schedule for optional throughout", to which The Defeatist said: "Even noobs can be lucky".

I'll tell you what, Mr Caitian Atrox pilot.

Us so called noobs aren't interested in your diatribe at "optimal ships". Whatever goes into my Elite STF map is an asset not a liability. I don't care if some real greenhorn pilot brings in a rainbow cruiser, I can make that rainbow cruiser pilot into an awesome tanker with just 5 damn minutes of my sweet time.

For 99.9 % of my Elite STF experience since March 2012, my PUG teams have never failed to win on ISE and KASE. They are pretty much stress free maps these days especially with super OP lockbox and Z-store ships these days.

So do me a favour, STFU and fly the missions like the rest of us. Produce maximum effort, coach the new guys if you want to, if not leave it to flight instructors like me, STFU and be happy with your 0.05% chance of prototype tech and a thousand plus Dilithium ore just like the rest of us.

MMORPG players are not NOOBs. We are human beings, with lives, careers and we happily support the one and only Star Trek MMO out there. This is not a cheap game to play and excel at. We want big guns, new ships that can cost $200.

So take the word NOOB and use it on yourself, Mr Defeatist!

The real NOOBS in this game are those who sit in one corner the entire battle typing away on team chat while the rest of us so called hopeless PUGs fight and win the war for you.
STF Flight Instructor since Early 2012. Newbies are the reason why STO lives and breathes today. Do not discriminate.

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10-15-2012, 03:48 AM
The phrase "Lions led by donkeys" springs to mind.

In my many many many many estf runs I have only ever encounterd this once, and it was a Dreadnaught captain who decided he didn't like the team setup and was just going to circle above and tell us what we were doing wrong.

Did I mention this know it all Dreadnaught captain was using rainbow (multiple energy types) DHCs.... go figure.
Man is a gaming animal. He must always be trying to get the better in something or other.
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10-15-2012, 04:56 AM
yeah something many people in this game still have to learn: 90% of your performance is composed of your own skill, skilltree, weapons and ship setup...only 10% of your performance is actually caused by the ship you use.

the less skill a player has, the more important all other factors become.
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11-03-2012, 09:03 AM
Originally Posted by defalus View Post
The phrase "Lions led by donkeys" springs to mind.

In my many many many many estf runs I have only ever encounterd this once, and it was a Dreadnaught captain who decided he didn't like the team setup and was just going to circle above and tell us what we were doing wrong.

Did I mention this know it all Dreadnaught captain was using rainbow (multiple energy types) DHCs.... go figure.
Have you ever considered writing a book. I laughed but you are absolutely right - splitting up in certain stf's ie Infected Will result is pure failure;

Nice read
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# 5
11-03-2012, 09:36 PM
It's good to see we have cool players who have a lot of experience and are willing to share their knowledge in a positive way, The OP impresses me as being such, kudos to your sir.
If Mr. Defeatist were half as good as his opinion of himself he would have know he was wasting everyone's time ranting in an STF when there was a mission to complete, but then he's probably one of those people who gets trod on by everyone he meets in the real world.
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11-04-2012, 01:42 PM
I don't like the noob crap either, its counter productive and doesn't help.

I have seen "experienced" players act like children, towards new players or those of us who try to help new players. I can't tell you how many times I have stopped to explain how to complete and STF and get crap for it. I know some will say that they should know how to do it before but everyone has to have a first time running an STF. In essence stop acting like the business end of horse and have a little patience.

I also try to provide a little leadership by asking who has probes, if we are observing the 10 percent rule, etc.. I find most players won't answer but will then complain when the objective is lost or the mission fails.

Success in the STFs is part equipment and a whole lot of communication, unfortunately too many people go in with guns blazing an no clue as whats happen elsewhere on the map.
"Live Long and Prosper but always carry a fully charged phaser, just in case!". Arrr'ow

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11-04-2012, 07:16 PM
Well to be fair on the communication front, not everyone is a high speed touch typist, and stopping to respond to chat can be a serious distraction. Like pretty much every MMO this game doesn't come with an instruction manual, for repeatable missions like STFs it would be nice if players could practice in holodeck simulations to get their act together before they go live, though I suppose the Normal/Elite system is supposed to serve that purpose.
The STF que system could do with a little more player detailed info, ie. a list of player names and their ships, that way players could see what kind of company they will be having in the mission allowing them to drop out of the que without penalty. Elitists who think they are too good for everyone could see whether they are in capable company and avoid groups they don't like, sparing those groups their "distinguished" presence, and players could be forewarned if they see a name familiar for being useless or a horses buttocks, this would also allow players to avoid those who sit through fleet events to collect marks for doing nothing.
Even without such there is no justification for being abrasive with other players because they don't meet some obscure criteria, it's only a game, none of these skills are of any worth in the real world and if anyone is taking this so seriously that they can't make it an enjoyable experience for everyone they should be doing something else.
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10-15-2012, 09:59 PM
Today 2 star cruisers and a regent and a galaxy x
first run today
should smoke when I am in a wells right wrong tier 4 ships in elite
the 2 star cruiser not set up with repulse
lost option quick
an hour to clear first gen same on second they don't get how to rupulse 2
fail to ignore spheres
3 fail to clear nanites

it is a bad joke

have notice cure bug is in INFECTED now where fails to load
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# 9
10-15-2012, 10:11 PM
it is also called frustrastion and asumption
I wait to make judgement on someone meaning I wait to see how long it takes to clear
Istart to get puchy 45 minutes on first gen

we all need to be respectful but noobs need to respect vets and learn the mission first
I have 4 medal of honors and still no sets on those toons mostly do to noob factor
I have a right to be mad with them
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10-16-2012, 12:13 AM
Just a human troll in virtual space
How to really behave in online forums with developers


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